Claiming personal injury through the passenger liability insurance


You could be injured in a collision. If someone else is responsible for your personal injury, you can hold this other party liable. You do this by means of a liability statement. This liability letter states who is liable and why you believe that this party should compensate your personal injury.

In case you want to claim personal injury, you can hire a personal injury lawyer (in Dutch: letselschade advocaat) for this. He will then arrange everything for you. A personal injury lawyer holds the other party liable, arranges an advance on your personal injury claim and negotiates with the other party’s personal injury insurer about the amount of your personal injury claim.

Sometimes, however, there is no liable party to recover your personal injury. The damage that you suffer as a result of the accident is for your own account and this can be very sour. Sometimes, however, you can also claim personal injury compensation in the event of a unilateral collision or if you caused a collision yourself, namely through the passenger liability insurance. (in Dutch: SVI verzekering).

On this page you can read what you can do in the event of a unilateral car accident or if you have caused an accident yourself, and what a personal injury compensation can consist of

The passenger damage insurance (SVI)

In many countries, including countries of the European Union, compulsory insurance applies to all motor vehicles. If you are hit by a car, the car insurer of the person who hit you will reimburse your personal injury.

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If you caused a collision yourself or were involved in a unilateral accident because you ran into a tree due to slippery conditions, you cannot of course hold anyone liable. However, many people have taken out svi insurance. This insurance helps if you have been injured during a collision and suffer damage as a result.

An SVI insurance is a voluntary insurance. That is why it is good to check whether this insurance is part of your car insurance. You can find this on your policy schedule.

If you have a passenger insurance policy, you can submit your personal injury claim to the svi insurance. It is important to know that the facts do not affect the question of whether your personal injury is compensated. That is why, even in the event of a single-vehicle accident or in the event that you have made a traffic error yourself, your personal injury damage will simply be reimbursed. Only if you did not wear a seat belt, drove too fast or made another serious traffic error, a discount on the percentage that is reimbursed may be applied.

Sometimes the attorney’s fees are also reimbursed on the basis of the insurance contract. You can then hire a personal injury lawyer free of charge. It is wise to check your insurance policy before hiring a personal injury lawyer. Many insurance policies also exclude the costs of a personal injury specialist from coverage!

What personal injury is reimbursed?

Has someone else been held liable and is the liability acknowledged? Can you claim a personal injury benefit from the svi insurance? Then all your injuries will be reimbursed. This means that damage as a result of incapacity for work, medical costs and travel costs will be reimbursed. In addition, there is often a right to compensation.

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