Money Heist Season 2 | 10 Mistakes You Missed in La Casa De Papel

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Money Heist season 2 | La Casa De Papel Season 2

The Money Heist Series has created quite a stir in the global web series market, with fans falling in love with each of its characters.

While I myself binged and liked the entire series, to be honest there were a few illogical and loose plot points throughout the series, which did put me off.

A series as good as this definitely deserved smarter writing. In this article, I will be focusing on the loose plot points from season 1 & 2.

I will be making a separate article for season 3 & 4 as well.


In case you haven’t watched any of the seasons yet.

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So let’s get started.

1. The Witness that wasn’t:

In the first few episodes of Season 1, the officers come very close to finding out that the Professor was, when they find about his red car.

Professor visits the Junkyard and succeeds in destroying the evidence, however the Junkyard owner proves to be a pain for him when he tries to helps the cops with the sketch. But, the professor plays his cards well and turns him hostile by giving him warning in Russian language after hijacking the cops vehicle.

The cops clearly failed on 2 occasions, first when they fail to catch Professor in the junkyard and 2nd when the Junkyard owner turns hostile and lies that he didn’t know anything despite his sketch almost ready and Raquel still lets him go, clearly the cops could have been more persistent with him as Raquel already knew that face, which would have made rest of the things a cakewalk for them.

2. The Terrace Goofup:

Denver wants Moscow to breathe some fresh air, so he gets him up on the terrace, along with the other Hostages. While I don’t have a problem with that, it was hard to believe that the barrage of army just outside the royal mint didn’t attempt to make an aerial attack on them, or landing with Helicopters on terrace to rescue the Hostages.

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Also while Arturo Roman is the dumbest character shown in the series, the entire manner in which he points his ‘fake’ gun to Moscow and Denver, making the cops believe that he was one of the Robbers is funny but at the same time, leads them to them firing at him, was quite dramatic and unbelieveable.

Also, from the entire army, only one bullet hit Arturo and still he manages to not get killed. Miracle!

Money Heist Season 2 Trailer –

3. Stranger, Really?

In Police officers, the logical interpretation sense is more developed than common people, well in real world that is.

In Raquel’s case, it was quite the opposite, with her immediately trusting the professor and sharing all her personal secrets with him in the first proper catchup between them, quite a dumb thing to do.

4. Always a step behind: (Money Heist Season 2)

I thought Cops coming late to the crime scene and not using logic existed only in Indian Cinema. But Money Heist proved me wrong. Just like Bollywood movies, the robbers are always a step ahead of the officers, they always seem to be at the right place at the right time and anticipate every move before it happens.

Cops appointed for such a massive Heist are shown to be really fragile and emotional losers. For example, despite being in the eye all the time, Salva is allowed inside Cops’s main workplace for such a critical mission and not only that, Raquel also shares all her case updates with a commoner. Quite an unrealistic thing to do, I would say.

5. The Joker:

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Despite all that security in Angel’s Hospital, the professor manages to sneak in by taking advantage of the confusion and getting clowns inside the hospital, which honestly surprised me.

The logic given was a fake casting call made for Clowns. Firstly, who calls people at Hospital for acting auditions? And secondly at such short notice, the number of people turning up, that too fully dressed as clowns, doesn’t quite fit my logical mind.

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Even if I buy that, the way in which they create the chaos unintentionally which gets out of control for such a large deployment of cops is hard to believe.

In the middle of all that, the professor is shown walking easily right in the middle of the passage of the floor, with no one noticing or questioning him. My mouth was open with what was just happening there!

6. Love before duty:

An officer who is made in charge of such a large heist is someone who is kept after a lot of background check and someone who is very capable. Well, atleast the makers of Money Heist did not think so.

Raquel’s dumb way of handling the entire heist and moreover, when she finally discovers Salva’s true identity in the cafe, instead of taking him to the Cops Control room which was just minutes away, she takes him to the Hideout which is at the extreme end of the city and does his lie detector test and what not.

Finally, she misses shooting him when he is clearly trying to escape taking her own car and mobile along with him. She lets him go unhurt and then immediately regrets, walking for hours before finding a tractor which helps her.

This scene simply gave me trust issues, considering the amount of trouble professor had made for Raquel during the entire Heist. Raquel’s character was my biggest plot disappointment in the entire series.

7. The Last day Army attack:(Money Heist Season 2)

It’s difficult to not believe that the army was sleeping and simply inactive on the first 4 days, when they just randomly decide to barge into the Royal Mint on the last day at the last minute after tunnel was already made by the robbers and all was nearly lost.

Also, against such a large army, any layman robber would not stand a chance in the real world. However, here each robber is shown having an upper hand over the large number of trained army fighters, firing bullets at them endlessly while evading the ones fired by the army.

Clearly, a miracle moment! It seems the director was running out of budget and wanted to do something with the army on the last day of shoot.

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8. The ‘Stockholm’ Syndrome:

Monica, Denver’s girlfriend and Arturo’s secretary is clearly one hell of an interesting character shown in the series. Not only is she able to do all the heavy lifting stuff of digging tunnel being pregnant, but in the final episode, she suddenly picks up a gun and starts shooting frantically on the army like a Rambo, in fact doing it better than the trained army or the robbers!

Only if shooting with an M16 rifle was that easy, then there wouldn’t be training academies at all in the world. With her superhuman skills, I believe she is the perfect cast for the next Wonder Woman series!

9. Friend before Duty:

In the final episode, we are shown a ray of light when angel, the only person apart from Raquel who knew the professor’s den, gets up from Coma.

However, our joy is short lived when within 5 minutes of the meting, Raquel convinces him into her cause of betraying his own team by not sharing proffessors address at such a critical stage of the operation.

All that trouble taken for a woman who had earlier just used him for her own selfish benefit and fired him from duty without any evidence, actually causing his depression and the accident, leading him to Coma.

Also, despite knowing that Raquel was going to visit Angel, there is no one sent in Angel’s room to keep a check when Raquel, the compromised officer, enters.

10. Operation Cage:(la casa de papel season 2)

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The biggest surprise of them all In the previous episodes of Season 2, it is shown that Cops had declared Operation Cage within the city, which meant no one could go outside the city limits.

Although Tokyo surprisingly manages to evade everyone and everything gravitational and lands up within the Bank like a Fast & Furious star, the biggest disappointment came in the last episode, when it is shown that just before 5 minutes of cops entering proffessors place, the robbers disguised and managed to escape from the City.

What was the entire purpose of Operation Cage then if it was so easy to Rob an entire bank and escape outside the city by Road? Have the makers ever heard concept of Nakabandi or blockade, I wonder?

How many episode does money heist Season 2 have?

Basically Money Heist Netflix had a 9 Episodes in Season 2.

Money Heist Season 2 – So those were the few illogical moments which clearly stood out of for me during Season 1 & 2 of this otherwise wonderful series.

Do let me know in the comments if you believe there were any more things worth adding to this list.

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