Planning to Attend an Occasion? Different Types of Men’s Hats That Will Make You Look More Confident

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Choosing perfect hats is undoubtedly a challenging aspect for men. Even though there are other fashion accessories such as watches and shoes that come with various acceptable design options, you won’t have the same countless options while pairing hats with your formal or casual outfits. As there are many options to choose from, you need to know about different types of hats to determine which one will work the best for you. The key is to know which hats will complement your specific outfit and which won’t. 

When you know about different types of hats, you will be able to choose the perfect one as per the event you’re planning to attend. Continue reading the article to know more. But before, let’s discuss the anatomy of the men’s hats. 


This is the body of the hat. The crown of the hat is the central dome which can be extended towards the outside of the brim. The primary function of the crown is to showcase your style and also protect the wearer. 


The brim is the horizontal edge of the hats. The brim surrounds the bottom edge of the hats and extends upward. Just like the crown, you will find hats that come with different types of brims. You can find long, short, and wide-brimmed hats. The sun protection factor of the hats is dependent on the brim. For instance, if you need more sun protection, you should choose hats that come with wide brims. 


The dents are one of the most important design aspects of the hats. Even though men focus on the dents primarily for the styling aspects, they are also functional. The dents will help you take on and off your hats quickly, without damaging the brim. Additionally, the dents or pinch points will also help you tip your hat faster. 

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This is like a pinch on top of the crown. The objective of the crease is the same as the pinch. This means that crease is used for stylish purposes but also serves functional aspects.

Now that you know the anatomy of the mens hats, you will be able to choose the perfect one as per your requirements. The hat market is extensive and you might face difficulties to purchase the right one. But once you get to know about the different types of hats that are available in the market, you can choose the relevant one. 

Panama Hats 

The Panama hats are not only lightweight but also light in color. They are best for the summer months if you want to showcase your personality and fashion sense. Originated from Ecuador, the leaves of the Toquilla palm plant are the primary material for the Panama hats. This is why these hats are extremely durable as well as breathable. However, many people don’t know how to style the Panama hats properly. As they are summer wear, the Panama hats can be combined with both casual and formal attire. The Panama hats feature a short or medium brim and a high crown. 

Bucket Hats 

The popularity of bucket hats is increasing every day. This is one of the most hats for men who are looking to improve their fashion sense. As the name suggests, they look like a bucket in the form of a hat. The bucket hats can be dressed down or up. This is dependent on the brand of bucket you choose to flaunt. If you have a pale skin tone, the bucket hats will undoubtedly help you complement your skin. On the other hand, they are made of cotton or nylon. This means that they are durable and breathable. As per Master Class, cotton is breathable. With a short brim and round crown, you should pair the bucket hats with casual outfits. 

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Pork Pie Hats 

The pork pie hats for men need to be added to our list. Worn by the famous characters Walter White from Breaking Bad, the name came from the British pork pie hats. They are almost identical to the fedora hats. However, they are round and small. The pork pie hats for men feature a high or medium crown. As the brim is slightly curved, the pork pie hats will help you stay protected from the sunlight and UV rays. When it comes to styling with pork pie hats, you need to pair them with a casual dress code. But you can also choose semi-formal outfits to pair with the pork pie hats. One of the best ways to style the pork pie hats is by wearing a blazer and khaki pants. Remember that wool is the primary material for the pork pie hats. This is why they are perfect for the winter months. 


If you want something that will help you showcase a pure retro vibe, you need to choose trilby hats that are designed specifically for men. They are arguably the most stylish hat you can find on the market. Even though you might think that styling and showcasing fashion statements with the help of trilby hats is a difficult task, remember that they are one of the most noticeable hats for men and one of the most socially acceptable fashion accessories. With high or medium crown as well as short or medium brim, the trilby hats are made of rabbit hair felt. While purchasing the trilby hats, make sure you pay close attention to the fitting. 

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The fedora hats are primarily linked with the business world. However, over time, the fedora hats have gone through different courses as well as styling statements. If you’re planning to purchase these highly attractive and formal hats, you need to choose something that comes with an intended crown and a crease pinched near the crown. One of the best things about fedora hats for men is that they are extremely versatile. Not only formal but the fedora hats can also be paired with informal outfits. As felt is the primary material, you can wear these hats during the hot summer months. 


These are the different types of hats you need to know if you’re planning to attend a formal or casual event. Do you have any other questions? Make sure you comment below to let us know. 

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