Top 5 Indian Supernatural Shows You Love to Watch

Indian Supernatural Shows

Looking for Indian Supernatural Shows to Watch? Here we provide some best Bizarre Indian Supernatural Shows you love to watch them.

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The relationship of Indians and TV serials is since ages. I Know this was way too over dramatic. But what should we do when the people want this only? And only melodrama would not be enough for us.

We want to watch something that we do not believe ourselves. In the shows with serpents, witches, ghosts, the makers show everything that we know cannot be possibly true. We still enjoy it.

Today, we will talk about 5 such Hindi supernatural TV shows whose story does not make any sense, yet their TRPs are never less.

Top 5 Bizarre Indian Supernatural Shows Must Watch –

5. Yeh jaadu hai jinn ka

This is an Indian fantasy drama serial which started on 14 October 2019, on Star Plus and Hotstar. There is a huge fan following of this show. Especially the girls who are die-hard fans of Khan Baba.

But if a little attention is paid to the story, then you will understand why this serial is on this list.The first thing is that in today’s world this hero performs magic and the heroine’s heart is of an angel, not just to say, her heart was actually given to her by an angel.

After that, Villain in the show is a genie. And a bigger vamp than the genie is the hero’s mother herself who has already killed one of her sons and wants to kill the other for his magical powers.

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Moreover, the show hasn’t even completed 150 episodes and both the hero and the heroine of this show have died once and came to life again with magic. They have definitely surpassed Ekta Kapoor’s reincarnation theory.

4. Nazar

You must have heard, in these Stupid serials only, that a witch never attacks her relatives’ houses. But no, the daayan of this show is attacking on her own home.

Look carefully, this beautiful woman with a long braid is actually a dangerous witch. Who first killed her husband and is now behind her son because he is a davansh.

Nobody has even heard of anything like this. Then comes into the story, a daivik who can save her husband. But one minute, she turned out to be a serpent.

I mean We are happy to see anything. The popularity of this show was so much that a season 2 also came. Oh God, I mean Oh daayan, you are great!

3. Qayamat ki raat

You see this strange looking man. His name is Kalaasur. You will think he is a ghost, or an animal. But no, he is a tantric. Yes, a dangerous, hungry for powers tantric who needs an innocent girl to grow his magical powers. Listen more.

This aunty cuts him into 3 pieces. Still he does not die. After 25 years, these pieces get reunited and our tantric is back. Now we have accepted all this.

But it is an Ekta Kapoor show, how will it be complete without a rebirth track. So, the hero-heroine is also reborn. Does any of this make sense at all?

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2. Divya Drishti

Well this one started with something totally different. Because serpent, ghost, witches were not there in this show.

This show had Shachini. I know I know; she was more irritating than a witch. Nevertheless, due to the popularity of this show, it got extended for several months.

In addition to this one-eyed ghost, I mean Shachini, this show also had a lizard, a centipede, a monkey, a scorpion and a red bird, all of which could become human beings.

Isn’t it one-level up from the icchadhari naagin drama? And all this, for a magical gem that was inside Divya and Drishti. Anyway, all these people together could not handle “P silent, baki sab violent” Shachini.

So, Lord Shiva himself had to come to earth to finish her story. Poor Bholenath must also be thinking, what is all this nonsense.

1. Naagin

This show is the father of all. It was known in its first season itself that these people can do anything in the name of the story. This is one the popular Indian Supernatural Shows on television.

A serpent marries a human to avenge her parent’s murder. But she realizes that other than her husband, his entire family was involved.

So, she willingly gives up all her powers to become his wife forever. Give me a break man.

Season 1’s drama was not enough for the show’s fan following so there was a season 2, 3,4 and now the show is in its season 5.

Not only naagins, they also have eagles, wolf, honey bees, and witches in stock. So these were our choices of the serials that are liked for strange characters, not the story.

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Conclusion –

If you have any other examples, and what do you think about this Indian Supernatural Shows please comment and tell. We will meet you in our next article. Till then you enjoy our previous articles.

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