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Paranorman Movie Review | Watch or Not?

Here I am gonna share paranorman movie review, cast, story, collection, and much more. Basically Paranorman is animated Horror movie with lots of comedy.

Paranorman Movie Review

Paranorman Movie Genres, Cast, Plot, Director, Production –

Genre:  Comedy, Fantasy, Adventure, Animation

Original Language: English

Director: Chris Butler, Sam Fell

Producer: Arianne Sutner, Travis Knight

Writer: Chris Butler

Release Date (Theaters): Aug 17, 2012 Wide

Release Date (Streaming): Oct 19, 2015

Runtime: 1h 36m

Production Co: Laika

Paranorman Movie Cast –

  • Kodi Smit-McPhee – Norman Babcock (voice)

  • Tucker Albrizzi – Neil (voice)

  • Anna Kendrick – Courtney Babcock (voice)

  • Casey Affleck – Mitch (voice)

  • Christopher Mintz-Plasse – Alvin (voice)

  • Leslie Mann – Sandra Babcock (voice)

  • Jeff Garlin – Perry Babcock (voice)

  • Elaine Stritch – Grandma (voice)

  • Bernard Hill – The Judge (voice)

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89% Rotten Tomatoes

IMDb logo

7/10 IMDb

Paranorman Movie Review –

Paranorman opens with young Norman Babcock, a boy with a “gift” – more like a curse – in which he can see the dead.

It’s not long before the curse makes him a town outcast and sets him on a horrific journey to stop an evil, and although he does not want it, he is the only one who can.

Although Paranorman does not reach the widespread critical success that The Nightmare Before Christmas does I personally think it was better.

But this isn’t the first time we have seen this story: A misunderstood character is outcast from a society, yet only through this trait that labeled them strange can they save the day.

To be fair though Paranorman takes a few twists and turns making it different enough to be enjoyable.

Chris Butler wrote and directed Paranorman and it isn’t hard to see that writing is not his strong suit.

Not only is the plot unoriginal the characters are all stereotypical: the dumb jock, the “whatever” sister, and so on.

On the hand Butler’s direction however is near flawless and more than makes up for the bland script.

Paranorman is fun, well paced, and more than immersive, only getting better each time you watch it.

Like I said previously the way the characters are presented through the script is unoriginal and lifeless.

Thankfully the cast breaths life into them.

Many of the lines could have easily been uninteresting and forgettable but the actors like Kodi Smit McPhee, who played Norman, and Tucker Albrizi, who played Neil, made them not only convincing but many times great.

Needless to say Paranormans wonderful cast will keep you engrossed in its character from start to finish, with a few chuckles along the way.

Easily the best thing about this movie is the animation. The strong autumn colors throughout the world of Paranorman deliver an original charisma for Halloween-esque animated flicks when most have an over reliance on dark colors.

Not only that but the way the characters are designed is awesome, each being weirdly unique and weird much like Tim Burton’s creations.

The Blu-ray quality only enhances the experience showing the attention to detail in the clay moldings.

In addition the Blu-ray audio is well balanced and I did not have to keep changing the volume depending on the scenes of the film.

Paranorman is in my opinion the best stop motion work from a presentation side to date. Too add the Blu-ray case looks pretty sweet. All in all Paranorman movie review is an amazing film.

And although it appears that the script was written by a five year old every other aspect of the film was near perfect.

If you ask me Paranorman is easily worth your dollar at full price because Paranorman gets a 9/10.

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Frequently Asked questions regarding to Paranorman Movie.

Q1. Does Netflix have ParaNorman?

Ans: Yes you can watch it from Netflix.

Q2. Is ParaNorman Tim Burton?

Ans: At first glance, ParaNorman sounds like one of Tim Burton’s gothic horror movies.

Q3. Is ParaNorman a Disney movie?

Ans: ParaNorman is a 2012 American stop-motion animated dark fantasy comedy horror film directed by Sam Fell and Chris Butler (in his feature directorial debut), and written by Butler..

Q4. Where can I watch paranorman?

Ans: Paranorman currently streaming on Netflix you can watch it from there.

Q5. How long is the movie ParaNorman?

Ans: 1h 33m ParaNorman/Running time.

Paranorman Movie Watch Online –

Click Here and Watch Online

Conclusion of paranorman movie review –

SeriesMaza Favicon

And the Seriesmaza giving 9/10 For this Amazing Animated Movie.

Overall Paranorman is an amazing film you should must watch it once. So guys what do you think about paranorman movie review? Must tell us in comments section.

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