World of Warcraft Dragonflight Guide: Discovering New Mounts in the 10.2 Update

In World of Warcraft, the thrill of discovering unique and cool mounts is a key part of the gaming experience. With the 10.2 update, players are invited to explore the Emerald Dream, where a host of new mounts await. Some of these require time and effort to acquire, while others necessitate owning specific mounts already. For players with WoW gold to spare, this update also brings new opportunities to enhance their mount collection more efficiently.

One particular mount, previously available only for a limited time, can now be obtained by completing a specific quest chain. However, keep in mind that there might be more hidden gems as the patch evolves. We’ll be sure to update this guide with any new discoveries of secret or elusive mounts in World of Warcraft as we progress through patch 10.2. Here, we will detail each mount and provide a succinct guide on where to find them in the game. While acquiring some mounts might be time-consuming, especially those that involve opening loot bags, they are all attainable with dedication and, in some cases, strategic use of WoW gold.

Mounts Available in World of Warcraft Dragonflight’s 10.2 Update

The Dragonflight expansion brings with it a variety of intriguing mounts to collect. Personally, I’ve amassed 264 mounts on my account, and I’m still far from completing the entire collection. For example, acquiring the Ochre Dreamtalon is a process that requires patience and persistence.

Moreover, the Dream Infusion feature in World of Warcraft necessitates owning specific mounts as prerequisites for unlocking the new dream variants. For those looking to streamline this process, judiciously spending WoW gold can be a game-changer, allowing quicker access to required mounts or even directly purchasing some of the prerequisite mounts, if available. Below is a separate list detailing these requirements, making it easier for players to assess and expand their collections.

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Remember, the world of Azeroth is vast, and its treasures are many. With enough determination, and perhaps a bit of WoW gold investment, you can make these majestic new mounts a part of your ever-growing collection. 

10.2 Update in World of Warcraft: Unlockable Items and Mounts

The 10.2 update in World of Warcraft introduces a range of unlockable items and mounts, each with unique requirements. This guide will help you navigate through these new additions, including where WoW accounts with specific mounts already in their collection can unlock additional dream mounts seamlessly.

Unlockable Items in the 10.2 Update:

  1. Flourishing Whimsydrake (Campaign): Available as a reward from the ‘Emerald Welcome’.
  2. Grotto Netherwing Drake (Side Quests): Earned from completing ‘Dragon Keeping’.
  3. Reins of the Winter Night Dreamsaber (Emerald Bounties): Found within Small, Medium, and Large Emerald Blooms.
  4. Reins of the Ochre Dreamtalon (Daily Quest): Rewarded after completing ‘A Little Hope is Never without Worth’ for 23 days.
  5. Reins of the Lunar Dreamstag (Renown): Acquired at Renown 17 with Dream Wardens, sold by Moon Priestess Lasara for 1,200 resources.
  6. Reins of the Suntouched Dreamstag (Renown): Also available at Renown 17 from Moon Priestess Lasara.
  7. Reins of the Evening Sun Dreamsaber (Seedbloom): Sold by Talisa Whisperbloom for 1 Seedbloom, requiring Renown 18.
  8. Reins of the Blossoming Dreamstag (Seedbloom): Obtainable from Talisa Whisperbloom for 1 Seedbloom at Renown 18.
  9. Reins of the Snowfluff Dreamtalon (Seedbloom): Available for purchase from Talisa Whisperbloom.
  10. Reins of the Morning Flourish Dreamsaber (Seedbloom): Also sold by Talisa Whisperbloom for 1 Seedbloom.
  11. Reins of the Springtide Dreamtalon (Seedbloom): Requires Renown 18 and is sold by Talisa Whisperbloom.
  12. Reins of the Rekindled Dreamstag (Seedbloom): Available at Renown 18 from Talisa Whisperbloom.
  13. Verdant Armoredon (Dungeon): A reward from Dragonflight Keystone Master: Season Three.
  14. Reins of Anu’relos, Flame’s Guidance (Raids): Drops from Fyrakk (Mythic).
  15. Reins of the Shadow Dusk Dreamsaber (Raid): Reward from Glory of the Dream Raider.
  16. Verdant Gladiator’s Slitherdrake (PVP): Earned from Gladiator: Dragonflight Season Three.
  17. Vicious Moonbeast (PVP): Alliance and Horde players can earn this from Verdant Combatant.
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Additional Mounts for WoW Accounts with Specific Collections

If you already possess certain mounts in your WoW account, you can unlock unique dream mounts from Eliana in the Central Encampment of the Emerald Dream. These dream mounts cost one Dream Infusion each and may require a meter to unlock more.

For each dream mount, owning at least one of the following is required:

  • Deluge: Needs various Ottuk mounts.
  • Imagiwing: Requires a selection of Shalewing mounts.
  • Mammyth: Needs different Magmammoth mounts.
  • Salatrancer: Requires Ancient or Stormhide Salamanther.
  • Stargazer: Needs various Dreamstag mounts.
  • Talont: Requires specific Dreamtalon mounts.

Earning these mounts in World of Warcraft’s 10.2 update will involve a significant time investment. Some mounts may require luck, while others demand rigorous effort in Mythics and PVP. As new mounts are discovered in this patch, we’ll update our list to ensure you have the latest information to expand your collection. For players with specific mounts already in their WoW accounts, these new options offer exciting opportunities to further enrich your mounting experience.

Happy hunting!

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