7 Fun Activities and Events for Families and Kids in New York

Kids in New York

New York City is a paradise for all ages. Its vibrant streets, buzzing energy, and diverse culture make it the perfect city to explore. Whether you’re looking to visit world-renowned museums or just wander through Central Park, New York has something for everyone. 

There’s much more to the city than its famous attractions; the sights and sounds of the city alone make it special. Every corner of Manhattan has something to offer, from iconic yellow taxis to the smells wafting from Chinatown kitchens.

The hustle and bustle of Times Square can’t be beaten, where flashing lights and billboards are enough to mesmerize any passerby. Seasoned travelers can stroll down 5th Avenue in search of that perfect souvenir or find the perfect bagel on the Upper West Side.

From the busy streets of Manhattan to the hip neighborhoods of Brooklyn, New York City is a place the whole family will never forget. 

What Can Families Do in NYC?

Kids of all ages can enjoy the thrills, excitement, and entertainment that New York has to offer. Between family-friendly parks and attractions, theatrical performances, music festivals, and more, plenty of activities and events keep kids entertained in the Big Apple. Read on to discover seven family-friendly activities you won’t want to miss out on!

Exploring Times Square

A visit to New York City wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Times Square. This bustling area is filled with interactive displays, shows, restaurants (including kid-friendly spots!), iconic landmarks like the TKTS ticket booth, street performers, and more. 

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Whether you’re looking to take a selfie in front of the Coca-Cola sign or catch a Broadway show nearby, Times Square has something for everyone — there’s even Times Square luggage storage for those who want to explore from the minute they arrive in the city. 

Museums Galore

Take your kids on an exciting educational adventure with a visit to one of New York’s many museums. The American Museum of Natural History is perfect for animal lovers, while the iconic Children’s Museum of Manhattan is filled with interactive exhibits that keep kids entertained for hours. 

Additionally, the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum offers a variety of programs like sleepovers and spaceship simulations that are sure to be out-of-this-world experiences.

Enjoy Some Fresh Air at Central Park

Central Park is the perfect playground for families, offering activities from concerts to camp-outs, ice skating rinks, and giant chess sets. 

Kids can ride the carousel or explore one of the many gardens throughout the park. Be sure to also check out some of its other attractions like The Little Red Lighthouse, Strawberry Fields Memorial, and Conservatory Garden!

Take in a Show 

Who doesn’t love a good show? Visit New York to catch kid-friendly performances like Aladdin or Wicked. If you’re looking for something more educational while entertaining, see School of Rock or The Lion King! There’s always something going on in the theater district, so don’t miss out.

Get Artsy at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Take a trip to The Metropolitan Museum of Art for a chance to explore one of the world’s largest museums. From its collections of ancient art to modern masterpieces and special exhibitions, kids will love discovering all the different treasures inside. Plus, parents can join in on plenty of family-friendly activities like scavenger hunts and story times!

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Attend Festivals and Events Throughout the Year

New York has many festivals and events throughout the year that will be fun for the whole family. Whether you enjoy music, art, or food festivals, there’s something for everyone in the Big Apple. 

Check out the Tribeca Film Festival to catch some of the latest and greatest films worldwide. You can even attend The Feast of San Gennaro for a chance to taste delicious Italian foods during this annual celebration!

Visit Coney Island

No visit to New York would be complete without a trip to Coney Island. This iconic amusement park is filled with rides and attractions like Luna Park, Deno’s Wonder Wheel Amusement Park, and more. 

It has all your carnival favorites, like hot dogs and cotton candy, to enjoy throughout the day! After a day of fun at Coney Island, you can catch a show at the historic Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest.

Time to Get Started

From exploring iconic landmarks like Times Square to attending festivals and visiting Coney Island, there are plenty of family-friendly activities and events that kids of all ages will enjoy in New York City. 

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and head to the Big Apple for the adventure of a lifetime!


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