Quiz Formats to use while Teaching Online 

Quiz Formats

Online teaching is a demanding job. It requires extra effort to make the class interesting. You cannot follow the same pedagogy that you follow while teaching offline. You will have to make changes in your teaching techniques, Quiz Formats , assessment and feedback.

When we talk about assessment, there are several ways of doing so. One such method is organising quizzes in your class; either individual or group. In traditional classrooms, you might be very familiar with the method where the teacher asks the question and whoever raises the hand first gets the chance to answer or the teacher divides the class into smaller groups and asks questions one-by-one to each group. Applying the same in eLearning platforms is a big no-no! This might get messy and make the students confused and hence, will not excite the class. 

Through this article, we share with you different types of interactive quiz formats that you can try out in your online classroom.


  • Multiple-Choice Questions- Quiz Formats 

Multiple-choice questions or MCQ in short, are the simplest and most popular quizzing format. It provides various options, usually 4-5, to one question out of which one is the right answer. The other options are there to create confusion and distract the learners. 

While conducting it online, you have multiple resources with you so make use of it. Instead of making the same, dull way where you list down questions one by one with options, try to be creative. For example, you can frame questions based on the theme of the popular game show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” or “Kaun Banega Crorepati” in India. 

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  • Close-Ended Questions 

Close-ended questions are the type of questions that can be answered in short or just one word. They are usually “Yes/No” or “True/False” questions. 

You can make such questions interesting by adding a game element to them, the most popular being the tic-tac-toe. Students can win the quiz or would reach the next level if they answer three questions correctly in a row. 


  • Open-Ended Questions

These types of questions demand detailed answers. It is really helpful to ask such questions when you want your students to express their thoughts and ideas, or use their creativity and think critically. 

In such cases, the classic format is recommended because the learner would be least bothered about the visuals.


  • Fill-In The Blanks 

Fill in the blanks, as the name suggests, requires the students to fill the blanks with the appropriate word. You can give the options or you may choose not to give options to choose from. You can also give hints about what the word could be if you just want your students to recall the concepts. 

You can make this fun too. For example, instead of letting students just type in their answers, you can make a drag and drop format. Remember to make it visually stimulating.


  • Classification  

Classifying or sorting as the name suggests, requires students to classify and organize items according to the group they belong to. You can use different formats for this. For example, you can make the sorting quiz timed or use the drop-down here as well. 

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  • Crossword Puzzle


This is one of the classic games that every generation enjoys. Frame your quiz using the crossword puzzle format by giving them hints by numbering the position that the word fits in.




These were some of the quizzing formats that would make your online teaching fun. The class gets more interactive and engaging when you choose game-based learning methods. 

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