Visiting New York for a Knicks Game? 5 Things to Know Before You Go

Are you hyped up for a New York Knicks game and ready to cheer amongst a sea of orange and blue at Madison Square Garden? Get pumped because an unforgettable sports experience awaits you in The Big Apple. But, before weaving through New York’s chaos and lacing up your fan gear, you should know a couple of things. 

This guide is designed to ensure your Knicks game is memorable, from getting your hands on those highly sought-after tickets to securing the best seats at “The World’s Most Famous Arena.” We’ll provide a few tips and tricks that will help make your journey smoother. 

1. Planning Your Visit

Eager Knicks fans might arrive in New York through the bustling Port Authority Bus Terminal — the largest bus terminal in the United States. As you step off your bus and into this city’s never-ending rhythm, you might wonder, “Where can I stash my luggage so I can dive straight into the Knicks madness?”

Luggage storage makes all the difference. This service safely looks after your belongings while you soak up every jump ball, tricky dribble, and clutch shot at the game. 

The Port Authority luggage storage lets you store your bags for any amount of time, freeing you from the hassle of hauling them around. It’s secure, affordable, and a lifesaver for tourists who like to dive into their adventures instantly. 

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2. Obtaining Knicks Tickets 

Tickets are your golden keys to the enthralling world of NBA basketball. Knicks tickets are hot property — New Yorkers love their basketball! — so it’s critical to know where to get your hands on them. For the most secure transactions, you can purchase tickets through the Knicks’ official website, Madison Square Garden Box office, or reliable ticket marketplaces. 

Planning is key. The sellers’ dynamic pricing strategies can mean that prices vary depending on the demand for each matchup, so buying early or securing season or group tickets tends to offer you the best value for your money. Be ready to grab your tickets when they flash on the market — every game is a city-wide event!

3. Understanding Madison Square Garden Seating

Madison Square Garden’s seating layout is a bit of a puzzle, but you don’t have to worry — we’re here to help. The arena is divided into lower and upper bowls, with floor seating surrounding the basketball court. The lower bowl (Sections 1 to 22) is closest to the action but has a higher price tag.

The upper bowl (Sections 101-120) offers a bird’s-eye view of the game but at a more affordable price. Essentially, there is no “bad seat,” just different perspectives of the game. One thing is certain — the electric atmosphere will grip you from tip-off to the final buzzer!

4. Navigating NYC Public Transportation

New York City’s public transportation system is a juggernaut, with numerous options to get you where you need to go. The subway is usually the fastest and most convenient way to reach Madison Square Garden. Many lines, including the A, C, E, 1, 2, and 3, stop at 34th Street-Penn Station, just steps from the Garden. 

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Do remember to keep an eye on any service changes, especially on game nights. NYC buses also serve routes nearby; however, remember that city traffic can be unpredictable. As a bonus tip, consider investing in a MetroCard for unlimited rides over a certain period.

5. Pre-Game and Post-Game Entertainment Options

Just as exciting as the Knicks game itself is the endless array of pre-game and post-game entertainment options. Madison Square Garden sits in the heart of New York City, teeming with so many attractions. You could explore the legendary Times Square or the idyllic parks of Manhattan. Enjoy panoramic views from iconic skyscrapers like the Empire State Building.

No Knicks game would be complete without testing your skills at the NBA store on Fifth Avenue. Amidst the exclusive merchandise, you’ll find interactive games that let you shoot some hoops. For nibbles after the game, the area brims with numerous dining spots. Grab a juicy burger from Shake Shack or indulge in a post-game drink at Stout NYC.

Score a Three-Pointer!

In the grand scheme of things, visiting New York for a Knicks game is about much more than just basketball. It’s about experiencing and soaking in the city’s vibe and culture. There’s a rhythm to NYC — a unique mix of hustle-bustle and undercurrents of unparalleled excitement that gets you hooked. 

From ticket buying to your post-game snack, the little details all come together to create one electrifying adventure. Go Knicks! 

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