UAE Citizenship by Investment

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a popular destination for both tourism and business. Besides these, it also offers a pathway to citizenship through the UAE Golden Visa. Introduced in 2021, this program provides residency in the UAE for foreigners. 

The program is open to individuals from various backgrounds, including students, special talents, and investors, and it also includes family members.

Let’s explore what the UAE Golden Visa is, how to obtain it, and how you can attain citizenship through the program.

About UAE Golden Visa

Golden Visa UAE is a long-term residency visa that enables individuals to live, work, and study in the UAE. It was introduced in 2021 to attract foreign investors and highly skilled professionals to the country.

The visa is self-sponsored, so you don’t need a sponsorship from an employer. It is also available to investors, entrepreneurs, scientists, and students, and the program aims to make a significant contribution to the country’s economy.

Who Can Apply for UAE Citizenship by Investment?

The UAE citizenship by investment is available to a wide range of individuals, including investors, frontline heroes, entrepreneurs, scientists, and professionals. Besides these, exceptional talents, outstanding students and graduates, and humanitarian pioneers are also welcome.

Types of UAE Golden Visa 

The UAE Golden Visa has two primary categories, the 10-year and five-year categories. The 10-year visa is aimed at exceptional talents and investors, while the five-year visa is aimed at entrepreneurs, investors, and outstanding students. Investors must make a public investment of at least AED10 million under the 10-year category. They can invest at least AED5 million in a property under the five-year category. You can include family members under these categories.

How To Get a UAE Citizenship

If you wonder how to get a UAE citizenship, you must meet certain requirements, but the process is relatively straightforward.

As a first step, you’ll obtain an entry visa to the UAE before submitting an official application. After your approval is examined, you’ll be issued a multiple-entry visa for six months, which becomes available after approval.

The next step is to complete your investment for the program and provide any other necessary documentation. After completing your investment, you can begin your application, either online or in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

After these processes, you’ll receive an email and message about your application status. If there are any missing documents in your application, the program will give you 30 days to provide them, or your application will be canceled.

Advantages of UAE Golden Visa

One of the significant advantages of obtaining a UAE Golden Visa is that you and your family can live, work, and study in the UAE. Additionally, you can add your spouse and children, and the program doesn’t entail any age limit for them.

Also, you can register your assets without any restrictions. Furthermore, when you become a UAE citizen, opening a bank account and starting a company in the UAE becomes easier. Another benefit of holding this Golden Visa is visiting many countries visa-free. Because your UAE citizenship and passport offer this right. With a UAE passport, you can visit Schengen countries as well. You may also be eligible for dual citizenship if your home country allows it.

If you wonder about the residency duration required by the program, don’t worry. You can stay outside of the UAE and still hold your Golden Visa. The program doesn’t put any restrictions on your stay. So, you can still keep your residence permit and stay in another country.

What Are The Fees Entailed By UAE Golden Visa?

As there are different categories, the fees of this program differ accordingly. Also, the fees vary depending on the service type that you choose. For example, applying from outside of the UAE costs between AED3,800 and AED4,800. The cost of applying within the UAE, on the other hand, ranges from AED2,800 to AED3,800. 

In conclusion, the UAE Golden Visa is an excellent opportunity to begin a new chapter in your life! Make it happen today!

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