What causes a poor mobile signal in the warehouse

boost a poor mobile signal in the warehouse

Though not every warehouse is the massive Boeing Everett Factory, even smaller ones are fairly complex operations that need all hands on deck to run smoothly. One thing that can’t be compromised is communication, which is why having the technology to help boost a poor mobile signal in a warehouse is especially essential. For this tech to have been developed, its causes have to be identified and that’s exactly what you’re about to see below.

Not only will these causes be identified, but they’ll also be explained in detail. You’ll also get a look at the best tool that can help boost a poor mobile signal in the warehouse and how it fits into that setting according to UCtel. Without further ado, let’s reveal the main causes!

Poor cellular signal causes

The world continues to get more connected with the mobile industry. As a whole being worth hundreds of billions of dollars and still growing, it’s remarkable to see how this industry is playing a significant role. The growth and value of the mobile industry are truly awe-inspiring. As such, every user including warehouses is bound to experience at least one of the many issues that negatively impact the quality of cellular service. So, what issues would prompt one to boost a poor mobile signal in a warehouse? Well below is a list of the most prominent ones:

Presence of obstructions in location

The best location for a warehouse when it comes to the network, is one without surrounding features that stand in the way of waves. This is pretty difficult to do as the prime real estate of this kind is tough to get, so one just has to tolerate the presence of these obstructions. The most common obstructions are as follows:

  • Mountains
  • Hills
  • Tall buildings
  • Tall trees and foliage
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Network oversaturation

When in a place that has a high population density, there are bound to be just as many mobile users. When this is the case, the towers in the area will be congested, which reduces the quality of the signal.

Nature of structure

As stated earlier, even warehouses of average size are massive enough to conduct their complex operations. This means that it has to be constructed with the highest quality materials to be able to keep everything underneath safe and unspoiled as well as to hold all the equipment and personnel. This means that the following signal-weakening materials will be present in the building:

  • Heavy duty steel
  • Thick concrete
  • Insulation

Another thing that can inhibit the quality of cellular service is the reception of it from underground. Warehouses do have underground levels and basements so signal disruption from here is just the norm.

Proximity to towers

The signal is always best when users are closer to the repeating towers. The further away from these towers your facility is, the greater the need for tools to help boost a poor mobile signal in a warehouse will be. That said, it’s not an exact science, as not every tower has the same range with some being more powerful than others. Similarly, personal devices are built differently with some capturing signals better than others.

Weather phenomena

The weather is also another factor that influences the quality of the signal and clear, cloudless days are ideal for mobile communication. When it’s cloudy, raining, or snowing, the opposite will happen. Even dank days with heavy humidity will interfere with signal quality.

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Solutions to these problems

When it comes to solving the issue of bad service, there are two ways to go about it with the first of these coming in the form of simply restarting your phone and hoping for the best. This isn’t a sure bet, however, and a permanent solution will come in the form of finding something that can boost a poor mobile signal in a warehouse. Only one tool of this kind comes to mind and it’s the cell repeater or booster.

This tool is composed of multiple components that work together to receive, enhance and spread out signals across a designated area. Said components are as follows:

  • The exterior antenna — this piece is fixed on the outside of the building, preferably on the roof of any high point, and is responsible for gathering the weakened signal.
  • The coaxial cable — this piece connects the exterior antenna to the amplifier inside the building and is responsible for sending the signal efficiently without any losses.
  • The amplifier — this piece is responsible for strengthening the received signal, which it then transmits to the interior antenna.
  • The interior antenna — this piece receives the strengthened signal and sends it out to all users in the designated area. In certain situations, multiple will be needed to improve coverage.

When these tools are legal and installed by the right partners, the likelihood of any mishaps is greatly reduced. In addition to this, the entire unit can be configured to any structure, which is why it is not only built to boost a poor mobile signal in a warehouse. Some of the other areas you’ll find it in include:

  • Schools
  • Banks
  • Hospitals
  • Commercial buildings
  • Apartments 
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How boosters benefit warehouses

In recent years, leading American cell carriers have been making preparations to retire 3G service. Prepared to shut down the 3G service in 2022 even when it played a pivotal role as the primary cellular technology. However, as technology advances, it’s time to embrace more advanced networks.

In a fast-paced world, you can’t afford to miss out on anything and this is doubly true for larger operations like a warehouse. With even faster 5G tech, big companies can use the aid of boosters, the entire warehouse operation is made more efficient on multiple fronts such as safety and security, communication with the entire supply chain as well as within the building itself.

On a smaller level, employees that are off duty or have time will have no issues speaking to the outside world via the Internet or through telecommunications.

Final thoughts

Once you consider the various problems that negatively affect signal quality, you’ll realize that warehouses can experience all of them simultaneously. A tool that helps boost a poor mobile signal is highly valuable for this reason. As such, any establishment looking to stay on top of things should have one of great quality installed.

That said, you can only find repeaters of this kind in the hands of a dealer who’s well-established and has a great reputation. Remember that said dealers have the right legal tools, the experience to back it up, and the analysis, accurate pricing, installation, and maintenance services to boot. Find such a reputable dealer and you’re safe.

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