A guide to purchasing bitcoin

Digital currencies are a modern take on traditional money. And it won’t be wrong to say that despite all the competition and conspiracies, they will be a massive thing in the future. Regarding digital currency, it is almost impossible to ignore the uniqueness and popularity of bitcoins. Bitcoin is a decentralized virtual currency released in 2009 and has been growing as an investment and trade option ever since. Its customer base is not limited to a region or a country but spreads all across the globe. It is widely accessible and acceptable as well. All these advantages have made bitcoin a safe and reliable option for transactional purposes. If you also wish to understand the basics of this crypto world and want to be engaged in the same, then purchasing bitcoin could be your first step. Several platforms allow you to buy or trade bitcoins, and Yuan Pay Group is one of them. If you are interested in Bitcoin trading, you may also use a reliable trading platform like bitcoin-prime.app

Ways to buy bitcoins

Now, whether you want to use bitcoins for payment purposes or trading, you need to have a specific count of them in your wallet. Buying bitcoins is easy and can be done in several ways. 

Methods of purchase

The first way to lay your hands on these currencies is through a suitable crypto exchange. As the name suggests, crypto exchanges allow different users to meet on a single platform and sort out their buying, selling, and other needs. You can use it to find a suitable seller for the purchase of Bitcoins. These platforms are pretty diversified and have many types of crypto available.

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You can also buy them in exchange for Fiat money or any other crypto. Options are abundant when it comes to exchanging platforms. However, it would help if you always read about their authenticity, insurance, and user reviews to ensure a safe purchase. Several platforms are specially designed for beginners or newbies of crypto and come with safe and reliable regulations.

Additionally, if you have been engaged in this crypto world for a long time and understand the basics and details of the market, you can also buy Bitcoins from suitable websites. You need to know about the website’s authenticity and if they offer you a good amount. These are designed with user-friendly features.


It should not be mentioned that any purchase is incomplete without payment; the same goes for Bitcoins. Whether you go for an exchange or a website, you must pay the value. Several platforms offer different transaction methods. You can choose whatever feels easy and reliable to you.

Order Placement

After you’re done making the payment, place the order to access these bitcoins in your wallet. The placement structure for different platforms is distinct. However, they are easy to understand and go through.

There are several terms that the majority of the platform uses for buying and selling bitcoins. You must understand their meaning and significance to ensure you’re an aware customer.

Market order– As you can read from the name itself, this term stands for buying and selling cryptos at whatever price the market stands at that time.

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Stop order– Here, the sales and purchases are subject to the market. The sales and purchase of bitcoins can be performed once it reaches a specific value. You can also fix the same to reduce the chances of losses. In addition to sales and purchases, this specific term is also quite relevant for trading purposes.

Limit order- The optimum value you wish to put in for sales or purchase of these cryptocurrencies. 

So, you better understand these terms to make an informed decision while purchasing these currencies. You can search online and see the different websites with all these details so that you can create a good idea on all these things and invest your money. Once you’re credited with bitcoins in your wallet, you can use them per your needs. You may also use them for transactions, investment, trading, or earning profits. 

Happy buying!

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