How to Order Amazon Gift Cards in Bulk?

amazon bulk gift cards

Is your business using gift cards to increase customer loyalty, brand awareness, lead generation, or employee appreciation? An Amazon gift card is among the most widely used gift card options.

Both senders and recipients appreciate Amazon’s quick deliveries, top-notch customer support, and wide range of products. However, purchasing Amazon bulk gift cards might not be the most effective way to provide a memorable customer experience if you are sending at scale.

Before deciding whether to invest in a gift card platform or buy Amazon gift cards in bulk, here are some questions you should ask yourself:

  • How frequently will you be including gift cards in your campaigns?
  • For upcoming campaigns, how many recipients do you anticipate?
  • How much time can you spare to manually send physical or electronic gift cards?
  • Do you need to be able to analyze the results of your gift card campaigns and report back?
  • Do your gift card campaigns require you to conduct financial reporting for your enterprise business?
  • Would you be interested in being able to reclaim unused gift card funds?

What are bulk Amazon gift cards?

Through its website, Amazon allows businesses to purchase gift cards in large quantities. It can send bulk order codes or physical gift cards. These can be distributed via social media posts, promotional emails, or apps. Although purchasing in bulk doesn’t qualify you for any discounts or additional offers, the Amazon gift cards you receive through the service are free and have no time limits.

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This is one of the main benefits of purchasing gift cards directly from Amazon as opposed to from a physical retailer. When sending out a lot of cards, a retailer like a grocery store might charge an activation fee of up to $6 per card. Additionally, Amazon gives customers the choice of having “swift claim” cards deposited directly into their accounts.

amazon bulk gift cards

Buying Amazon gift cards (or Starbucks gift cards) in bulk could offer a simple way to honour a small number of workers, leads, or clients for those sending a one-time or irregular corporate gift card campaign. On their website, you can place an order for them and pay conveniently with a credit card or bank transfer using the standard checkout process. There are some features of our platform that you should take into account if you want your gift card campaigns to be more effective.

How to purchase Amazon gift cards in bulk?

Several methods exist for purchasing Amazon gift cards:

  1. eGift cards purchased from the Amazon online store or app’s gift card section (these can be delivered to recipients by providing their email addresses)
  2. gift cards in the form of Amazon (delivered in bulk to your address)
  3. Purchasing in bulk through the
  4. through a retail establishment, such as a supermarket, an online retailer, or a card kiosk (subject to store availability)

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Benefits of purchasing gift cards in bulk on Amazon

While any of the aforementioned techniques will function, using the Amazon platform for your gift card programmes has many benefits, including the following:

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More affordable and effective

Buying your cards on the platform has the potential to save you time and money, which is one of the biggest benefits. Depending on volume, you’ll use discounts offered by the platform when sending campaigns in bulk. Instead of using a credit card or bank transfer, users can purchase Amazon gift cards through the dashboard. Without having to deal with the hassle of expense reporting, using a corporate card, or expenditure requests, many users can send at once.

Quick and customizable

Users can quickly and easily send Amazon gift cards to recipients. Order as many cards as you need, create fully customized bulk orders that enhance the customer experience, set expiration dates for time-limited promotions, and reward your clients or staff with the corporate gifts that are most likely to have an impact.

Tracking and reporting

You can track the effectiveness of your gift card campaigns using the platform, which will help you with future projects and let you know what kinds of deals your customers respond to best. This data can be used to customize an offer, identify preferences in your reward system, and enhance your corporate gifting initiatives.

amazon corporate gift card

Refunds of money

The capability of recovering money that has remained unused for a predetermined period of time is another significant benefit. When you purchase gift cards from Amazon, whether they are physical or digital, you are essentially giving those assets away with no chance of recovery in the event that the recipient either doesn’t use the entire balance or unintentionally loses access to the account. For instance, if someone unintentionally discards their physical gift card, Amazon simply receives free money, while both the sender and the recipient lose out. The gift card balance, however, is always saved in the software at or Technology blog and can be reclaimed if it is not used.

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general drawbacks of purchasing gift cards in bulk

Despite the advantages of buying in bulk, there are a number of disadvantages, particularly when purchasing gift cards from Amazon.

A point person within your organization is still in charge of distribution. There isn’t much chance to monitor the effectiveness of your gift card campaign when you make this kind of purchase. Understanding how and when your recipients are using the remaining funds on their cards may be important.

Similar to a generic Visa gift card or another prepaid card, an Amazon gift card is a useful offer that can be used to buy the ideal gift, but if it isn’t sent in a personalized way, the recipient might think it’s impersonal. When you purchase through Amazon, you can completely personalize every recipient’s experience, strengthening the bond between you and your gift recipient.

There isn’t a way to recapture. That portion of the budget is gone once the recipient has the card or code (whether they use the whole balance or not).


I hope you all have a better understanding of how to buy Amazon gift cards in bulk. If you enjoyed reading it, please share it with your friends and family and leave a comment. If you’re interested in learning how to cancel Amazon gift card, please read our article on the subject. We’ve included very simple instructions.


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