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Batman Mystery of the Batwoman Review | Watch or Not?

In this article we are gonna share all about Batman Mystery of the Batwoman. Cast, Reviews, Episodes and Much more.

Batman Mystery of the Batwoman

Batman Mystery of the Batwoman Genres, Cast, Plot, Director, Production –

  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Animation, Sci-Fi

  • Release Date: September 11, 2002

  • Languages: English

  • Director: Curt Geda

  • Producer: Margaret M. Dean, Curt Geda, Benjamin Melniker, Sander Schwartz, Benjamin Melniker, Michael E. Uslan

  • Writer: Michael Reaves, Alan Burnett

Batman Mystery of the Batwoman Cast –

Kevin Conroy – Batman (voice)

Kimberly Brooks – Kathy Duquesne (voice)

Kelly Ripa – Rocky (voice)

Elisa Gabrielli – Sonia (voice)

Kyra Sedgwick – Batwoman (voice)

David Ogden Stiers – Penguin (voice)

Kevin Michael Richardson – Carlton Duquesne (voice)

John Vernon – Rupert Thorne (voice)

Hector Elizondo – Bane (voice)

Efrem Zimbalist Jr. – Alfred (voice)

Eli Marienthal – Robin (voice)

Tara Strong – Barbara Gordon (voice)

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Batman Mystery of the Batwoman Rating

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47% Rotten Tomatoes

IMDb logo

6.7/10 IMDb

Batman Mystery of the Batwoman Review –

With Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice right around the corner the anticipation for DC’s properties has never been bigger.

My only hope is that for once they actually show the detective side to Bruce Wayne’s character.

Until that day comes I still have Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman.

Jumping into Mystery of the Batwoman we see that Penguin is once again up to no good.

However a copycat heroin dressed in a bat suit attacks him and without a care nearly kills one of the penguin’s henchmen.

Breaking Batman’s one rule he sets out to stop her and any other villains that get in the way. Two birds with one stone if you will. Birds. Penguins. I have to stop with these puns.

I’m torn when it comes to Mystery of the Batwoman. On one hand the movie is a mess simply because the cast is much too large.

This dilutes the characters making villains like Bane seem forced in heroes like Robin feel useless.

On the other hand the mystery element was really good.

Batman finally gets to show his detective side for once but not in a way you would think.

As opposed to the normal solving crimes with his utility belts gadgets this movie takes a Noir styled detective approach which was awesome…

When it worked… And adding Penguin to this Noir toned movie was the obvious choice for the villain.

Unfortunately though they do not capitalize and his potential and he is bland.

The cast of Mystery of the Batwoman is much too large to cover all of them, and honestly I would blow my brains out if I tried so I’ll just focus on the obvious ones.

To start Kevin Conroy. Some argue that ever since Conroy begun voicing most iterations of animated Batman’s no one has come close to capturing the character like him.

And unsurprisingly he is once again great. His brooding voice gives a sense of fear, pain and a real feeling of determination

which is perfect for the caped crusader.

David Ogden Stiers as Penguin who in contrast to what I said before was really good. His voice is very unique and menacing for an evil businessman.

The only problem is the story didn’t really give the actor an opportunity to make his character great.

And without spoiling anything the voice of the mysterious Batwoman was… Meh. Like much of this movie mediocre and underwhelming.

Batman Mystery of The Batwoman draws it animation templates from Batman: The Animated Series.

If heavier dark tones were used on Batman himself and the world around him it would have easily made the Noir tone come to life.

Unfortunately the animations seem lazy and even the Blu-ray quality doesn’t improve it much.

Surprisingly however there is one thing that meshed with the noir tone of Mystery of the Batwoman, the music.

Not only is it original it is beautiful and made me enjoy this movie more times than it should have. To sum it up Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman was messy but alright.

If it focused more on the mystery aspect and less on the overcrowded cast it would have been one of the greats.

Yet while it was not amazing it did give a slight insight to what the world’s greatest detective looks like on screen, which is something I always found was missing from Batman’s characters.

Still I was underwhelmed with this movie and so Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman gets a 4/10.

Batman mystery of the batwoman Watch Online –

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Frequently asked questions regarding to Batman Mystery of the Batwoman?

Does Netflix have Batman Mystery of the Batwoman?


Who is Batwoman to Batman?

Kate Kane.

Where can I watch Batman Mystery of the Bat woman?

Batman Mystery of the Batwoman currently streaming on Vudu  you can watch it from there.

How long is the movie Batman Mystery of the Bat woman?

1h 15m Batman Mystery of the Batwoman /Running time.

Conclusion of Batman Mystery of the Batwoman –


And the SeriesMaza ginving 7/10 for this Show.

Thanks for Reading guys, so what did you think of Batman Mystery of the Batwoman. 

And what do you guys think of DC’s lineup of animated films. Let us know in the comments below.

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