Why would you want to track your digital asset portfolio?

digital asset

Cryptocurrency trading is an area with many risks. The crypto market is characterized by sharp and significant exchange rate fluctuations. Their causes are changes in supply and demand, the attitude of governments of different countries to the crypto industry, and the political and economic situation in the world. How can a trader achieve stability in such conditions? Automating trading using portfolio management software will be the best solution for beginners and experienced market players.

Features of the DeCommas Application

DeCommas is a multifunctional application that helps optimize routine processes and automate trading. Development is a set of tools for working with various blockchain-based ecosystems.

DeCommas combines tools for efficient use of the possibilities of decentralized financial services:

  • wallet explorer
  • NFT explorer on the wallet
  • bridges
  • pool explorer
  • faucet aggregator for test networks
  • multi-sender

The application works with Solana and Ethereum networks. Other popular networks are expected to be added soon. Multiple updates and additions are also planned as the project is under active development.

Ambassador Program

All interested participants in the crypto market can take part in improving the DeCommas application. How can users contribute to the development of the platform? They can choose a convenient way to work with the application:

  • A thorough study of the functionality, chatting, introducing new users to the application’s capabilities and tools.
  • Testing the application, finding bugs, reporting, and suggesting your own ideas to fix problems.
  • Interface development, creation of visual content, informational and promotional videos.
  • Writing texts, articles, posts to disseminate information about the application in the media, social media.
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Also, users can offer their own options for activities that will be useful to developers in the process of improving the application. Activity is highly valued by developers. Users who took part in improving the application at the early stages of development will receive pleasant bonuses in the future.

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