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Rare Exports Full Movie | Fantasy-Horror | Must Watch

In this article we’re looking at film Rare Exports Cast, Reviews, Collection and Much more. So without wasting time let’s see Rare Exports Full Movie.

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Rare Exports Full Movie Genres, Cast, Plot, Director, Box office, Production –

Genre: Horror, Thriller, Fantasy

Release date: 2 December 2010 (Denmark)

Languages: English, Finnish

Platform: Amazon Prime Video

Box office: 18 lakhs EUR

Director: Jalmari Helander

Producer: Agnès B.

Writer: Jalmari Helander, Petri Jokiranta

Rare Exports Full Movie Cast –

  • Onni Tommila as a Pietari Kontio

  • Jorma Tommila as a Rauno Kontio

  • Tommi Korpela as a Aimo

  • Rauno Juvonen as a Piiparinen

  • Per Christian Ellefsen as a Riley

  • Ilmari Järvenpää as a Juuso

  • Peeter Jakobi as a Pietari’s Elf

  • Jonathan Hutchings as a Brian Greene

  • Risto Salmi as a Sheriff

  • Jens Sivertsen as a Main Elf

Rare Exports Rating –

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90% Rotten Tomatoes


Rare Exports Full Movie Review –

Rare Exports, which you can watch on Amazon Prime in the US or on BFI player, is a wonderfully odd film that explores the dark origins of Santa Claus.

Though having used the word ‘explores’ one of the best things about this film is its restraint – it hints at a whole legendary mythology, but remains very focused on characters and story.

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‘Drill deeper and you will see.’ An eccentric millionaire is drilling into a mountain in Finland. ‘We have a grave to rob.’

A quest that has repercussions for the locals, and not long after, someone stumbles into a wolf trap set by butcher Rauno.

Rauno and his friends assume this is someone from the dig, but his young son Pietari knows better. 

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This is the part of the film that everyone thinks about, it’s the most visually arresting, suspenseful and, to be honest, you could if you wanted have set a whole film around this set up.

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In fact, writer/director Jalmari Helander takes the story in other directions. ‘Santa is going to find out who’s naughty and who’s nice’

A decision that works mainly because such a good job has been done setting up the characters. This is Pietari’s story, and it feels reminiscent of those 80s movies where a lonely kid, only child, single parent family, finds their confidence through a fantastic adventure. 

It’s a coming of age film, and very much a male one, we don’t even glimpse a woman passing by in the background.

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That’s a very deliberate decision and it does add to the isolation of Pietari. It’s interesting to note that the best Christmas horror films. Gremlins, Nightmare before Christmas and so on – are the ones that actually embrace the season;

They are Christmas films as well as horror, rather than just setting a serial killer film at Christmas, and Rare Exports does fall into this category. For all that it’s grim and dark and, in fact, pagan, it’s quite Christmassy.

It’s also a very rare Christmas film that does sort of embrace the capitalism of Christmas, albeit in a darkly comic way.

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It absolutely has the heart, but this is a poor community and the money is important too. ‘Always believe’

I think some people find this to be an uneven film, neither full on horror nor family action, but I really enjoy it.

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It’s a great idea, the performances are excellent, its looks good, and I do find it Christmassy.

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Frequently asked questions regarding to Rare Exports Full Movie.

Does Netflix have Rare Exports Movie?

No! The original Rare Exports movie is not available on Netflix.

Who is director of Rare Exports movie?

Jalmari Helander.

Where was Rare Exports filmed?

Rare Exports was mainly filmed in Korvatunturi.

Where can I watch the original Rare Exports movie?

Rare Exports movie currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video you can watch it from there.

How long is the movie Rare Exports movie?

1h 24m Rare Exports movie/Running time.

Conclusion – Rare Exports Full Movie

Rare Exports gets 7 out of 10.

Thanks for reading carefully. What are your favorites Christmas movies in any genre and what did you think of Rare Exports Full Movie? Let us know in the comments below. Have a great Christmas.

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