Why should you use podcasts on YouTube?



There are numerous benefits when you upload your podcasts to YouTube, which can help boost your business growth and increase the number of YouTube subscribers. They include:

A wider public

The majority of podcasting platforms are geared towards people who are part of podcast directories and cannot reach an even larger audience. Since YouTube is the second most popular search engine globally, it will be able to connect to an even larger audience than could be accessible using a traditional podcasting platform. YouTube provides users who are YouTube subscribers the chance to share your content with friends on social networking platforms, which can increase the visibility of your content even further.


YouTube is a platform that is user-friendly for creators and YouTube subscribers. YouTube is accessible on mobile devices, and users can stream interesting content to them. With nearly everyone owning an iPhone in our world, This gives a huge possibility to reach out to consumers using the medium they like to use.

Chance to engage with your audience

With podcasting platforms, the listeners can take a look at your content, which will indicate whether you’re interested in it. You might have to request your listeners to write reviews of your podcast. YouTube is an interactive platform where creators and YouTube subscribers can connect.

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Your actual YouTube subscribers can leave comments that provide feedback on your show on YouTube and tell you what they think of it by sharing likes or dislikes. Additionally, it gives you the chance to engage directly with YouTube subscribers, interact with them in various ways, and build a personal relationship with your audience.

A platform that can accommodate all kinds of content

YouTube is a popular destination for people to visit YouTube to stream content since the platform provides diverse content to watch. If you’re interested in games, comedy, shopping or beauty, or even animals – they’re bound to find something that interests them. This makes it a fantastic platform to connect with your target audience. Some people might not be attracted to listening to a lengthy podcast right now, but they might be interested if there are some visual stimulations to accompany the audio. Podcasts are also a great way to debate more important issues on YouTube and connect with your intended viewers.

The meta-data you include in your YouTube podcasts could boost the search engine ranking

YouTube videos need to be accompanied by appropriate titles tags, descriptions, and descriptions. The keyword-rich meta-data you add to your YouTube podcasts can aid in optimizing your videos to get a better rank in the search engines. Google prefers visual content, so your podcast will show more readily when searching for results. Meta-data that are well-written will be listed in the recommended videos section, which allows users to find your video easier on YouTube.

Analytic tracking becomes more simple and more important

On platforms for podcasting, the information you can get about how your show’s performance is a bit limited. On YouTube, you can access detailed analytics accessible. You’ll be able to view:

  • Does the number YouTube view the video received?
  • Which ones performed better with regard to watch time and retention of the audience?
  • Demographics of the audience such as age range, geographic distribution, gender
  • How did they discover your show, whether via direct searches or recommended videos, or external websites?
  • These detailed statistics will provide you with a clear image of what’s working right and allow you to modify your content in line with what’s helping keep your YouTube subscribers intrigued.
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You can make money from ads

You can incorporate ads into your podcasts that you upload to YouTube and make money from ad income as you see business growth. This means that YouTube is an ideal platform for making money from your podcasts.

It will help you safeguard your content

On YouTube, you’ll be protected from the original content. You can remove any content you own and be used illegally through Content ID. You’ll also be able to duplicate strike contents identical to your own and earn money from YouTube podcasts.


You probably didn’t think that you’d have as much to gain by uploading your podcasts to the video streaming site like YouTube did you? Now you know the truth. Integrate YouTube podcasts within the YouTube marketing plan and see your YouTube channel grow with an increase in genuine YouTube subscribers as well as YouTube views to increase the growth of your business. You can also buy YouTube views that are real and active from a trusted website like SubPals. SubPals provides genuine and reliable services. 

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