Small Business Resources for Veterans

Small Business Resources

Veterans are important people in our society. As such, helping them with the resources they require to start and run their business is a great investment in the country and around the world. Considering their skills and background, offering them business loans and other resources empowers them to do even greater things for society.

Unlike civilians, veterans have been trained to adapt to different kinds of situations. This means they can make good entrepreneurs because of their ability to adapt and leadership skills. That’s why small business funding with bad credit has helped many vets across the country. According to Lantern by SoFi, “Even with bad credit, you can present an in-depth business plan that outlines your strategies for success and how you plan to use the funding.

A business forecast can also be helpful in giving the lender an idea of your expected cash flow in the coming months or year. As a startup, you may need to provide personal information as well, such as your tax returns, your office setup, etc.” However, you can attract your investors to raise funds if you have a professional office setup. For new companies like you, you don’t need to spend much on setting up your office. All you can do is rent out a coworking office Finsbury Park. It will help you in giving a good impression to your investors. Companies like SilverSpace offer decent and professional look office spaces that will help to create a positive image in your investor’s minds.

However, below are small business resources for veterans:

Veteran Business Outreach Centers

The Small Business Administration offers help to veterans within their local communities via Veteran Business Outreach Centers. These centers focus on offering small business resources for vets who would like to start or grow their businesses. Veterans can also access entrepreneurial development services like business training resource partner referrals, and counseling among other services.

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Boots to business

This is an entrepreneurial education program sponsored by the Small Business Administration (SBA). Its main objective is to help service members and their spouses to transition from the service into the business world. It is a training program that has two steps consisting of a two-day classroom course plus an online course that lasts for eight weeks.

Bunker labs

Bunker labs are meant to link small business Veterans to resources designed to assist them to grow their companies or business. When a veteran joins banker labs, he or she becomes part of the community of military entrepreneurs. The group works hand in hand with professionals in the business world and helps each other to succeed in life.

The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs

The Department of Veteran Affairs is a wonderful place where veterans get small business resources. The Department consists of the Veteran Entrepreneur Portal (VEP) which easily links veteran entrepreneurs with important tips on how to start and run successful businesses.


This is a training program designed to assist women veterans, as well as female military spouses, realize their passion as well as get to learn business-savvy skills that can help them transform ideas into reality.


This is a non-profit business trade association for veterans that promotes and helps Veteran Business Owners. The association focuses on providing useful and relevant resources to veterans who run different types of businesses.

The Rosie Network

The Rosie Network was started by veterans together with military spouses who became successful entrepreneurs. The Network helps connect upcoming entrepreneurs with mentors within the service. The mentorship program is free for all members.

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National Veteran Small Business Coalition

This organization provides support to businesses owned by veterans. For instance, it promotes policies that make it easy for veterans to start and run businesses.

In general, there are a lot of small business resources for veterans across the country. Veterans can take advantage of these resources to better their lives and those of others through entrepreneurship

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