Which Country is The Safest To Visit in 2023?

Exploring the various wonders of this vast and magnificent world indeed sounds like a fun and intimidating feeling. However, it’s more complex and a lot less convenient than it seems to travel to an entirely new place you have yet to learn about.

Not to say every distinctive travel destination is dangerous, but there are some places where you have to be extra cautious, especially if you are a solo traveler or a woman. It’s better, therefore, to choose a destination that makes you feel relaxed and not scared.

To help you find a safe place to travel, Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection’s list of the safest countries to visit in 2023 suggests 15 of the safest countries you can see in the coming year. The list is backed with data regarding health measures, terrorism, weather emergencies, and more.

So, let’s take a look at the safest places to visit in the coming year and make sure to carry travel card.


Safest Countries To Visit in 2023 



Unlike its name, Iceland isn’t just landmasses covered in large glaciers. The county features a mild climate and a uniquely gorgeous landscape, allowing various adventures throughout the year. You can go ice climbing, whale watching, and even explore magma chambers.

It’s not only exciting but also the safest country in the world. The mode of transport is highly reliable in Iceland. However, the biggest threat for tourists here in Iceland is harsh weather conditions.



Australia is known primarily for its beaches, natural wonders, and open terrains with scary insects. It’s the sixth largest country and the one with several unseen characteristics, which makes it a highly appealing destination for travelers.

Keeping the natural threats aside, Australia is a considerably safe place to visit as its crime rates are low and it has a reliable transportation system. However, driving can be complicated here as wild animals tend to jump in the middle of open roads.



Norway is known for its gorgeous landscape with waterfalls, mountains, hills & valleys, and long coastlines. In addition to fjords, a considerable part of the land is made up of rocky wilderness, which makes it one of the most sparsely populated countries in Europe.

The most common forms of crime in Norway are break-ins and bike thefts. Otherwise, the crime rates are relatively low, and the only major threat in the country is nature. You may encounter some pickpockets in larger cities as well.

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As one of the world’s wealthiest countries, Canada is a prime tourist destination because of its mind-blowing forests, vast natural richness, and gorgeous landscapes. The country is also known for its respect and tolerance for others and peacekeeping diplomacy.

The country is very safe for tourists, so you can be assured that you’ll encounter no issues when traveling to Canada. Moreover, because it is situated in the northern part of the continent, there are no risks involving meteorological conditions.



Germany is located in the central-western parts of Europe and comprises over 16 constituent states housing over 82 million inhabitants. With a subtle mix of modernity and tradition, Germany has become a top tourist destination for people who enjoy historical and contemporary destinations. Just like in most European countries, you may encounter pickpockets at famous landmarks in the country. However, Germany is safe for travelers with low crime rates and law-abiding citizens, with almost no particular threat of natural disaster.



If you love design, food, the outdoors, and in particular, Viking history, you’ll undoubtedly find Sweden an appealing tourist spot. It’s one of the wealthiest countries in the world, which makes it incredibly safe for travelers for the most part as well.

Crime rates in Sweden are significantly lower compared to other European countries. Moreover, while gun crime and alcohol-fueled violence may still occur, the occurrence is relatively uncommon and unlikely.



Denmark has a long history in Europe’s political and economic integration, and to this day, it is often talked about as a benchmark of civilization. Its magnificent modern architecture and prestigious cultural heritage make it fit the bill for an intriguing travel spot.

As compared to other countries in Europe, Denmark is rated as a very safe one. While you don’t have to worry about pickpockets every time in Denmark, you should be cautious in public transport, especially when traveling around Copenhagen. 



Switzerland is another beautiful and peaceful country in Central Europe, with nature as its most considerable pride. The country flaunts many magnificent mountains, such as the Jura in the Northwest and the Alps in the South, beautiful lakes, vivid scenery, and Skiing in switzerland.

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It is also considered one of the safest destinations to travel in Europe, crowded with a well-off population.  Women travelers should have no problems traveling alone to this country. There are no climate-related threats as well.


New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the earth’s most peculiar bioregions, inhabited by species seen nowhere else, such as the kiwi and kakapo. The country primarily consists of two major islands – Northern and Southern- and many smaller ones.

The crime rate in New Zealand is quite similar to that of other western countries. Although uncommon, violent crime may also occur due to alcohol or illicit drug consumption – so tourists are advised to avoid groups of intoxicated people in city centers.



The Netherlands is known for its rich cultural heritage and reputation for flatlands, windmills, painters, and clogs. Tourists often call it the “Capital of the free-spirited” and adore coming here for exploration. It’s generally a very safe country you can travel to.

The crime rates of this country are relatively low, and your biggest concern here might be pickpockets. Even if the transport in the Netherlands is safe and reliable, you’re still advised to take basic preventive measures to avoid thieves and pickpockets.



Spain is full of historical and cultural heritage, with the third-largest number of UNESCO world heritage sites. In the global peace index, the country ranked 38 out of 13 counties when it comes to peace and safety in the country. In Europe alone, the country ranks 25 out of 36 nations.

The locals are very accommodating to tourists, and violent crime is rare in the country. However, you must be cautious with street crimes and scams, particularly in Barcelona. There’s also a little deterrent against petty crime in the country.



There’s plenty to see in a country like Ireland. From coastlines, lush landscapes, and mesmerizing lakes to wild mountains and plenty of adventurous activities to do, Ireland makes up for a perfect place to visit in 2023.

It is okay to visit this country as it is one of the safest countries not only in Europe but also across the entire globe. The global peace index also classifies Ireland as one of the world’s safest and most peaceful places.

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United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is an exceptionally modern country with an unparalleled infrastructure consisting of various skyscrapers, malls, contemporary roads, and public facilities. Moreover, since it’s also one of the safest, the country is filled with travelers from around the world.


United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is one of the top tourist destinations that many people want to visit at least once in their lifetime. It is the country you must visit to have new experiences. While the land is very safe, the large tourist population encourages pickpocketing.

It is one of the most common forms of street crime in the United Kingdom. Some locations are even reported to be the hotspots for pickpocketing, so ensure that you take proper precautionary measures.



Belgium has a charm in middle Europe for having the perfect blend of history and modernization. It features excellent medieval castles as well as modern art museums and cafes. You’ll also find some of the best food in Europe here, such as waffles, chocolates, and more.

While planning a trip to Belgium, remember that the chances of serious crime occurring in the country are very rare. While most big cities (Brussels and Antwerp) have been notorious for being unsafe, the crime rate has become less prevalent in both parts of the country. All in all, Belgium is a relatively safe place for tourists to spend time and have a relaxing vacation. You won’t have to worry about getting your belongings stolen if you are attentive. You should also consider following basic travel safety measures. 



On a macroscopic level, Europe contributes the most to safe places to visit worldwide. However, no matter how safe a place is, as per stats, you should always consider taking precautionary measures to prevent mishaps. As a tourist, you should always take care of your belongings and research everything prior to avoiding any scams. We hope the list mentioned above of safe places to visit is helpful for you in deciding on your next travel destination. Therefore, go ahead and enjoy your next vacation in one of the safe Europe destinations stated above. 



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