What do men want in bed?

The greatest curiosity of women is related to men’s sexual wishes. If it were possible, they would like to know everything that is hiding in their minds, especially in terms of fantasies. Here are some secrets about their sexual lusts!

Men are very different than women

There is no secret anymore that men are very different than women, from many points of view. They want to have the most amazing sex possible, which is why sometimes they even visit an escort Torino. Yes, it is true, many guys date professional escorts, simply because they are not satisfied in their relationships. Sex is about pleasure and about intimacy, and not about inhibitions and stress, and so on. 

Lots of women feel stressed when they have sex because they are not happy with their bodies, they are frustrated, and they also have plenty of inhibitions. Well, you cannot enjoy sex when you feel like that. So, if you are a woman, and you are feeling in one of the ways we mentioned above, then it is time to change yourself. You need to do something to improve your intimate relationship with your partner. 

You need to relax as much as possible and simply enjoy to the fullest the sexual act. The man will never notice that you have put some extra kilos, he will not notice your stretch marks, and things like that. He will just enjoy you and your time spent together. Therefore, stop thinking about all these things. Only by doing so you will have a satisfying sex life, and both you and your partner will be happy. 

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They adore women who take control in bed

In the bedroom, men are tired of dictating all the actions, so women should take control once in a while. Show your partner that you are sure of yourself and you know how to make your man happy and satisfied. Put emphasis on the prelude and seduce it with a session of kisses and caress. Do not forget the small details of décor and clothing that always spice the atmosphere.

And they also want to know what women want

Men are more direct, so do not try to show them by clues what you want in bed, but simply tell them directly. The more open and sincere you are, the more you can create a better connection with your partner. Tell him where you want to touch you and how to kiss you. 

You can also have a conversation with your partner and tell him what you want to try in terms of sex. Talk to him about your fantasies and let him know what you like the most. Also, ask him what he wants to try as well. A good and honest comunication will help you improve your sex life a lot. 

Can be visually incite

If you are a shy person, you will not be able to do too many things with your partner in bed. Underage inhibitions and let him discover every part of your body. Men visually incite very loud and create all sorts of fantasies when they see a naked woman. They love to touch breasts and kiss them as challenging as possible. 

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You should also make sure tht you always wear sexy lenjerie. This detail will drive him crazy and will make him want you even more. Try red, black, pink, and white. These are the colors that men love the most. Use your favorite perfume and arrange your hair. Guys love seeing their women taking care of themselves. They simply love to see them nicely dressed and using quality perfume. All these things will make you super attractive to your man. 

They like spontaneity

Men do not see a routine in sex, nor schedule such things, but they want to happen as spontaneously as possible. The habit of having sex while children sleep can become boring for them, so you need to know when to excite them. Try to be nonconformist with your partner and show them that you want to make love when expecting less. You could try new places where you have never been and, why not, new positions as well.

Talk about fantasies

There is no shame in having fantasies. Men are even open to talking about this with their partner if the woman is communicative. Therefore, do not beware in discussing everything you like to do in privacy, for you will know better what everyone’s wishes are! Both of you should be honest and communicate about everything you have in mind. You should never judge your partner because he has a certain sexual fantasy or fetish. 

Also, he should do the same. If you really want a happy sex life, then you need to communicate as openly and honestly as possible. You must tell what you like, what you don’t like, and what you want to try. Maybe this could be new sex positions sex in other places, or new techniques. As long as it doesn’t involve something painful or dangerous, go for it and enjoy it to the fullest. 

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