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Ullu web series: Are you looking for Some of hot web series of ullu? Then you are in right place here we going to provide you  Top 5 Best Ullu Web Series or ullu series list.

we also share how to watch ullu series free? And how to download ullu series? Just keep touch with us.

Ullu is an application or platform that is growing very fast. this application is becoming very popular nowadays.

And in this app you will see content related to web series and web movies. Ullu app nowadays it is getting very popular. It Provide Very much Good and amazing web series.

Ullu is an Indian website or Indian web series telecasting platform. Where Indian content Indian web series is released. Nowadays people started liking the web series more than movies.

Slowly- Slowly the trend of web series is growing very fast. Seeing this thing the Ullu site came on the internet and became viral in a very short time.  

Ullu nowadays is very much discussed due to its adult content. lots of people said ullu is like mini p*rn hub.

The Ullu came on the platform where the content in the story is reduced and filled with sexuality and nudity.

And their formula is also successful and that’s why this company rests today. and became a huge popular now days.

Recently Ullu has released some series and this is the most popular web series of Ullu. So without of wasting time let’s watch Top 5 best series of ullu.

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Mini List of Content
Generation Gap
Ghapa Ghap
Dance Baar
Scroll down for details.

Top 5 Best Ullu Web Series List–

 01 Singardaan 

Genres :- Adul,Drama,Erotic.

This series is released on ullu original. This web series have total episodes and each episode are about 15-20 Minutes.web series based on adult,drama activities. And it is worthy to watch.

Let’s Talk about the story-

In this web series there are 2 main characters, one is Gupta and the other is Shabnam which is a prostitute. In this web series, Gupta and Shabnam fall in love with each other. Gupta seems to be very mad in her love,he also sees Shabnam in her wife.

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Due to this, there is a problem in Gupta’s life. That is what is shown in this web series.   Web series is very interesting you can watch this web series directly through the Ullu app.

02 Generation Gap

Genres :- Adult,Drama,Erotic.

This web series was released on ullu original. This web series is very short, this web series is a total of 6 episodes and each episode is about 10-15 minutes. So this web series is only 1 hour. You can easily watch this web series in one day.

This web series is based on the bold, drama, Erotic, Adult Activities. Web series is directed by famous director Deepak Pandey who is very discussed now day’s due to his adult content. Paras Arora, Neetu Wadhwa, Tasmin Changi and other actors will be seen in the lead role in this web series. Performance of this web series is very good all character’s do there roll in good way.

Let’s Talk about the story-  

The story of this web series is based on an aunt and her nephew. Those who want unexpected things from each other. Friends, you must also watch this web series and know that there must be morality in the relationship or else the difference between humans and animals will be over. You should definitely watch this amazing web series.  

03 Ghapa Ghap  

Genres :- Adult Comedy, Suspense.

This web series is also released on Ullu original app. And web series is based on Adult, erotic comedy. this web series is directed by gaurav kumar bajaj. Series is very short and very interesting must watch this series when you are alone. first of all I tell you this is not a series this is a short film released on ullu app. This is about 25-30 minutes duration. The story of this web series is very short and you will enjoy watching it.

Let’s Talk about the story-  

The story of this web series is very short and I will not be able to spoil it by telling its story. There is some of bold and adult scenes in this series so I suggest to watch it when you are alone. Story is very interesting and amazing you should definitely watch this when you are alone.  

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04 Dance Bar 

Genres :- Erotic,Thriller,Suspense.

This web series Also Released on ullu app. Web series based on erotic, thriller, and suspense activities. This web series have total 6 episodes and each episode is about 15-20 minutes. This web series is also directed by Deepak Pandey. There is a connection between Deepak and the Ullu. If we talk about the Ullu series cast or dance bar cast there is Sudhanshu pandey who plays the role of business tycoon Dhanraj shikhavat.Poonam rajput,Niyati Joshi and Kanisha and other. This is a complete cast of Dance Bar.

Let’s Talk about the story-  

If we talk about the storyline Its story is like this A Bar dancer is fed up with his poor life and dreams of leaving out of the dance bar. Then there is a turn in her life. When a businessman falls in love with him. This web series is full of suspense, you can watch it directly from the Ullu app.

05 Bribe 

Genres :- Adul,Drama,Erotic.


This web series is also released on Ullu original. And there is only single season of this web series and this web series have only 3 episodes and each episode is about 15-17 minutes This web series directed by Deepak Pandey and web series based on Adult, drama activities. . This is very short web series and trust me this web series is very interesting and amazing.

Let’s Talk about the story-

If we talk about storyline of this series is very good and amazing. This is the story of a female character whose husband has died. And that is why her support has gone and she is now in Destitute. Now she has no option left and what will she do now and she lives in a village. And how the people of the village take advantage of his obligation. How people react and behaviors with a divorced women this is shown in this web series.

Should it watch or Not?  

Ullu released a different web series which is worth watching. This web series is Best web series of Ullu. You should definitely watch this web series, it has given an important message to the society. Web series is just about 50 minutes and it is worthy to spend our 50 minutes. And I suggest must watch this amazing web series. 

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How to watch Ullu web series free?

Friends We can watch Some Of Ullu web series for free.But most of cases we cannot watch ullu’s popular web series we need to pay for this but don’t worry here are a complete solution of your problem. you just have to watch this videos for better understanding.


where can I watch ullu web series for free?

You can watch ullu web series online directly through the Ullu Application or Ullu Web site. We cannot watch ullu web series watch online free. We just have to buy ullu original premium version for watch ullu web series online.

how to download ullu web series?

This is most commonly asking question nowdays.basically if we want to ullu web series download then we need to do some of this steps where I giving for ullu web series download free.  

  • Step 1 – You just have to downloading a Telegram app On your android Smartphone.  
  • Step 2 – After downloading just open that app and give some details like number registration or etc.after that little process Search on the Telegram’s apps search bar of your content.  
  • Step 3 -There is lots of Groups of web series just join that groups with lots of subscribers. and we can easily download for free. Just need to search on search bar our content.and download and enjoy.This is some of the simple steps for ullu web series free download.

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