3 Tips for a legendary work party


The Friday afternoon drink, also known as the time to have a drink with your colleagues. It’s nice to talk about work and life and all that while enjoying a cold beer. It was so delicious! Now you’ve been given the important task of organizing the work party. But how do you prepare such a thing again? And what can you do to make the party a great success? You can read that here. We have 4 tips for a legendary work drink!

The eye wants something too

Give attention to the decoration of the Friday afternoon drink. Decorate the canteen, hall or lawn with balloons, flags and other party decorations. This way you show everyone that there will be a big party coming up. Also make sure that there are enough bar tables with bar stools, these will stimulate the informal atmosphere, but also give your colleagues the opportunity to sit down after a long day of work. Also organize a number of games for your colleagues to participate in. Then you keep the enthusiasm but the atmosphere good. Really fancy a party for the books? Then tie it to a theme. 

Make sure you have enough refreshments

Cocktails drink at the vrijmibo is obvious. Make sure there are enough! But also make sure there is enough to nibble on. A nut here and a chip there is often enough to steal the hearts of the vrijmibo crowd. But what if you go all out for once. Have a catering company come over with all kinds of tasty snacks and spoil your colleagues. Another great idea is to have everyone bring a snack from home. That way you make sure everyone feels involved and the turnout is incredibly high. Probably everyone will get compliments on the oh so delicious snack they brought. 

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Music for the atmosphere

Do you want your colleagues to go crazy? Then (besides alcohol) music is the best solution. First of all, make sure you have good speakers at your disposal. From active speakers to passive speakers, as long as your music is loud enough, the atmosphere will be good. Make a playlist in advance where everyone can add songs. Better yet, hire a DJ or cover band. This will at least prevent any disagreements about the music. As a final tip when it comes to music, renting a karaoke set is a really good idea. What is more fun than hearing false notes from your manager, or finding out that a colleague has a beautiful voice. Then you can be sure that it will be a party to remember.

Theme party

With a theme party you make everything more fun. Whether the theme is summer and everyone dresses up in beautiful Hawaiian clothes and hawaii decoratie, or whether the theme is the Wild West with everyone dressing up in Indian and cowboy clothes with cowboy hats or strohoeden, a theme completes a party. The best theme parties ensure that there is a different atmosphere in the office and that colleagues get to know each other in a different way. Always make sure you have extra party supplies, such as face paint, wigs and accessories. If a colleague does not come in theme, it can always be arranged during the party.

Have fun organizing and make it a great party!


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