7 Ways to beat the competition at trade shows

At shows and trade shows, getting the attention of the right audience is always a tough job. With so many brands, traders and competitors all putting their best foot forward, it is crucial for a brand to stand out in the crowd.

Whether you choose to rent or buy a trade show booth, we provide 7 tips to apply during your next trade show in this article.

Get ahead with a unique trade show booth

Investing in a quality unique trade show booth is a very effective way to stand out among the competition. A booth that stands out in the crowded exhibition hall, but most importantly, shows the true personality of the brand and leaves a lasting impression on the audience. Using a booth builder who can provide a unique booth design allows you to create an appearance that will stand out from the competition. Visitors to trade fairs are inundated with information all day long. It is therefore important that you can get your message across concisely but informatively in a short space of time. An aid to this is an X-banner, for example, on which the main points of your message are already described. In this way, you will better capture the attention of the customer and you will be better remembered by the customer.

Good preparation is half the battle

After selecting the best spot on the trade show floor and determining the booth design, it is time to start promoting. Promoting your presence at the trade show guarantees a good number of visitors. Promotion prior to the trade show not only ensures that your potential audience is aware of your participation, but will also help strengthen your market position. At all times, make sure you make the public aware of your trade show booth by mentioning it in promotional activities. 

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A fresh look

Staying up to date with the latest trends is always advisable. This also applies to your trade show booth. Therefore, choose a booth builder that proves to keep up with the latest trends, and make sure the booth design is up-to-date. Use elements that the younger audience can identify with while complimenting your image. Many brands fall into the trap of clinging to outdated technology; this spills over into your brand and image. 

Invest in eye-catching graphics

In a sea of merchants and competition, graphics can make your brand stand out. During your booth construction, keep in mind that eye-catching graphics increase your brand’s visibility. In addition to recognition and appeal, graphics also ensure that your message sticks. Strong one-liners and appropriate images linger with the audience long after the trade show.

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