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Alive Netflix Movie | 2020 | Watch or Not?

In this article we’re looking at Netflix film Alive Cast, Reviews, Collection and Much more. So without wasting time let’s see Alive Netflix Movie.

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Alive Netflix Movie Genres, Cast, Plot, Director, Box office, Production –

Genre: Horror, Thriller

Release date: 31 December 2020 (Vietnam)

Languages: English, Korean

Platform: Netflix

Box office: 1.47 crores USD

Director: Il Cho

Producer: Gyeong-jae Jeong

Writer: Matt Naylor

Alive Netflix Movie Cast –

  • Yoo Ah-In as a Oh Joon-woo

  • Park Shin-Hye as a Kim Yoo-bin

  • Jeon Bae-soo as a Mask man

  • Hyun-Wook Lee as a Lee Sang-cheol

  • Hye-Won Oh as a Police officer

  • Woon Jong Jeon as a Infected fireman

  • Kyu-Ho Lee as a Infected burly person

  • Chae Kyung Lee as a Mask man’s wife

  • Kyeong-won Son as a Infected security guard

Alive Netflix Movie Rating –

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88% Rotten Tomatoes


Alive Netflix Movie Review –

Available to stream on Netflix, Alive Netflix Movie is a South Korean zombie film, shot last year but released post-covid and I guess its early scenes of isolation do feel more relevant because of that.

Given our familiarity with the zombie film, I think #Alive makes a great decision by not sweating the set-up, we know how this goes, we can get by on the basics.

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Another good decision is to give lead character Oh Joon-Woo an up close and personal encounter early on. So he gets it and we get an idea of how he reacts in a crisis blind panic.

Joon-woo is not going to be your gun-toting, zombie bashing hero, he’s a tech-savvy gamer still living at home, whose survival skills are limited to alerting the online community.

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Which I found an interesting route to take, one thing 2020 has proved is how technology can be used in innovative ways in a disaster.

Lockdown has taught us that the most terrifying word in the English language is disconnected. And that’s certainly true for Joon-woo as he struggles to get a signal and keeps in touch with outside world the only way he knows how.

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In fact, this online survival, which could be the film’s USP, is only really addressed in the first half hour, but it does lay important groundwork for the rest of the film, not least in that it gives us a clear picture of Joon-woo and I think helps us to root for him as the scope of the story expands beyond his flat.

There are definitely some logical flaws or plot holes, which, in a film like for instance Train to Busan, would take you out of it, but this doesn’t have that tension or emotional heft so its gets away with stuff.

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There’s a sense of ‘ah, just go with it’ as the movie crashes along. This is not to say there aren’t emotional scenes.

There are, but it’s a more lighthearted take on the genre and the characters are people with whom you’re happy to spend 90 minutes, which is vital in a film with so few.

Overall, this is not doing anything special, or reinventing the genre, I doubt it’ll stay with you for longer than the time it takes to watch, but it is an entertaining watch, maybe surprisingly so. And there are some good looking zombies.

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Frequently asked questions regarding to Alive movie Netflix.

Does Netflix have Alive Netflix Movie?

Yes! The original Alive available on Netflix?

Who is director of Alive movie Netflix?

Il Cho

Is Alive based on true story?

Lots of people asking for Is Alive based on true story? Actually Alive is scary and Horror based movie.

Where was Alive Movie filmed?

Alive was mainly filmed in Purcell Mountains in British Columbia.

Where can I watch the original Alive movie?

Alive movie currently streaming on Netflix you can watch it from there.

How long is the movie Alive movie Netflix?

1h 39m Alive movie Netflix /Running time.

Conclusion of Alive Netflix Movie –

Thanks for reading carefully.

Increasingly you can divide zombie films into emotional and rollercoaster, which are your favorites from each side? Let us know in the comments below.

Alive Netflix gets 8 out of 10. Let us know in the comments below and tell us what you thought of Alive Netflix Movie.

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