Choosing and Styling the Perfect Fringe Korean Side Bang

Choosing and Styling the Perfect Fringe Korean Side Bang

Is the Korean side bang hairstyle something you would like to try? Whether you are choosing the right length and thickness for your new fringe or styling it and maintaining it, our guide will provide you with all the necessary information.


It has become increasingly popular in recent years for men and women to style their hair with Korean side bangs, also known as ulzzang bangs or K-bangs. 

Any haircut can be enhanced with this trendy fringe, which can be customized to suit a variety of face shapes and personal preferences. We will discuss how to choose and style Korean side bangs, as well as how to maintain your new look, in this article.

What are Korean Side Bangs?

In Korean fashion, side bangs are parted on the side and swept across the forehead to cover part or all of the eyebrows. 

A variety of haircut styles can be worn with them, including short bob cuts and longer, layered haircuts. South Korean side bangs are generally associated with the “ulzzang” aesthetic, which is characterized by effortless, natural beauty. For best scissors visit SakiShears

In Korean, the term “ulzzang” means “best face” and refers to attractive or fashionable individuals.

Choosing the Right Length and Thickness for Your Korean Side Bangs:

The length and thickness of the fringe are important considerations when choosing Korean side bangs. It is important to consider your face shape and personal style when choosing the length and thickness of your side bangs. 

For help in choosing the appropriate length and thickness for your Korean side bangs, please refer to the following tips:

Round-faced individuals should: 

Make your face look longer and slimmer by opting for longer, thicker side bangs.

Oval-shaped faces should follow these guidelines: 

Side bangs give you the greatest degree of versatility since most lengths and thicknesses will complement your face shape. To balance out your features, you may want to choose side bangs that are slightly shorter if you have an oval face.

Those with square faces should: 

Your angular features will be softened and balanced by shorter, thinner side bangs.

Faces with a heart shape:

You can widen your forehead and balance out your narrow chin with longer, thicker side bangs.

Styling Your Korean Side Bangs:

When you have selected the perfect length and thickness for your Korean side bangs, it is time to begin styling them. You can achieve a sleek and polished appearance by following these tips:

  • The side bangs should be blow-dried using a hair dryer and a round brush. During the drying process, direct the dryer toward the roots of your bangs and roll your brush forward as you go. By doing this, you will be able to achieve a smooth, voluminous finish for your side bangs.
  • If your side bangs are kinked or curled, use a straightening iron to smooth them out. Prevent damage to your hair by using a heat-protectant spray before styling.
  • Maintain the position of your side bangs throughout the day with a light-hold hair spray or pomade. The use of heavy gels or waxes can cause your bangs to appear greasy and weighed down.
  • It is still possible to wear Korean side bangs even if you have naturally curly hair! Defining and styling your curls is as simple as using a light hold gel or mousse.

How to maintain your Korean side bangs?

Maintaining your Korean side bangs regularly is one of the keys to keeping them looking fresh and stylish. For your side bangs to look their best, follow these tips:

  • Maintain neat side bangs by trimming them regularly. This will depend upon the speed at which your hair grows.
  • Treatments that deep condition side bangs are recommended: Due to styling and heat exposure, side bangs can become dry and damaged. It is recommended that you use a deep conditioning treatment once a week or as necessary to maintain healthy and nourished hair.
  • Make sure you do not use too much heat on your side bangs: To prevent damage to your side bangs, try to minimize the use of heat styling tools as much as possible. Whenever possible, use a heat protectant spray on your hair and avoid exposing it to high temperatures for extended periods if you are going to use heat.
  • Maintain a clean scalp: To maintain healthy and strong side bangs, it is important to maintain a clean scalp. It is recommended that you use a gentle shampoo and conditioner, and avoid over-washing your hair to prevent stripping the natural oils from your scalp.


A Korean side bang is a stylish and versatile hairstyle that can provide a youthful and edgy touch to a wide variety of haircuts. 

It is possible to wear this stylish fringe with confidence if you choose the right length and thickness according to your face shape, as well as the appropriate styling and maintenance techniques. 

Whether you’re looking for a natural and effortless look or a more polished and put-together. It is possible to wear this stylish fringe with confidence if you choose the right length and thickness according to your face shape, as well as the appropriate styling and maintenance techniques

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