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My name is Raja Danish, I work at Betraja as an editor-in-chief. And this post will answer the question: what this site is all about and why I decided to develop it. My path was not easy, and I got through some major disappointments but now, I am fond of what I’m doing and I’ll be glad to know Betraja will help you improve your betting experience.

How It All Started

If you allocate enough time to learning any topic and put enough effort to try this information on practice, you’ll gain some results for sure. Moreover, I think there is no chance to remain a novice in anything if you are dedicated to it — you will rise the level or switch to a similar niche, but this will be a success too. Generally, this is what happened to me!

Long time ago I wanted to be a cricket star. I trained a lot, learnt a lot, and watched a number of games to understand outstanding strategies and tricks. But, then I injured my knee, and it was also supplemented by some other circumstances, so that dream of a brilliant sports career faded in vain in a blink of an eye.

However, I didn’t regret it for long. Cricket still was my passion, so I continued to monitor the games, statistics, analytics, and made as many notes and my own research as I could. In addition, I also like mathematics, and the synthesis of these two spheres brought me to betting. Now, I help Indian bettors to discover the basics and specifics of betting in a simple way and achieve better results faster.

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Who Can Benefit from Betraja

First, Betraja is meant to help betting newbies to delve into the field from the well-built foundation. Such a comprehensive knowledge will help to better understand the mechanics and eliminate risks but still enjoy the process and bet with courage. The beginners can learn a lot from the thematic articles and reviews as well as explore the variety of trustworthy betting websites.

However, the site will assist professional punters too. Every pro knows that there is a need to develop skills and keep on par with all the updates to maintain the experience level. Well, Betraja is there to help! Our detailed overviews of games, statistics, and various betting tips create a good aid for those who want to spice up their betting journey. Our articles are revised regularly and thus offer renewed and actual information — you won’t use outdated materials but learn to win more in the current situation.

Discover the Excitement of Sports Betting

Now, you know that reading Betraja posts and news will help you create a basis for effective betting and profit more. Let us tell you which sections exactly you’ll find.

First, these are articles on various sports, from football to cricket. Also, as our customers like esports betting, we observe it too. The provided information will help you gain and understand how to implement different tactics and make more predictions than unfounded guesses. There are broad articles about Dota 2 and CS:GO and the list is expanded regularly.

Cricket Reviews at Betraja

Cricket is my favourite sport and even after so many years, I dedicate a lot of time to monitoring the games, their results, teams, and analyse all this scope of data. I also try to find out new tips and convert them into clues for bettors so they can win more. Moreover, as our team works on the sites’ and apps’ reviews too, we often put emphasis on whether some platforms provide live betting on cricket, and what are the odds for betting on this sport. Moreover, sometimes, there are even specific bonuses for cricket fans!

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Betraja Football Betting

From my experience, the next huge niche after cricket is football betting, and Betraja has something on offer for football lovers too. There are reviews on websites and events, sports news and even posts with tips. The best thing — you can get all this info for free and better spend your money on balanced bets using all the knowledge you’ve acquired.

Choose a Betting App Easily

We understand that the majority of bettors like to refer to their hobby not only at home. So, this is where apps become so valuable. On Betraja, you’ll find broad reviews of the modern betting apps, their pros and cons, the availability for iOS and Android devices, current promos, security level, and other criteria. With this knowledge, you’ll save a lot of time and get what you need at once.

The Bottom Line

I hope you’ll like  and the reviews my team and I are making. We work on offering the latest data and check its credibility. Still, if you have any suggestions or want to ask me something, you can contact me via email or social networks.

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