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In this article we going to discuss about What Elon Musk just said about shiba inu? So, stick to the end because Today’s article is full of major updates.

Everyone knows that Elon Musk is fond of cryptocurrencies and at one time helped more than one crypto soar to the moon.

Some say that he manipulates the crypto market for his profit, other trust his moves. He’s already contacted Doge’s meme project, but how can he help the Shib Token?. Is this something that can make shiba Inu soar huge gains?

These questions will be answered in today’s article. We will also discuss how Elon Musk helped Shiba Inu to become the most searched crypto ever.

So without further ado let’s quickly check today’s price action of Shiba Inu. The relationship between Elon and  Shiba has always been amazing. 

The slightest mention of the Shiba Inu breed was enough, as the price immediately flew up, and sometimes even very strong, for example: He stated that he had chosen a nickname for his Shiba Inu puppy. His name will be Floki.

In early May, Elon Musk first announced that he intends to take a Siba Inu puppy. Then the cost of the Shiba  Inu cryptocurrency increased by 68% per hour.

Elon Musk’s influences via Twitter. It is also worth noting the influence of Elon Musk’s tweets on cryptocurrencies,  for example, there was already a moment when the Shiba Token rose in price by 70% in an  hour after Elon Musk’s tweet about a puppy.

As we already understood, Musk loves to flirt with cryptocurrencies, but he liked Shiba Inu. At the moment, the relationship between Elon Musk and cryptocurrencies has calmed down. 

But definitely not forever, but this is just a short break, which should end when it becomes finally clear that the bull  market cannot be avoided (for example, after the ATH update of the main cryptocurrencies). But let’s step back a little from the ideal moments and look at the situation from a slightly different angle.

The main problem with most tokens is the easy ability to manipulate the token price. Most of all tokens are in a small number of hands.

It is because of this price that it is easy to both raise and collapse. Regardless of how much the developers try to improve the project, there is how much we did not try  or did nothing the developers did. 

Everything is in the interests of the manipulators. In general, the Shiba ecosystem is developing well: the developers will create a token burning system.

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They will also restrict the circulation of the issued tokens. A great moment for its ecosystem is the emergence of the NFT platform for sales. NTF is becoming more and more popular now. The developers also announced that they will have their own blockchain in December. 

This is a very big step, it would seem,  for such a meme coin as everyone thinks. It can be understood that it is necessary  that most of the coins be burned, then this will give an impetus to  the rise in the price of the moon. 

Restricting the circulation of coins will  also contribute to an excellent appreciation. But besides the good ones, there are  also some bad moments, such as haters.

A considerable number of haters precisely because  of the fact that a large number of coins have so-called “big wallets” that people are afraid of  manipulations that can lead to a correction for the price of the coin.

As we said, the team really  improved the project, but they also have problems, and the main problem: the simple ability  to manipulate the price of the token. 

Most often, most of the coins are in a small  number of hands. That is why the price is easy to both rise and fall.

That is, no matter  how hard we try or the developers did nothing, the price can be manipulated by the guys with  big wallets, no matter how hard the developers try to improve the project. Everything  is in the interests of the manipulators.

An additional factor in the growth of the coin  is the large number of loyal fans of the project, the so-called “Shiba Army”. These are the  guys who will always try to raise the price.

In fact, both the insane rise of the Shiba  coin and the fall in price are possible. It will be really interesting to  watch this. To a greater extent, this is influenced by manipulators, but  if you do not pay attention to them, the developers and the community  are moving in the right direction.

Some good news about Shiba a couple of days ago, the Meme coin was listed on the WeBull platform. After about  two weeks of testing the coins on the platform, testing was completed and finally the coin  was listed.

This news is really great and should have a good impact on the Shib token. WebBull is the second-largest platform after Robin 

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Hood where you can buy, store, sell and exchange  cryptocurrency and other assets. The platform has a very large customer base, respectively,  all users of the Shiba token can catch the eye, and this can also affect the price to some extent. Shiba Inu announced a strategic partnership with 

Project Civilization. The SIV token  was launched on Ethereum on July 31st. Thanks to it, you can access the benefits of Defi  investment through a partnership with ShibaSwap. 

The partnership is beneficial to both parties, it  raises awareness of the Defi exchange Shiba Inu.  The token’s price has been up nearly 20% in the  past 30 days, and trader sentiment is bullish as shib continues its climb.

A mysterious large  wallet investor recently added 150 billion shib to their wallet while the token witnessed a  massive surge in price. The whale is known to have converted their Ethereum holdings to Shiba Inu coin. The said wallet holds cryptocurrencies worth $158.4 million based on data from Whalestats.

Historically, whale movements drive the volatility of Shiba-Inu-themed cryptocurrencies DOGE and  shib. The rising volatility currently has a positive impact on shib’s price, and analysts  have set a bullish target of 9 satoshi units  for the token and can cut a zero out. The social component is good news.

Shiba’s Twitter already has  about 850 thousand subscribers. There are already more than 200 thousand  people in the Reddit of the Shiba Army. 

Also in various social networks, posts about  Shiba are trending due to the active community. Everyone understands a significant  portion of the Bitcoin market. 

So what is happening in the market now? Bitcoin soared in price over the course of the day – analysts believe that this is not the limit.  on Thursday, September 2, rose in price. Over the  past day, it has become more expensive by 7%. Bitcoin traded at $ 50,189.

Some analysts believe that the cryptocurrency  rate continues to move up. For example, this is adhered to by Michael van de Poppe, who predicts  the growth of bitcoin to 57 thousand rubles. Doll.

A popular crypto blogger with the nickname KALEO  predicted that it will take much less time for digital gold to overcome the $50-$60 thousand  segment. He advised investors not to blink.

Bitcoin broke the $50,000 mark on August 23rd.  Meanwhile, after the Chinese authorities banned the country’s banks from conducting  transactions related to cryptocurrency, bitcoin collapsed to 28 thousand transactions  in June, after which a volatile growth began.

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Analysts of one of the world’s  investment banks, Goldman Sachs, previously stated that the cryptocurrency market  is almost equal in volume to the financial one.

But at the moment, the Shiba coin has grown  a little. Almost 4 months ago, this coin was listed on Binance, grew at an incredible rate, and  in just a couple of days, the price fell by almost 

70 percent. And in a further, more prolonged  correction, at that time it sank by more than 85%. And all this despite the fact that  Sheba has shown insane growth before. 

Today we’ll see if Sheba can repeat its  meteoric rise in the spring of 2021. As soon as the all-time high is updated in the  coming months, investors will start investing the profit from the alt in the main cryptocurrency,  as it happens regularly and cyclically.

Now the main and the most awaited  question is, Can Shiba reach $0.01?. In my opinion, nothing is impossible, absolutely  everything can happen, only some things are more probable, while others are less probable.

Shib can really reach $0.01 if some really worthwhile technology is released and a  multi-million dollar PR company is launched, and if all these factors coincide and the  meme coin really achieves the above results, then its capitalization will increase.

I think that all that has been said will b  enough to make your own choice and understand  whether it is worth investing in this coin.

At the moment, Shiba has 51st place according to Coinmarketcap with a capitalization of $ 2,800,000,000. This sounds attractive enough to investors because there is still room for improvement for the coin. Over the past week, Shiba has really shown really good growth, which was the result of coinbase acknowledgment to list Shiba inu.

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Conclusion – What Elon Musk Just Said About Shiba Inu?

In any case, meme coins always give a tangible rise at the end of a bullish cycle.Thank you all for watching!  Answer in the comments, during how long will we be able to see Shiba at $ 0.01?

We hope you enjoyed it. What do you think about the Shiba inu coin being a potential million-dollar investment?  Also read other articles to keep you updated!

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