Does Tucker Carlson Wear a Toupee

A toupée is a partial wig or hairpiece made of human or artificial hair that is worn to conceal partial baldness or for theatrical effects. While toupées and hairpieces are typically worn by men, some women also use them to lengthen their natural hair or conceal an imperfectly covered scalp.

More people than we realize wear toupees, which have evolved over the centuries. Celebrities in the public eye have flawless hair and have done so for decades. It has come to light that many male celebrities do sport toupees indeed. 

So, at Lordhair, we’re interested in examining if Tucker Carlson wears a Toupe.

Who is Tucker Carlson?

Full Tucker Swanson, Tucker Carlson McNear Carlson, a well-known cable television talk show host, and American conservative pundit, was born in San Francisco, California, in 1969. 

He is known for his contribution to the mainstreaming of far-right ideas and terminology in American politics. 

Carlson is renowned for his extreme views on a variety of political and social issues, his support for authoritarian leaders around the world, his embrace of white nationalism, and his frequent reliance on possibly false or misleading claims, including unfounded conspiracy theories. 

He had an unusual impact on Republican President Donald Trump, a frequent viewer of Tucker Carlson Tonight, through his writings and television appearances.

Why do we suspect Tucker Carlson wears a toupee

His hairline. Tucker Carlson once pulled his hair back to show that his hairline was indeed thinning. One rarely has such a thick head of hair and a thinning hairline, right? 

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His hair has been exceptionally thick since the 1990s. With time and stress, hair density tends to decrease. He has one of the most demanding and stressful jobs out there because he is one of the biggest and most well-known live TV media personalities. It is, therefore, odd that his hair has remained thick from his early 20s to his 50s. 

In addition, it seems like his hair has grown thicker and fuller recently, which is a strong indication that he does, in fact, wear a toupee to add that kind of extra thickness. 

Partition. For the past 20 years, his hair has had the same exact partition, indicating that he has a toupee that evenly divides his head. 

His hair appears to have alternated between light brown, dark blonde, and black colors. Perhaps occasionally changing the color of his Tucker Carlson wig. 

No graying. For his hair to continue being a glossy, vibrant black, especially as he approaches 50. He can consistently keep up his shiny, vibrant hair color while wearing a toupee.

Does Tucker Carlson wear a toupee?

Examining this evidence, we do believe that Tucker Carlson indeed wears a wig.

Why would Tucker Carlson wear a wig?

  • Confidence

Nobody wants to lose their hair. It represents our appearance and adds to one’s overall attractiveness. Many men are embarrassed to be seen balding or losing hair. 

Consider Tucker Carlson, who is on camera every night and is watched by millions of people. He desires ridicule and will likely feel uneasy without his thick hair from his early twenties. 

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Wearing a toupee gives Tucker Carlson a lot of confidence, which is great for any man who wants to get a toupee.

  • Guaranteed results

Tucker Carlson once unintentionally pulled his hair back, revealing an M-shaped receding hairline. 

People might question why he doesn’t have a hair transplant, given that he can afford one. Transplanting hair does not ensure success. Celebrities who have had hair transplants have continued to lose hair. 

Tucker Carlson desired consistent, immediate results. This is why his hair, or the Tucker Carlson wig, has not changed over the previous two decades.

  • Easy to attach

Tucker Carlson probably has a very busy life, so he wants to spend as little time as possible styling his hair. 

A toupee allows him to quickly put on and take off his toupee on a daily basis if he so desires.

  • Ability to customize the toupee 

One of the major advantages of a toupee is that it can be cut, styled, and shaped similarly to your own hair.

Tucker Carlson’s hairstyle and partitioning are distinctive. Tucker Carlson wearing a wig is the only reason he has been able to consistently wear his hair in the same style over the years. 

Because of his toupee, he has more control over his appearance.

  • Natural look

For a long time, the question of whether Tucker Carlson wears a wig has been hotly debated. The hair appears to be growing from his own scalp. 

Tucker Carlson wig was able to achieve this by investing in a high-quality toupee. 

Tucker Carlson clearly does not want anyone to know he wears a toupee, and he can continue to do so because the Tucker Carlson wig gives him a natural appearance.

  • Toupees are great for everyone.

Tucker Carlson realized early in his career that toupees are beneficial to everyone. 

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Tucker Carlson realized that if he invested in a high-quality toupee, he would be able to add thickness while still looking natural.

  • Lightweight and comfortable

Every night, Tucker Carlson is in front of the camera with bright lights and a full suit, which may become rather hot.

It is critical for him to wear a toupee that is both comfortable and lightweight so that he does not feel uncomfortable while working. 

Toupees are light and breathable, making them ideal for any man concerned about sweating.

  • Versatility

Tucker Carlson’s versatility has seen him switch from light brown to dark blonde to a dark toupee, maintain very thick hair, and wear his hair in various lengths. 

That is the beauty of toupees; you can style them in a variety of colors, lengths, and densities.


I hope we’ve satisfactorily addressed the question of whether Tucker Carlson wears a wig. Wigs are fantastic and incredibly popular among your favorite celebrities, so do not hesitate to purchase one. 

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