Various Printing Methods Used in the Packaging Industry

Box printing

Box printing is nothing short of a blessing for contemporary firms. This feature enables firms to print a variety of items on a variety of packaging. Many sorts are accessible on the market that many people are unaware of.

Popular Printing Methods

So, we have a list of the best printing methods for Package Boxes that are currently popular among packaging producers.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is very crucial for Packaging Boxes for a variety of reasons. It is mostly applicable for small-scale printing operations. This technique is applicable to print the majority of the cardboard, kraft paper, corrugated materials, and other materials that are in use in the production of bespoke packaging. It has a great quality, nearly as good as lithography. You may also receive a quicker turnaround time. It does not need any tooling, which is a significant advantage for printing. Always use the best ways of digital printing, for which you can use the latest technology of custom box printers.

The usage of print apps and integration of these applications in the print market business is rapidly rising due to their excellent print quality and better response rate. Digital printing applications provide tremendous value by doing tasks that offset cannot. Whatever your printing needs are, digital printing allows you to meet them on time and within your budget.

Prints vary from typical printing processes in that it is direct to output device technique that does not need pre-press. Unlike conventional printing methods, the picture comes on a computer, and you send it straight to the output device. From the beginning to the completion of the printing process, all job material for digital printing is preserved in digital form in a variety of formats. They include PDF, PPML, EPS, PDF, PostScript, and so on.

The relationship between the tools and the ink delivery system is another difference between conventional printing and application. Output devices, such as inkjet printers, are built with a particular ink and ink delivery technology that is unique to each digital press. Also, the kind of equipment and tools that you use is modifiable by the product is tailor-made.

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Lithography, often well-known as offset printing, is a Printing process applicable for large orders. Rather than using plates, modern lithography technology employs rollers over the sheets. It is mostly applicable to folding containers. It is also in use in the production of litho labels. Also, it offers retail print quality, which is ideal for bespoke packaging. It is well-known as one of the best box printing firms for Packaging Boxes. Colors seem lovely after being custom-printed using this technique. This is a major factor in its success in marketplaces all over the world. It is simply accessible from top service providers.

If you look up its meaning online, you’ll discover that it has something to do with the artwork, namely the “technique of printing utilizing a stone or a metal plate with a totally flat surface.”

However, in the semiconductor industry, it is a device making method that transfers a pattern from a photomask (also popular as a reticle) to the surface of a substrate, which is highly important for the creation of electronic components such as integrated circuits.

A lithograph is a print that you can make using the lithographic printing method. It is a drawing on stone. Lithography employs the use of a flat and hefty limestone to a very soft and smooth surface, allowing an image or text to be traced on it for printing.


Printing bespoke packaging is one of the most common methods. A number of factors contribute to this. A stand-up pouch is the most common application. However, many makers also utilize it on corrugated materials. Rather than plates, the device uses light-sensitive polymers. Otherwise, the procedure is quite similar to lithography. In comparison to others, the price is rather low. It has a quicker turnaround. It may employ both oil-based and water-based inks, depending on the needs of the client. However, it is of inferior quality to lithography. Color combinations, smooth gradients, and so forth are tough to achieve with it.

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In this method, a flexible polymer printing plate is what you can attach to a cylinder in order to print directly. An anilox roll is applicable to apply ink to the plate in it. In order to remove excess ink from the anilox roll prior to applying ink to the plate, a metering roll or doctor blade is applicable. Print directly onto the material with the plate. Flexography employs solvents that dry quickly and have a low viscosity, as well as water-based inks and UV-curable inks. After the printing and any varnish, or you can apply overlaminates, die-cutting is in-line using a rotary cutting die.

Thanks to significant technological advances in plate materials and plate-making processes, as well as inks, It is the fastest-growing traditional printing technology. Flexographic printing is the printing method of choice in the packaging industry for process printing as well as spot colors on a broad range of materials ranging from board stock to pressure-sensitive label sheets. Flexographic printing is applicable for a wide variety of items, from boxes to bags, due to its adaptability. But it is virtually solely dependent on the label sector.


This is a well-known approach, although not as well as the aforementioned process for bespoke package printing. It’s applicable for the same kinds of packaging as flexography. Its method entails using an etched cylinder to transfer ink onto the Packaging Boxes sheet. It is generally dependent on a business basis. It requires a longer lead time. This is due to the complexity of the tooling. The cost is also higher owing to the high cost of tooling.

It is also known as roto or gravure among printing industry specialists. It is a printing method that includes engraving or transferring an image onto an image carrier using a rotating printing press. Rotary gravure printers are well-known to be the quickest and broadest presses in use today, capable of printing practically anything from small labels to vast rolls of vinyl flooring.

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This packaging Printing process is unusual for a variety of reasons. Many procedures need human effort; the possibility of human mistakes increases while utilizing this approach for Packaging Boxes. Transferring the ink to the substrate is possible with polymer mesh. This approach moves at a considerably slower pace. Print quality is also pretty poor for usage on bespoke packaging.

A screen-print or serigraph is a picture using this process. This technique might be applicable to etching copper wire on a circuit board.

A pattern for screen printing may be tailor-made in a variety of ways. Hand-drawing a silkscreen design is the most basic method. Painting an image using drawing paint is a more artistic way. It is then covered with screen filler when it has dried. This is dried again, and then water is squirted on it. This washes away all of the substance, leaving a stencil spray behind. This approach allows the artist to keep consistent with the representation style while producing multiples.

T-shirts, clothes, and other textiles are the most typically custom-printed items using silkscreen printing. It’s also applicable to ceramics, metal, wood, paper, glass, and synthetics. This approach is necessary and perfect for displaying strong graphics. It is also used for ceramic coating in Singapore.

However, screen printing is now more versatile than traditional printing processes and is dependent on a broad range of sectors.


Box printing is what you can see as a boon in the modern period. This is due to a variety of factors. As a result, new technologies have emerged to meet the demands of a wide range of clients. The aforementioned are among the best on the market. So, now you know the printing techniques ideal for packaging.


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