How Modern Media Culture Encourages Self-Education

If you log into your social media account or listen to a self-help podcast, you are going to notice a trend. A shift towards self-education. You have probably realized that a degree alone is not unique. Added skills and the ability to learn are now common things employers ask for. 

And if you are not self-educating for jobs, learning new skills is a good thing. It keeps you busy, and most of all, the skills you learn may be useful to you.

We are exploring how the media influences self-education. So stick with us as we look at how the two correlate.

Out with the old, in with the new. Physical books and schools are now being replaced with online books and schools.

You will be shocked to learn that some very established and traditional schools offer some online courses. Well, with each technological advance, how we know things changes. You needed to go to school, attend classes, and browse through libraries to learn anything useful. 

Now you can attend class from wherever you are, have discussion groups with people from all over the world, and libraries are now online. You only need to enroll in school, and you can learn anything you put your mind to.

What this has done is make the process of education easier. Previously, you would have to wait for weeks or even months to receive an acceptance letter. You would have to apply to various schools to maximize your chances. 

Now, you can access the program lists and enroll in one or maybe two with a few taps on your laptop. And the process is faster; you will receive your status. This is a form of self-education because there are no rules to adhere to. You won’t flunk because you didn’t attend the class. You study at your own pace, mostly on time, and you dictate your study plans. 

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They are also more flexible. If you are having trouble with some topic or assignment, you can easily access assistance with a click of a button. With law essays help, you can get expertly written papers that will point you in the right direction.

  • Social Media

Is there anyone without some type of social media access? Again, we no longer write letters, post them, and wait for a reply over a few weeks. Over time, we have gone from calls and text messages to now making use of social media pages to connect with loved ones and update them on our lives. 

We post pictures and videos documenting our life events. You have probably done this. Posted a picture holding your college certificate to celebrate your graduation. Or a photo of you learning and enjoying a new hobby.

It’s by watching what others are doing for themselves that we are encouraged to improve ourselves and our skills. We all want to be our best selves. And social media is key to showing us success stories from self-education.

Additionally, social media is the center for all content creators. And while some content creators post misleading and dangerous posts, most others will post important tips for self-growth. You will also notice that schools and education websites will post notices about new courses that you can take. 

You do not need to go hunting for brochures and prospectuses. So if something catches your eye, be it crochet, an SEO course, or whatever it is you have always wanted to learn, go ahead and enroll in something.

  • Gaming 

We have all played a game at some point or another. Haven’t you? If yes, have you played these interactive games that rely on your choices and decision-making to proceed? Well, games have been used over time to communicate values and other important skills to people of various ages. 

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Lessons on morality, social etiquette, and good friendships are impacted by you, as the outcomes of your game will depend on what you decide to do. If you start noticing that maybe there are things you might want to learn, then you can start. We assume that the games are fun and want to educate rather than harm.

Furthermore, games are works of art. Someone got an idea, took the time to put it together, and launched it. You may be prompted to act upon your own plans to create something similar.

  • YouTube

Do you know how many courses, lessons, and how-to guides there are on YouTube? Thousands, possibly millions.

Let’s say you want to learn a new skill. Or are thinking of enrolling in a course? You can go to YouTube and look through a few introductory videos on your chosen topic. Afterward, you can decide if you want to go ahead and enroll in the course. We are sure you have heard of people who have learned a whole new skill on YouTube.

This is one form of media that has had an impact on the concept of self-education because it is more of a “do-it-yourself” type of education. You will pick up and improve your skills and move on to the next. It is stimulating and helps spread knowledge, creativity, and innovation.

  • Shared Experiences

In addition, shared experiences are a way for people with the same interests to get together and share ideas. Book clubs are one example of this. Still, people do meet up and discuss the assigned books. Their love for books brings them together, but sometimes they will influence each other to learn other things.

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Now book clubs meet online, but the concept is still there. These people are more inclined to pick up new skills and new hobbies influenced by the other members. You may have a similar group of people who share your interests. Maybe it is a gaming group. Or a knitting group. Either way, you have better chances of self-education than someone not in these groups.

  • Broadcast Media

Finally, broadcast media has been responsible for swaying opinions, spreading ideas, and creating awareness for a long time. There is indeed false media, but sometimes good can be accomplished. Universities can advertise their online courses on television or radio, and you may be interested in enrolling in one. 

Or you can hear about a workshop being launched in your area. If you were to go searching for all this information, it would probably take time. But with broadcasting, opportunities to improve yourself come to you.

Wrapping Up

We live in a culture where we are prompted to be our best selves. It takes time and resources. However, this article shows you how the media has made this easier.

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