Fun Reading Activities for Difficult Readers – Linked Reading

Problem readers should read the pronunciation lesson carefully. Additional advice in fiction and non-fiction to develop a better understanding. and exercises to develop automation. The ability to remember the most commonly used words in a sentence, such as can, it, the, was, are, etc. is automatic. While the re-education and assessment of essential reading skills are all necessary elements to help these students improve their reading skills, it is important to keep reading. But additional reading activities should be fun and motivating. Visit our site for more about Reading tricks.

Linked reading is an activity that parents, teachers, and even classmates can do with children with reading difficulties. Meeting more expert readers doesn’t work alone. But it’s also a fun and encouraging activity for troubled readers.

Double reading is easy. The more capable readers read aloud, the better. And the less competent readers are the harder readers to follow.

Here are six steps to follow when reading in pairs:

  1. Choose a book – the content should be at your child’s learning level. This means that your child can read a book or a story but has not yet mastered it.
  2. Book or Story Sample – Sit down with your child or student and look at any visual cues, such as an illustration or chapter title.
  3. Set Reading Goals – Encourage your child or students to anticipate what they will read. The first thing to do is look at the pictures and ask your child or students what they think the story will look like.
  4. Finger Pointer – Have troubled readers follow their fingers and point under each word as they read it aloud. see words together Let’s help the kids develop visual vocabulary
  5. Correct reading – read aloud with accuracy and your voice expressions. Remember to read slowly for readers to see and hear every word every time
  6. Paired Textbook Reading – When parents and teachers read textbooks together with struggling readers. They should start by reading the assessment questions at the end of the chapter. as you read the content stop regularly to think and decide that what you have read so far answered all the questions. At the end of the chapter? Repeat this process until the end of the message.
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Different forms of linked reading include experienced readers (parents, teachers, or classmates) and readers who find it difficult to read the same text aloud at the same time. Skilled and struggling readers take turns reading or reading text aloud.

Linked reading is a good reading activity that helps problem readers develop better reading comprehension. This strategy works because readers can read words better. Word reading allows the reader to focus on the meaning of the printed word. As a rule, stories are often used in pair reading sessions. can be read in pairs

There are many activities designed to help children. Linked reading is an activity that parents, teachers, and even classmates can do to help difficult readers become better and more confident readers while making them happy.

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