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Action Web Series – Friends are looking of best action thriller web series? Then here we are going to make a top 10 countdown of Best Hollywood action web series in Hindi.

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Nowadays, the web series has changed the way of watching the film. In all this, Action and suspense based web series has tied the audience.

Seeing the growing popularity of web series we have brought to you the Some of Action web series. Friends, now days people have started liking web series more than movies.

The popularity of web series is increasing day by day. About 5 web series are released in 1 month in whole world.

By Keeping this Mind will give you some of Quality Content Web series and Guide How to watch web series for free? We also Share some top 10 count down of Action web series and thriller web series and Much More.

Best Action Web Series List –
Game Of Thrones (All Season)
The Punisher [Netflix Original]
Walking Dead
Strike Back
Legends of Tomorrow
Prison Break

Complete Review –

Game of Thrones is one of the biggest pop culture phenomena of our time.
And that might sound like an overstatement to some, but I mean, come on.
You cannot avoid this show not matter where you go.So I thought it’s about time I get into it, and now that I’ve gotten through the first three seasons, yeah I have some thoughts.

Action Web Series
 Action Web Series

Warning, spoilers.
Game of thrones who didn’t heard this name.
Alright, let’s get into it. *clip* Alright, I doubt you’re surprised by me
saying, but right off the bat, yeah, this show is awesome. Like really awesome.
Like, almost Breaking Bad levels of awesome. One of the things that I find really interesting about this show and something that I think really helps it is that it’s on HBO.
That means that it can show anything, rape, incest, sex, torture, beheadings, attempted
rape, a man getting half his face cut off, more incest, etc. And yes, that can lead to some pretty disturbing stuff, but it allows the storytelling to flow naturally.
You never feel like the show isn’t reaching its full potential because its held back by
network restrictions.
Also, the fact that anyone can die or get maimed or whatever at any time adds so much
more tension and shocking moments to this, even if I know most of the spoilers ahead
of time.
Like, Ned Stark dying at the end of season 1, the biggest star on the show, that’s
insane, and sets the tension for the rest of the show perfectly.
Also, on that violence note, I do have to say, the show can get slightly hard to watch
And by that I’m mostly talking about the Theon storyline.
Like, I’m usually not very squeamish, you can show me those Mortal Kombat X fatalities
and I’ll just be like, eh it’s a video game.
But some of this stuff, yeah it’s quite unpleasant.
Something else that never fails to impress with this television show is that it’s essentially
feature film level in every way.
Both in storytelling and surprisingly production value.
Like nowadays everyone knows, oh yeah Game of Thrones, huge budgets.
But it just is still so amazing to me.
The sets, the costumes, the huge casts, the action sequences, the CGI, all are so incredible.

Action Web Series
Action Web Series
Not just for TV but just for any piece of entertainment.
A lot of this looks better than some movies sometimes, except for that bear.
That bear looked awful, let’s be real here.
The theme song is iconic, the music generally is spectacular, and the writing is great.
The dialogue between characters is really well done, and while the show is extremely
dark but still manages to have funny moments.
The writing is also brilliant in the fact that it gets you to root for characters who
are totally awful human beings.
Now as far as negatives here, besides the few plot lines that I find a little less interesting
and that CGI bear, there’s only one other thing that I can complain about.
And really, it was going to happen inevitably with a show of this scope, but still.
Sometimes, even though I am really invested in this, some plots can get a little confusing,
because I forget what some characters want to do and how they know other characters and
so on.
It’s still impressively easy to follow considering how many stories and characters there actually
are, that’s another credit to how good the writing and pacing is (I’ve seen movies
with just 1 plot that are much harder to follow), but sometimes I find myself a little confused
as to what characters are doing, or where they’re going.
Especially with Stannis.
Not anything that breaks the show though.
So in conclusion, I probably don’t need to say this, but Game of Thrones is spectacular.
These first three seasons are filled with gorgeous cinematography and fantastic visuals,
pretty masterful storytelling, amazing performances, stunning sets, and exciting action.
The show isn’t totally perfect, some stories are less interesting than others, but there’s
nothing awful in here. And most of this is phenomenal.
I cannot wait to watch the next four seasons and get ready for the epic finale in about 2 years time.
I’ll give these three seasons a 9.7/10.
So those were my thoughts on Game of Thrones seasons 1-3?
What do you think?
Let me know all of your thoughts down below in the comments.
No.02- The Punisher [Netflix]
Hey, everybody Punisher is dropping this Friday. This is gonna be my non-spoilery review of the series so far They’ve only released the first half of the season to critics so obviously there’s a bunch of plot lines that they set up a bunch of different characters that have arcs to sort of weave and Intersect throughout the season that will all come together by the end or at least that’s the idea the series works as well as you Hope it will they’ll all make sense together and the Punisher will find a solution for everything.
I’ll be doing more easter-egg breakdowns as we get through the weekend just depending on how quickly Everybody gets through episodes sometimes people take a little bit longer like usually people Burn through daredevil a little bit faster than series like Jessica Jones or Luke Cage but I’ll also try to place this in the Context of those other series it sort of ranked my favorite Netflix marble seasons.
Best Action Web Series
Action Web Series

And I know there’s a lot of talk about maybe Disney pulling all of the Netflix
Content regardless of what they do in future seasons there will be more seasons of these shows So don’t worry about that but leading the cast you have Jon Bernthal who does a?
master performance of the character best version of the characters so far
Even after a daredevil season 2 you would have said he’s probably one of the best versions of the character But whereas he’s more of a backup character
You only see a little bit of him during daredevil season 2 you get like the full
Enchilada you get the backstory they sort of updated it for a modern context if you read him in the comics You know he’s a Vietnam vet now
He’s a veteran of the war in Iraq and the war in Afghanistan and just a person having trouble dealing with civilian life So post-traumatic stress survivor guilt those are big parts of his arc You know about jigsaw you know about Rollins. You know about micro Karen Paige is the primary crossover character There’s a new character.
That’s not from the comics named Dinah Madani who has this really big story arc that parallels a lot of the veterans Story arcs like Frank Castle and the other people that he meets with he has a veteran support group that he goes to Interacts with some other characters so that becomes part of his storyline
The series itself sort of like the big overarching themes take a really hard look at the military intelligence industrial complex in the age of the war on terror because that’s sort of when the wars took place that Frank was a part of
So it also takes a really hard look at the idea of these big governmental organizations taking really Dissatisfied young people and turning them into killing machines and what happens to them when their government is done with them But just sort of leaving them to dry. There’s a conspiracy aspect to the show there’s something. He’s trying to uncover Rollins is sort of the de facto kingpin villain type character for the series.
And he was their commanding officer when they were in Afghanistan they were a military Unit like you’ve seen in the trailers that were forced to commit a lot of war crimes so part of the conspiracy Storyline is them uncovering sort of the larger things at play where the Rollins characters hiding out committing all kinds of crimes against humanity.
Wearing the badge of patriotism Then as you have all that going on in the background you have Frank’s Internal journey as he deals with the loss of his family like obviously he’s trying to get the people that killed his family But he also himself did a lot of terrible things in Afghanistan But the series tries to take a really intelligent stance on
Violence like the violence that he in acts as he’s taking down even worse people doing bad things to take down even worse People I think the message is is that he’s never going to be absolved of the terrible things that he did But he’ll just become a much more balanced person. He’ll be able to put it into perspective.
So even though it’s a big part of his character the series in no way condones violence
And that’s where you basically get the jigsaw character because he says squadmate back in Afghanistan So they have these parallel arcs where you know they both don’t quite know how to fit back in now that there’s civilians again
Jigsaw just fights that in a very different way from the Punisher the war that the Punisher is fighting is more like an internal war In a war against domestic terror through the Rollins characters storyline and then sort of parallel to all that you have the Dynamo Donnie
Character who’s at homeland security and the really interesting thing about her is that she’s this Middle Eastern?
Character who is actually really good at her job
But because she’s Middle Eastern people view her with this lens of suspicion because this is the age of the war on terror So in the way that society doesn’t really know what to do with veterans when they come back from a war It’s also the same thing with her character like they’re not quite sure what to do with her inside Homeland Security even though
She’s really good at her job she’s sort of the odd man out so to speak and the thing is is that obviously the Punisher does really terrible things so she
Learns about him and tries to take him down, but at the same time
She’s tried to uncover the same conspiracy that Frank and Mike wrote together or trying to uncover
So I think the idea is is in the back half of the season she’s probably going to find that she will need the Punisher just as much as she thinks she needs to take him down so it’s one of those push-pull things with law enforcement and Vigilantes like you have the daredevil character the police can’t officially sanction what Matt does at night?
So Let’s See what something happened in Punisher in this season.
I want to talk about a TV show that I’ve really been trying to you know get across to a lot of people over the summer period because it’s a show that I think is very underrated and it finished a few months ago and this show goes by the name of banshee.

Action Web Series
Best Action Web Series
Now the people who know me know that I can’t stop talking about how much I recommend this show to them and I wanted to give a reasoning well just like my personal opinion on the series and why I think you should watch it and check it out over the summer if you have the time to be able to watch it I think it’s one of the most underrated if not the most underrated TV shows that I have ever watched like barely anybody has heard of it but really should have should have because it’s a really fantastic show and I can’t recommend it to you enough so first of all I’m going to say how I got into the show so this was all the way back and about I believe like 2013 about two weeks after Breaking Bad finished airing in the UK I was struggling for TV shows I didn’t know what TV show to go on to next because I was convinced I wasn’t going to see anything near the quality of Breaking Bad from what I just seen obviously from the series.
How so little people have seen the show is it’s crazy it’s such a great show really underrated it’s got a real sense of style and dread to it and I would say this is kind of the TV series that really kept me engrossed into TV after Breaking Bad like there have been several other shows that I watched after Breaking Bad like the following Hannibal penny dreadful and things like that however this was the one that stuck.
I enjoyed watching it and how much it stuck with me since like even though the show as obviously it’s gone now and with season four being the last season I still it still has a massive impact on me and I remember all the moments from it it’s just such a memorable TV series so if you do have to spare time and you haven’t aren’t largely being bogged down with timetables of what to watch what not to
watch them please give banks your watch it is absolutely amazing and plus there is only 30 episodes of it because seasons 1 2 3 have 10 episodes then season 4 has 8 episodes so it’s not necessarily a long series but it’s such a great show and if you love your action pulpy TV shows I think you all fall in love a banshee it’s an amazing show and I definitely recommend it to do you people it’s awesome well that being said with my little review on banshee.
No.04- Blacklist
The blacklist season 1 the blacklist season one came out in 2013 and i am gonna be honest with you I didn’t like it at first I thought it was a little unconvincing in plot acting and situations setup were too perfect intentionally or not hell even the CGI was questionable in some parts and as time went on hearing about this show more and more often down the line several months passed before I finally caved in and decided to re-watch it thanks to Netflix I was able to do that I judged it too soon and after the first episode I found myself digesting a next episode then the next then the next want to know why this guy right here James Spared this man is a class act the actor himself is expressive as if voice is hypnotic.

Best Action Web Series
Action Web Series
The character he plays is Raymond red Reddington an ex government agent wanted by the FBI’s most wanted list in the funny twist of events he just so happens to surrender himself to the FBI under one condition he only speaks to the rookie FBI agent Elizabeth keen how the two are connected is not only a secret and mysterious in itself but it’s completely unknown by anyone why this is even though Elizabeth doesn’t even know why red has requested her and only her to talk to him in the end it’s established.
plenty more characters are in this show and are serviceable throughout and don’t take that as a bad thing if I don’t mention them by name they are either integral pieces to a very large puzzle obstacles for others on more personal levels but you don’t get in too many other characters personal lives Elizabeth and Raymond are definitely the central focus everyone else you get a mere glimpse but nothing more so the question on everyone’s mind is is the show any good is it recommendable for others to watch I’m gonna give you a big fat yes the very tiny no to boot why is it yes because James Spared that’s why he is absolutely out of this world and enjoyable to watch he is commanding and every appearance he makes in these episodes he is headstrong knowledgeable and like every criminal mastermind he loves to talk he cherishes the little.
Things has impeccable taste for food wine artefacts the sites all around the
world his passion for Elizabeth is a mystery and a treasure as you see the way he talks to her with such care and plenty of grief and weariness overcoming in his voice whatever history is between them is focused on a lot through the episodes till the season finale Megan Boone as Elizabeth keen I have to say is not only attractive but she is solid in her performance I have not seen her and anything else but the show and she is really really awesome to watch while she isn’t questioning why she is so important she is also working with her husband Tom keen to start a family balance the pressures of work and stay on top with every name on the blacklist that arises to be a problem more mysteries include what Elizabeth’s husband is up to moles in the FBI what’s the history between red and Liz what’s red story are these people connected in some way the list simply goes on and on this is often where the small know comes into play sometimes the episodes don’t always connect when the episodes feature the villain of the week sometimes things aren’t as continuous as the personal side for all the characters fast paced interesting fun watchable and completely binge worthy with a slight hiccup here and there of a lacklustre story some illogical moments I’m gonna have to give the blacklist.
No.05- The Walking Dead
I’m going to talk about the first season of the new AMC TV show Fear the Walking Dead created by David Erickson and Robert Kirkman. As the name suggest, the series is a spin-off of The Walking Dead, but differently from the mother series, Fear the Walking Dead will show us the beginning of the zombie apocalypse. 

Action Web Series
Best Action Web Series
The story will concentrate in a dysfunctional family consisting of Madson who she is a teacher, her children Alicia, a restless teenager and Nick, a young drug addict and her boyfriend Travis, who is also a teacher. During the season we also see Liza and Chris, Travis’ ex-wife and son and another very interesting family.
At the beginning, the series is present with a slow rhythm, showing gradually
the chaos and fear spreading through the population who put their hopes on the army.
The performances are great and, contrary to my opinion on my first impressions post, Kim Dickens’ performance,
the mother has improved, which made her character grows and became the strongest one in the series.
The photograph continues excellent, putting even more affliction in the tension scenes.
In my opinion, the best episodes are the first ones, which gave emphasis on the family life and Nick, my favourite character.
With a brilliant performance, Frank Dillane makes you care about the character, although some actions, and hope for his recovery.
Unfortunately, the character loses prominence in the show as the season goes, so I expect this to be compensate next season. As everyone must be tired of knowing, The Walking Dead isn’t a series about zombies, but about people and society and Fear the Walking Dead isn’t different. The point is to discuss the reaction and relationship between people in a society in collapse. The zombies are just extras. Although some scenes a little unreal, the series keeps a good quality throughout the whole episodes and I can be a little suspect to say, because The Walking Dead is one of my favourite series, but I really enjoyed Fear the Walking Dead and I super recommend for you if you like zombies, drama and The Walking Dead, of course.
No.06- LOST
This is one of the best confusing web series. For a show that was already redefining weird, Lost’s last episode really went off the rails. The fifth season ended with Jack and the crew setting off a hydrogen bomb on the island while visiting the 1970’s, so the sixth and final season picked up with two separate timelines: one where the survivors are still stuck on the island in the present, and another where the plane seemingly never crashed.

Action Web Series
Best Action Web Series
This alternate timeline soon revealed itself to be much different than the original, and many of the characters were living fully completely different lives.
The final episode disclosed that this timeline was really the lifetime.
Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof later explained that the afterlife plotline was supposed to demonstrate how the events on the island weren’t purgatory, as many suspected.
Unfortunately, the message was so, well, lost in the chaos of the sideways world exploration that even they couldn’t really explain all the finite details.
You Must watch this amazing web series.
No.07- Strike Back
Today we’re talking about strike back the final season and if you’re wanting to talk about this final season of strike back since it premiered only three episode aired in the u.s.
so far and I have to apologize because I originally wanted to do a weekly review
for the show like  I’m really really excited to be talking about strike back well let’s do
it starting with that first episode we literally jump right back into the action and I love that scene where you have Scott and Stonebridge kind of rising from the water and I just another moment. Also really loved is when Stonebridge makes fun of Scott and Richmond for being together yes and speaking of Scott and Richmond I kind of like these two I also love that they Don’t spend too much time on them and still continue to move the story forward with them each having their own tasks to do so we’re still getting everything we loved about strike back.

Action Web Series
Best Action Web Series
And we have that little extra development between the two characters which although I will say that I worry they’re gonna kill Richmond because it almost feel like strike back is really good at killing characters that we like and now with her being with Scott it just seems kind of too perfect
almost for her them not to kill her. I’m really hoping she makes it out alive and they can kind of go off and live happily ever after but this is strike back so you know another Richmond moment that I thought I’d mention is her getting punched by Ray in the club when he come makes her I totally jumped at that I was like oh my god he just punched her I kind of loved that woman. was also freaking out the fact that he so – when he said he had this vision of this big gunfight bloodshed and them in the middle sounds like a typical strike back finale the only thing I’m really worried about especially in this season because it is at last season is who will they kill off because this is the last season you know that all bets are off it’s not like they need them again so I’m thinking even Scott or Stonebridge could go which is really sad I’m hoping for a happy ending with Scott and Richmond kind. strike back movie started back TV would be strike back special strike back miniseries I’m open for anything really.This web series is really awesome must watch this amazing web series.
No.08- Legends of Tomorrow
let’s talk about season 1 of legends of tomorrow legends of tomorrow is a spin-off of both arrow and the flash and it tells the story of an unlikely group of heroes that travel through time and try to take down Vandal Savage an immortal psychopath wants to take over the world arrow was the comic book shows that tried to beat dark and gritty.

Action Web Series
Best Action Web Series
But it never really worked for me because it also had the comic-book ridiculousness in the flash embraced that ridiculousness and made the more serious stuff about the relationships between the characters and it ended up working very well and being a really good time.
legends of tomorrow just goes way over the deep end and is completely batshit crazy sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t first of all it’s important to understand that this show is very much for people who are already fans of comic book shows.
if you never liked flash and you never liked arrow and it was all just a little bit too silly for you there’s really nothing for you here personally I’m not a huge fan of arrow. but I am a big fan of the flash so I thought I’d check it out the main thing about legends of tomorrow is the large cast of characters so let’s start there the cast is a lot of fun the banter between them provides a lot of amusing moments each one of them has a different skill set that is useful in different times and it’s pretty cool a problem that I had with them is that each one of them has one thing one main personality trait which is the thing that that character does over and over again throughout the entire season and it never goes beyond that the stars of the show for me at least.
without a doubt were the guys from Prison Break snart and roar both of them play incredibly overacted characters but that’s exactly why there were so much fun it felt like the actors were just having the time of their lives playing these silly-ass characters there’s no attempt to make them sound like actual people start for example has this over-the-top comic-book villain talk like what are we waiting for I don’t do this touchy-feely stuff I want to steal something you man and Rory basically just grunts his way through the season.
The fire is the only thing that’s pure I like to watch as it dances on their bodies I grew a lot as a person this season the other characters are kind of there as well I didn’t see anything special about any of the other characters but listen this show knows what it is it’s here to have a good time and the characters practically say it in most episodes and mostly it is a good time the action and the VFX in this show were actually pretty impressive there’s a lot of big action set pieces where everybody’s fighting at the same time and shooting Blazers and it looks pretty cool you get a lot of someone shooting the laser and the laser hits just behind the bad guy but the bad guy goes flying through the air anyway but it’s the sort of things that you come to expect you’re not gonna find any r-rated violence here white Canaries fight scenes we’re all very well choreographed and impressed at some point the show does sort of run out of steam and things just start repeating themselves and then you see that the show doesn’t really have any substantial story to tell again because it’s there for explosions and pretty lights which is fine but it’s a good thing that the show was 16 episodes and not 23 but it could have easily been 10 to be honest flash and arrow probably don’t really need 23 episodes.
 as well all the episodes give me all the episodes and I will eat them all in all I don’t have too much to say here legends of tomorrow is stupid mindless fun the characters are a good time the story is very thin as a narrative it’s nowhere near where the flash is for example but the show does feel aware of itself and it’s nice seeing it having fun with itself that sounded dirty bottom line should you watch if you’re a big fan of other comic book shows there’s fun to be had here.
if you’re just looking for a fast paced action shows with Blazers and time travels and a lot of big shiny pretty things that you can fully watch while you’re doing dishes then there’s some dishwashing fun to be had here if you’re not into this style of shows or just having gone around to watching the comic book shows I wouldn’t start here and if you skip this show altogether you to be missing anything legendary I’m clever shudder what about you have you watched season 1 of legends of tomorrow.
No.09- Vikings
let’s talk about season 1 of Vikings so Vikings is the first original series by The History Channel which by itself made some people go aliens but the people behind this show are actually the same people who were behind the two doors to dock two doors to this show so yeah credibility I guess Vikings tells a story of Ragnar lothbrok a farmer family man and axe the face champion of the world so the story begins with Ragnar and his ambitions he wants to explore and specifically go to the west and this unusual ambition and ideas.

Action Web Series
Best Action Web Series
Put him at odds with the local earl or chieftain and you have your first conflict right there a lot of people are referring to Vikings as Game of Thrones light or generally comparing it to Game of Thrones but I’m not a big fan of that comparison because these two shows don’t really have all that much in common I mean they’re both medieval themed and they both have sword fights but that’s pretty much it it’s like the fact that you have a million shows that are about a person solving crimes while also having car.
chases and gunfights in any case I feel that Vikings does hold up as its own show the scope of the story in season 1 of Vikings is pretty small and I actually like that a lot you do have a lot of characters but not so many that you lose track and you do get plenty of insight into what drives each of them a lot of the stories that you have here by themselves are sort of generic stories because you’ve probably seen them before like the jealous brother or the rebellious hero but I really didn’t mind any of that because the setting is interesting and the characters themselves are fleshed out you might have already seen the jealous brother character somewhere else but here he is still a unique and interesting character there are some things that you might have come to expect from a show like this or specifically a show about Vikings and those things are sex and violence and while you do get those it’s in small doses because it’s really not the focus of the show unlike some shows.
Vikings is surprisingly very character and story driven this season specifically mostly by Ragnar’s character Ragnar and lagertha both are just awesome awesome characters and one of the best Power couples I’ve seen on TV lately I sure hope nothing bad happens to them the sets and costumes are obviously very important in a show like this so I don’t know if it was just me but it to me it seemed that everything on the Viking side like on the north side looked amazing and felt real but most of the things on the anglo-saxon side the British side I don’t know felt sort of off it felt like costumes and sets I’m not sure why did any of you feel that as well that’s kind of nitpicking really a definite issue with this season is pacing the show kinda hits the ground running but then really slows down but then goes on another little sprint and let me tell you that is not how you understand now when you just if this fucking guy listen whatever can we just kill each other please yes anyway bottom line should you watch it.
I had a lot of fun with Vikings Ragnar’s character is interesting he’s not your generic hero even the way he talks and the way he moves is fun and floki is awesome lagertha is super awesome there are definitely.some pacing issues but you have to remember that this is only season one of a much larger story this season really pulls off having a relatively small scope while still having high stakes and some very solid world building by the time the season is done you have absolutely everything you need for season two to expand upon the story so yes if you like the medieval style and you’re interested to learn about Vikings because this is the History Channel after all I would say yes go watch it.
No.10- Prison Break
Friends I’m sure many of you might have heard the famous Netflix series Prison
Break today is Jan 23rd 2019 and this is review on Prison Break the limelight of the story is Michael Scofield Whose brother Lincoln Burrows who is expecting an execution for a crime he Did not commit now Scofield tries all his best methods To plan the famous Prison Break.

Best Action Web Series
Best Action Web Series
Prison Break has got 8.4in IMDB 60% Rotten Tomatoes and 9 by brace yourself a thrilling and suspenseful ride is waiting for you in the series you will come across with Dr. Sara Tancredi Fernando Benjamin Alex Billick t-bag Henry Pope Lecherro and so many more casts that surely be in your mind one of the best tag lines I liked in this is “We are the captives of our own identities living in prisons of our own creations” by T-bag.

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