7 innovative ideas for your QR code tattoo’s destination

Most people thoroughly think about the tattoo they’re getting. Some even create their design to make them more personal and meaningful. Others also consider getting a QR code tattoo for themselves.

Having QR codes as tattoos is unique, fun, and interactive. You can show it to your friends and let them scan it to find its embedded data, which could be any digital information.

And with a dynamic QR code, you can change or update the content of your tattoo anytime you want to—no need to get a new one.

Create a QR code with the best QR code generator online, then show it to your tattoo artist to have it inked onto your skin.

7 possible destinations for your QR code tattoo


Most people now create websites to promote their businesses, products, or services. These include marketers, online store owners, and creatives such as photographers and artists.

Promote your website by creating a QR code for its link. And if you have it tattooed, you’ll have a promotional tool on your skin, and you can show it to people so they can scan it.

You’ll never know when or where to encounter a potential client or business partner. And when you do, simply show off your tattoo.

Digital business card

To this day, stereotypes about tattoos still exist. Some companies often turn down applicants simply because they have visible tattoos.

Help break down this stigma by using your QR code tattoo as a digital business card. How? With the vCard QR code solution.

This dynamic QR leads scanners to a landing page that shows your contact details, such as your phone number, email, and social media links.

People can scan it to view these details. They can also save it on their devices so they can easily reach you for any projects or collaborations.


Wouldn’t it be cool to have a QR tattoo leading to a video? You can convert your videos into a QR code and tattoo the code on your skin.

Your favorite music video, videography projects, and raw footage from your smartphone—you can embed all these into a QR code.

If you’re a jokester and would love to give your friends a laugh, we have a brilliant idea for you: use your video QR tattoo to rickroll them. They will never see it coming!

Rickrolling is when you prank someone online by sending them what seems to be an ordinary link that will lead to the music video of Rick Astley’s classic “Never Gonna Give You Up.”


Some people have images of their loved ones tattooed, but the procedure can cost much due to the details and size. Alternatively, you can have a QR tattoo that leads to an image.

You can use two dynamic solutions: the image QR code for a single image and the H5 editor QR code for multiple photos, which is possible with its slider images feature.

Photographers can also use this to show their portraits and best shots to potential clients.


People also get tattoos of a quote, a mantra, or a famous line that’s meaningful to them. But what if it’s too long? Not to worry, you can get a tattoo of a text QR code instead.

This solution can store alphanumeric characters, including special characters such as emojis.

When using this solution, keep your text short, as it can only hold a maximum of 1268 characters. It’s also permanent since it’s a static QR solution.


Imagine having a tattoo of a QR code that will play a song when scanned. How cool would that be? If you want one, you can use the mp3 QR code solution.

Download an mp3 file of your favorite song, then embed it onto the QR code. You can also do this with voice recordings in .wav format.

If you’re a recording artist, you can use this tattoo as an entertaining and unique way to promote your lead single.

Social media pages

Did you know that a QR code can show multiple social media links on one page? This is possible with the social media QR code.

Create one for your social pages, then get it tattooed on your skin. When people want to follow you, simply show them your QR code and let them scan it. They can easily find your socials.

QR codes for fun, digital tattoos

With QRTIGER, you can create a high-quality QR code for your tattoo. You also get to customize its design and add logos to it.

You can create a QR code without signing up. You can also register for their freemium plan to access free dynamic QR codes for a year.

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