The Best Online Movie Free Streaming Sites


You have probably heard of free movies that you can stream online, but before you get too excited, it is wise to look into how many times a movie has been streamed. Some popular websites offer multiple views of the same movie, but most only offer one or two. After your first streaming you might want to watch it at home via DVD or Blu-Ray because there are too many titles available for something as small as an online stream. Here are some sites that have a variety of movies and are good sources for streaming free content.

Tubi TV:

Tubi TV is a good site for the first time user because it offers a lot of trailers for other movies and it will also show how many times the movie has been watched. You can also find a pretty good selection of television shows on Tubi. Hulu:

Hulu is an internet-based version of Direct TV but you can get access to both paid and free movies from Hulu as well. There is some content that you can stream without signing up for a paid account but most of the content is given to paying subscribers. You can watchcartoononline also.


This site is completely different from the rest because you can actually watch the movie with subtitles in various languages. You just need to download an app for your device and then you will be able to watch anything that you want. If you want to see the title Deep Web that is currently being streamed, just click on it and a free licensed copy of the movie will start playing right away.

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Streaming movies is a good way to free up some of your hard drive space but do not get too excited about streaming movies until you have tried them all out. The movies are not always in high quality and they are sometimes hard to find if they are available at all.

Xumo TV:

Xumo TV is an up-and-coming website that allows you to stream XUMO coins. You can earn these coins by watching or sharing content that is available on the website. These coins then allow you to watch multiple titles at no cost whatsoever.


There are some movies that are completely free on YouTube, but they are old and they don’t have very good quality. You can find some good series on YouTube and it is always a good idea to use subtitles if you cannot read the language that the movie is being shown in because most of them are subtitled in English anyway.


Flixtor is a free online movie streaming site that has more than 6000+ movies available for download and watch.


Stream TV series with subtitles in their own language:

Friends (english)     – Friends with Benefits (English)

The Friendzone (English).

Gossip Girl (English).

Into the Badlands, Arrow, Supernatural, Lucifer, American Gods and many others.

One click to start watching your favorite movies online free.


FilmRise has thousands of movies available for streaming on its website. You can watch movies in their original version or download them to watch later.


Kino is a site that lets you stream over 50,000 HD movies for free. Kino features both streaming and download services for its users so you get the best of both worlds.

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Hulu is one of the best movie streaming sites that lets you stream thousands of new and old movies online. Just like other sites, getting started with Hulu is easy as well. You can view different advertisements before starting your movie and choose your favorite language when watching movies online free.


PrimeWire is an amazing app that has a movie library of over 50,000 movies. If you are looking for the latest movies to watch then PrimeWire is the place to be.

You can watch your favorite movies when you don’t have time in your busy schedule because PrimeWire’s user interface makes it easy to find any movie by its title, director or genre.


Tubi lets you watch many popular TV shows online free and also has a collection of latest movies that users can stream immediately after registering to Tubi with Facebook or email address. You will not even have to register if you want to watch free movie online.


Vumoo has over 5000 movie titles that users can stream or download to watch later. Vumoo also has a collection of TV shows, music videos and short movies that you can watch online free with limited ads.

Also, Vumoo has some of the best movie posters available on its website to help you find your favorite movies.


Ganool is one of the best free streaming sites that allows users to watch only high-quality movies. You will not find any low-quality movies or TV shows on Ganool because all content is reviewed before getting listed on the site.

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Fmovies lets you watch your favorite TV shows and movies online for free without registration.

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