Best platforms to advertise on

platforms to advertise

Usually, when you need to build a promotion strategy, the main communication channel you use to convey information to your audience is the website. To attract as many users as possible to the website, it is advisable to use organic methods that do not cost you a lot of money but have long-term results and paid methods. platforms to advertise-

We will discuss paid methods today and give examples of the best-paid platforms to advertise on. Let’s begin!

  • Google Ads

Google is the largest paid platforms to advertise in the world because most people search for information on Google when they need to buy a product. Take the example of an online casino that needs to attract a lot of players to Andar Bahar. Casinos offering Andar Bahar real cash games will have to use the Google platform to be able to run paid ads. To understand how paid ads work on Google, it’s important to understand how Google’s search engine works.

When a player needs to play Andar Bahar, he will search for Andar Bahar on Google. Well, the casino running the ad will have to set the ad to appear on all searches that contain that word. Thus, all people who search using this name will see an advertisement. And this process can be applied to any business and any product. If people search for muffins on Google, grocery stores can use that word in their promotional campaigns, and the ad will appear only to people who are interested in muffins.

Do you want to know how the Google promotion is paid for? Your company will pay for Google’s advertising platform based on how many people it manages to attract to your website. You will set the budget, and the campaign will run until the budget is exhausted. So, if you manage to attract a lot of people at a low price, you will have a lot of sales and low costs.

  • Bing Ads
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Bing is a search engine just like Google and although they are similar, there is a big difference between the two. Compared to Google, very few people use Bing to search for information on the Internet. This is because Google has proven to be the most effective solution for when you need information. The most effective solution for a promotion campaign would be for a company to run both Google Ads and Bing Ads campaigns.

The best way to do this is to allocate a budget for each of them depending on how effective the two campaigns are. If 20% of traffic comes from Bing Ads, 20% of the budget should go to Bing Ads campaigns. You will notice that audiences differ depending on each platform and that different people are coming from Bing Ads than those coming from Google Ads.

  • Facebook Ads


Facebook Ads is the main competitor of Google Ads campaigns and is among the first options that appear when a business is about to start selling. Unlike Google Ads, Facebook Ads are much different and aim to attract a different segment of people. And if the people are different, the way they are brought onto the platform is just as different. If through Google Ads, people reach the website after a keyword search on Facebook, the ads are displayed directly to people browsing the Newsfeed.

So if you use Facebook ads, you have to apply all these principles differently. Facebook ads are completely different from Google ads. When you run ads on Facebook, you use images, videos, texts and all kinds of graphics that can attract users’ attention. Moreover, using Facebook, you can filter the audience very well according to the interests of users. This is what led Facebook to the top of the online ad charts.

  • Instagram Ads
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Instagram is one of the platforms for those who are tired of always seeing on Newsfeed all kinds of articles, press, news or cheap journalism that is made only to misinform the population. On Instagram, you can only use one element at a time, such as effects and graphic and visual elements.

When you run campaigns on Facebook, you can only run the same campaign on Instagram with a single setting because they are both parts of the same group of companies. As you already know, Instagram was bought by Facebook.

  • Twitter Ads

Twitter ads are already a phenomenon that has caused a lot of controversies. There has been a time in the past when many users have chosen to complain that they receive a lot of ads that have nothing to do with their online content preferences.

Now, if you browse the Twitter newsfeed, you’ll notice that some Twitter posts come from people you don’t follow. That’s because those people choose to pay a certain amount of money, and for that money, their post reaches more people.

  • Linkedin Ads


Linkedin is a platform dedicated to the HR industry, jobs and all the things and actions that happen between people working in this industry. To determine if Linkedin is the right platform for you, it’s important to understand which audience spends the most time on such a platform.

Usually, LinkedIn is a platform where there are people of very high professionalism. Ads running on Linkedin do not violate the rules of diplomacy or common sense at all. If you want to run campaigns on Linkedin, you will have to prove that you are a professional and that you have intentions that can benefit both your business and the clients.

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These are the best platforms to advertise where you can start promotional campaigns. You need to choose one of the platforms depending on how well it fits your business model.



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