IFVOD TV: The Best App for Chinese to Watch Movies and TV Shows


IFvod TV is an application you may have seen on your Android device. The Chinese company iFeng released the application in 2014. It has already been downloaded over 4 million times on Google Play, the Apple App Store , and more than 4 million times on Apple App Store . What makes IFvod as popular? Is it worthwhile downloading? These are the top features that make this app even better.

What Is IFVOD Actually All About?

IFvOD provides access to a vast library of movies and TV programs. It is available for Android as well as iOS. You can access many of the most popular titles as well as more unusual options. Nearly all of the movies have English subtitles. This makes it much easier for Chinese-speaking people. The app can be used as either a daily ticket or a subscription. This allows you to choose whether you want one movie or a month of subscriptions. If you don’t have access to WiFi, or you aren’t as mobile, you can download content to the movie.

You have several options to pay for your subscription. These include Alipay, PayPal and WeChatPay. It allows you to stream from your tablet or phone, and also lets you use its desktop application on your computer. It has more than 50 million registered users across all platforms (Android/IOS/PC), and over 400,000,000 downloads, proving its popularity with its target audience.

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How do I use IFVOD app

IFVOD is a fantastic application that provides its users with hundreds of hours of premium entertainment and free access to it. You will need an Android smartphone to use IFVOD. You must have an Android device with at least 2.3.

Once IFVOD on your phone is installed, you will be prompted to select from a range of options such as movies, TV programs, and even interactive games. IFVOD can be a great option if you’re feeling tired or want something new. Every day, there’s a new game! You can use it quickly, but make sure to have enough time to save to ensure you don’t miss any!

Smartphones compatible IFVOD?

While there are many other programs that allow for you to watch TV and movies, IFVOD stands out. It can be used on any Android device, including smart TVs. This application can provide more content than Netflix and Hulu together. How do I install IFVOD for Android? Go to the app store to download it to your Android device. That’s all! Android is so well-known that many Android devices already have it installed. It takes just three minutes to transfer if your device doesn’t already have it. Soon, you’ll be watching TV. What if I have a problem installing IFVOD You don’t have to worry, we have instructions that work with every Android device.

Can I stream videos via IFVOD from my internet connection? To make sure that your connection works properly, it’s best to test it first. Open a browser, and connect to the internet with mobile data. You can play the video if you are online. It will work as long as it runs continuously. Get IFVODTV APK for Android and have some fun!

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How do I install IFVOD app on my TV box?

Selecting a device capable of supporting IFVOD is the first step. Our website provides more information about which devices can support IFVOD. You can contact your local retailer or customer service to find out which device you have. Once you have made your selection, download and install Google Play APK.

How to get started on iPhone/iPad

AirPlay lets you watch IFOOD directly on your iPhone/iPad. You can access IFOOD via AirPlay by turning on iDevices, Apple TV and Apple TV. Our website has more details. Android users can download the WeShow application from the Google Playstore and search their IFOOD. Users of websites I Bomma should log in to their accounts at ifood.tv first. Then, they can use AirPlay to stream content to their iPhone/iPad.

Here are some features you may like at IFOOD.

You can watch more than 1,000,000 dramas and movies for free. No registration needed

It can be viewed from multiple devices simultaneously

Use it for 24 hours per day. -You can watch movies/dramas with subtitles or without

You can download and stream without restrictions

You can search easily by title, genre and actor.

There are no advertisements

Multilingual support: English, Korean, Traditional Chinese, English and Simple Chinese

The supported devices include the following: PC /Mac, iPhone / iPad, Android phones / tablets

Android devices must have version 4.1 or greater. – iOS devices must have version 7.0 or greater. (iPhone 5S/6 Plus/6 Plus, iPhone 6/6 Plus/6 Plus, iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad Mini 2 and Newer)

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Windows Phone users have the ability to view IFOOD from their phones through WeShow (find and select IFOOD)

Visit their website to find out more.

Devices that play videos from the App

Android phones, Android TV, Amazon Fire Stick / TV. Our application is currently compatible with Android 4.0 and higher, Android TV (Android 2.2.2 and higher), Amazon Fire Stick/TV (Fire OS 5.x and higher). There are many users who can’t use IFVOD due to their tool not supporting it. What can they do now? It is easy to get a cheap smartphone or tablet.

Experts recommend purchasing Android Go and Redmi 5A in China. These devices have a $ 100 price tag. Additionally, these utility applications are compatible with both a 3GB RAM configuration and a 16 GB memory configuration.

Can I play multiple videos with this app at the same time?

With an internet connection and a subscription, you can stream more videos than one at a given time. You can even watch multiple episodes at the same time if you have enough CPU power. You should only use one device to view these videos. Streaming multiple movies over your Internet connection can eat up all your bandwidth.

You can also stop your videos at will. It’s worth noting that I have tested whether stopping playback on one of my devices has affected the other. This is true even if both devices don’t have a subscription. This is because you should have the ability to stream multiple videos simultaneously.

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