Ballardini failed at Genoa again


Davide Ballardini is one of Serie A’s most interesting coaches. It’s exciting to follow the livescore today of his teams’ matches, as they often show attacking football that fans love so much. Another reason for the uniqueness of the coach is that he often returns to the clubs that he previously coached.

The example of Genoa is a true test case. The coach headed this team 4 times. The last period turned out to be rather dubious in terms of results. Ballardini worked for less than a year. Initially, he was able to make the team stay in the elite of Italian football. However, the next season, things got worse.

The club failed more and more often and as a result found itself in the relegation zone. At this point, the management decided to say goodbye to the coach for the 4th time. The legendary former Ukrainian player Andriy Shevchenko was appointed to this position. How will it reflect on today’s livescore results? You can find it out on the website of sports statistics.

Going back to Ballardini, we’d like to note that he has a tendency to lead the teams for a short time. He didn’t stay anywhere longer than one season. On the one hand, this demonstrates the effectiveness of his short-term methods. On the other hand, they also quickly stop working, plus he has conflicts with the management of the teams or fans.

So the 4th attempt in Genoa turned out to be not so long, not to say that it was not too successful. Surely a little more was expected from an experienced specialist, especially by local fans who like him so much.

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The reasons for the next failure of the coach

Another attempt to work at Genoa was unsuccessful for several reasons. The team failed to start the season and in the first 12 games celebrated victory only once. As a result, plans for European competition were canceled right from the start. By the way, you can easily follow the Serie A results today on the statistical platform. So, speaking about the reasons for another failure of the coach, we note:

  1. Not too strong lineup. There were especially many problems in defense. Genoa consistently missed 2 goals even from not the strongest opponents. Naturally, in such conditions it was difficult to count on a positive outcome of long-distance confrontations.
  2. Not always good tactical decisions. Ballardini loves to play open football even with stronger opponents like Juventus or Inter. Naturally, they often punished his players.
  3. Problems with teamwork. There was a certain misunderstanding among some of the players on the field. This could not but affect the results.

What’s in store for the team in the future? You can follow its results in the Serie A today on the proven platform. The team has a number of important matches ahead, and now the outcome of each game will be available to you.

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