Develop Better Corporate Culture in Your Office with These 5 Important Things

Working in a dream company with a position that suits its passion is definitely a fun experience for all! However, there are times when employees may feel that it is not enough, due to the  work culture at the office which may not be good and appropriate. This can be one of the reasons why your office has a high turnover rate. 

Keep in mind as a supervisor, you cannot blame it completely on the employees. From time to time, you should also review the work environment policy. There are even times when you can try to shift the company culture policy for the better which can contribute to the increase of employees’ happiness level.

Here are some of the ultimate ways you can improve company culture for a better work environment for all.

1. Give appreciation to your team members

If you rarely give appreciation to your team members, it can damage the existing relationship or create noticeable tensions. It is only natural for people to have an unpleasant feeling when their efforts at work were not appreciated. Besides being able to make them feel lazier to work optimally, not getting or giving appreciation can damage the company culture, starting from relations with fellow co-workers to the work system.

When you give appreciation to your team members, it will definitely make them feel that you appreciate what they do. Not only that, you can show your gratitude through more than words by giving them chocolate along with memorable notes full of grateful messages. It won’t cost you much, but the impact can be remarkable. Don’t hesitate to do this even when people at your company do not normally do this. You can be the starting point which can shift and contribute to improving your company’s work culture for the better. 

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2. Give positive input

Provide positive input to develop better corporate culture. Of course, not everyone can work as well as you expect. There are some of your team members who have more abilities than they show, or those who have tried their best but have not produced high-quality results. A leader’s mistake is when they cannot lead their team to achieve the specified target. However, their biggest mistake is when they can’t help team members to feel motivated to work more productively. 

If you expect your team members to be able to provide positive work results for the company, then you as their superior should also give positive input that can help them grow. By providing positive input, your co-workers will feel valued and increasingly want to develop even better. You can try to provide positive input, starting from how to manage time at work, giving suggestions, to providing positive books or articles to help your team members grow.

3. Say thank you

Many people underestimate the importance of saying thank you. However, if this is allowed to continue, it can eventually damage the existing corporate culture. Saying thank you is part of giving appreciation. Because by saying thank you, it’s a sign that you appreciate what your subordinates are doing.

For this reason, saying thank you is very important. In addition to developing the character of cultivating gratitude, it can also build a great corporate culture. Getting used to the culture of saying thank you can make you happier at work because without realizing it you are grateful for what you are doing or your colleagues are doing.

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4. Accept constructive criticism

Some of us don’t like being criticized, especially if we are in a higher position where we are appointed as a leader or superior. You might feel like you should not be criticized by a subordinate. This is definitely a very bad characteristic to apply as a leader. Not only does it have the potential to damage company culture, but rejecting criticism can also hinder your self-development as a superior. 

Imagine if 90% of your company staff don’t like being criticized, it will make it difficult for the company to develop even though it has implemented the right company culture or strategy. After all, human resources play a significant role in improving company growth. As a leader, you need criticism from others to develop your abilities better.

As a boss, you can also try to accept criticism by thinking about what positive things you can get from this constructive criticism and how you can use it to develop yourself and the corporate culture where you work.

5. Put first employees’ comfort

Ensuring that your team members are given the best tools to improve their comfort is important. When employees are comfortable, they will be more productive in finishing their work at the highest quality. They will also be much more content at their current employment, thus the company does not have to worry about employee turnover rate. 

Some things that you as a boss can do to ensure employees have proper support through appropriate company culture are, ensuring team bonding events was done regularly, hiring office cleaning Singapore to ensure the workspace is in a pristine condition at all times, providing employees with bonus and overtime pay when needed, to being a supportive boss who is willing to listen to their team members concern.

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Here are some of the great things that you as a supervisor can try to implement within your team members. With better company culture, it will be easier to inspire employees so they can work productively, and at the same time to help retain them better. 

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