TOP 10 Best Fantasy TV Shows of All Time (Don’t Miss)

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So in this article, we’ll be talking about the 10 Best Fantasy TV Shows to binge watch now. You’ll want to stick around to the end to see which show is the best.

Fantasy shows have always been one of the best kinds of TV to watch. While there are legendary fantasy TV series such as Game of Thrones that have already gone down as one of the best ever, these are the best fantasy shows to binge watch right now. 

The idea of traveling into a new world that may consist of magic or other supernatural aspects is what draws in audiences to watch fantasy TV shows.

Let us know in the comments what fantasy series binge is worthy. Let’s get started!

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TOP 10 Best Fantasy TV Shows of All Time

No.10 Westworld (HBO Max):
Source: YouTube/ Best Fantasy TV Shows of All Time

For some reason, Robots and Cowboys go hand in hand and HBO’s Westworld is one of the most enjoyable examples. 

It follows the same premise as the 1970s original film of a western theme park where the androids, known as hosts, begin killing the human visitors after becoming sentient enough to remember all the cruel things done to them.

With an A-list cast in each season from Anthony Hopkins to Tessa Thompson and Aaron Paul, the acting is absolutely out of this world.

The writers of the series take this simple plot and absolutely blow it out of the water with episodes such as in season 2 episode 8 which focused on the life story of the ghost nation tribe host, Akecheta. 

Thankfully season 4 has now gotten back on track and is in production now.

No.09 Stranger things (Netflix):

The massive Netflix series followsa group of friends in the 1980s that come across a massive government conspiracy that threatens not just their hometown in Hawkins, Indiana but potentially the world.

While trying to search for their missing friend Will, a group of friends finds a strange girl named Eleven that not only has telekinesis but also has a connection to an alternate dimension called the Upside Down, which is where Will is trapped.

In each of the 3 seasons the group, which includes the Town Sheriff and Will’s mom, played by Winona Rider, have faced  off against the creatures that live in the Upside Down called Demogorgons and the Mind Flayer  as they attempt to cross over into our world.

The Duffer Brothers managed to  create a series that, in our opinion, really solidified itself as one of  the most entertaining and well-written original stories that have aired on TV.

As the anticipated final season quickly approaches, it’s safe to say that Stranger Things will leave us with a series finale to remember.

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No. 08 Good omens (Prime Video):
Source: YouTube/ Best Fantasy TV Shows of All Time

Based on the book written by Neil Gaiman and Terry  Pratchett, the show follows angel Aziraphale and Demon Crowly, played by Michael Sheen and David  Tennet, as they form an unlikely alliance and friendship to prevent the end of the world that  they both grown accustomed to.

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The two have to track down the missing 11-year-old antichrist that  Crowly misplaced as a baby, and who doesn’t know of his destiny to destroy the world.

Even though  the supporting cast, which was made up of known actors like Jon Hamm and Nick Offerman, did a good  job but the show was carried on the shoulders of Sheen and Tennet as the two gave us hilarious  banter and chemistry.

If this six-episode limited series has a couple of more episodes it could’ve gone down as one of the all-time best-limited series. To those like us who watched Michael Sheen in Prodigal Son as the serial killer Dr. Whitly, aka the surgeon, before watching Good omens then you can see the irony of Sheen playing an angel.

No.07 The Magicians (Netflix):
Source: YouTube/ Best Fantasy TV Shows

What’s a fantasy show withoutsome magical superpowers and people misusing  them for their own personal and selfish gain. Based on the book series by Lev Grossman, The  magicians was one of those shows that took the fantasy concept and made it its own unique lane  out of it.

Alright, we were being nice about it, the show is flat out just weird as the main  magicians that consist of Quentin, Alice, Eliot, Julia, Margo, Penny, and Kady have to do  some off the wall stuff to help save not just our world but the magical world of Filary.

However,  with that said the show still manages to keep the audience hooked with fan favorite characters such  as Queen Margo and Eliot.

Being one of the few shows on the sci-fi channel that has made it to a  fifth season, before being canceled, and had such a massive worldwide audience really should say  a lot about the overall quality of the series.

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No.06 Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (Netflix):
Source: YouTube/ Best Fantasy TV Shows on Netflix

When Netflix released the reboot of the 90’s  sitcom classic, we were all caught off guard when we watched season 1.

Instead of the comical and family-friendly Sabrina Spellman that we were used to when she was played by Melissa Joan Hart,  we got a much darker and adult-themed show.

Even though the first two seasons try to balance out  Sabrina’s life as a witch with her mortal friends, it’s in season 3 where we see the series fully  embrace the horror aspect which elevated the show. 

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When Netflix canceled it after season 4 fans were  left with a series finale that was unique and most of them satisfied. The show may have received  a lot of mixed reviews, which could be based on the fact that there is no talking Salem, but regardless the entertainment value is still there.

No.05 Wynonna Earp (Netflix):
Source: YouTube/ Best Fantasy TV Shows to Binge Watch

We can’t think of anything better than a  badass woman who drinks whisky all while sending demons back to hell with a revolver  named peacemaker.

The show, based on the comic book series created in 1996, follows Wynonna  Earp who after inheriting the Earp family curse must track down all the demons or revenants as  they are called in the show in her town Purgatory and send them back to hell before they can escape  into the world.

The Earp curse resurrects all the criminals her great grandfather Wyatt Earp killed to hunt down the eldest Earp for all eternity.

Wynonna and the show have become massive  fan favorites because of how well they were both written with Wynonna being the  best example of how the women on the show look almost invincible with her continuing to  fight off revenants all while being pregnant. 

Fans of the show were devastated, but not  surprised to learn that the SciFi Channel, a network known for canceling most of their shows,  canceled Wynonna Earp after 4 seasons, which fans are hoping becomes a 5th season if and when a  streaming platform like Netflix picks it up.

No.04 Tribes of Europa (Netflix):
Source: YouTube/ TOP 10 Best Fantasy TV Shows of All Time

Set 50 years into the future after the world’s electrical power systems failed  and regressed civilization into a semi Stone Age, humans began new tribes in order to survive.

The  show follows three siblings from the Origines tribe who must find a way to reunite as they were  taken prisoners and separated by the Crows tribe after receiving a mysterious high-tech cube from  a dying Atlantean pilot from the mysterious tribe. 

What makes this a binge-watchable series,  besides the great storylines for each sibling, are the two mysteries that have yet to  be answered.

What happened on the day all the world’s electrical power crashed, which is known as Black December, and exactly who are the Atlanteans to  be able to have such advanced tech. 

Fans of another german post-apocalyptic Netflix  show Dark will definitely enjoy this one. With only one season out as of now that consists of 6 episodes, Tribes of Europa is bound to definitely have you hooked and eagerly waiting  for Netflix to announce a second season.

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No.03 The Witcher (Netflix)
Source: YouTube/ TOP 10 Best Fantasy TV Shows

Based on the books and popular article games, the witcher follows monster  hunter Geralt, played by Henry Cavill, as he must try to survive not just the monsters he  hunts but the humans who look at him as a monster. 

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On his travels, he comes across a powerful  young sorceress named Yennefer who agrees to team up while in the search for a young  princess whose destiny connects with Geralt’s.

Watching Geralt tear through a town with  his swordsmanship or Yennefer taking out an entire army with her powerful magic has been  some of the highlights for the first season.

Whether or not you were much of a reader of the  books or player of the article games this 8 episode fantasy series is bound to hold your attention  until the second season is released in December.

Source: YouTube/ TOP 10 Best Fantasy TV Shows to Watch

A massive contrast to the upcoming entry, American Horror story as stated in the title likes  to focus on the horror side of the fantasy genre. 

Being an anthology series with 10 seasons the  show dives deep into some of the most disturbing aspects of the paranormal and our world such  as killer clowns, which covens, and mental hospitals.

One reason that AHS really claimed  national recognition, besides the gory scenes that network television has surprisingly allowed,  is how the writers have managed to connect each individual season’s story into a massive one. 

As if the numerous awards didn’t reflect the greatness of AHS, Seasons 1 and 2 have been  heralded as some of the best to ever be aired.

With that being said, the A- list acting with  recurring cast members that include Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Jessica Lange, Finn Wittrock,  Emma Roberts, Kathy Bates, and we can go on and on is what has propelled AHS into  the realm of all-time great television.

No.01 ONCE UPON A TIME (Disney +):
Source: YouTube/ TOP 10 Best Fantasy TV Shows of All Time

It doesn’t get more fantasy than a show about all of the fairy tales that we were  told as a kid come to life in the real world.

The show follows Emma Swan who after finding  out that fairy tale characters such as Snow White and Mulan exist and are crossing  over into the real world, must find a way to help them return to their world all while  trying to stop the villains of the stories.

Seeing all the twists and turns throughout the series is what keeps the audience hooked but it’s the comical aspect of seeing these fairytale characters try to interact with the real world that fans really enjoy about the show.

If you are like we were and are doubtful about how well a fairytale show could possibly be, let’s just say that a show with 7 seasons that consists of 22 episodes was binge-watched by us in about a week and a half.

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Conclusion – Best Fantasy TV Shows

Do you agree with our choices? What do you think about it? Let us known in comments sections.

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