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Ullu web series download – Looking for download ullu web series here you can get ullu web series download free. Stay with us for more.

Hello viewers! Welcome to another article on SeriesMaza. Today I am gonna talking about Top 10 Ullu web series download 2020 which is the one of most adult series and boldest one.

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Guy’s Nowadays people started liking the series more than movies. Slowly- Slowly the trend of web series is growing very fast.

Seeing this thing the Ullu site came on the internet and became viral in a very short time. Ullu nowadays is very much discussed due to its adult content. Lots of people said ullu is like mini p*rn hub.

The Ullu came on the platform where the content in the story is reduced and filled with sexuality and nudity.

And their formula is also successful and that’s why this company rests today. and became a huge popular now days.

Recently Ullu has released some web series and this is the most popular web series of Ullu.

Top 10 Ullu web series Watch Online –

1. #Me too

Genres – Adult Comedy,18+.
Cast – Vivan Bhatena, Amit Behl, Sikandar Kharbanda,
Bikramjeet Kanwarpal, Isha Anand Sharma,
Ridheema Tiwari, Ana Ilmi, Paras Madaan,
Nibedita Karmakar, Aanaya Bhaanndari, Gehana Vasisth.
Director – Deepak Pandey
Episodes 08

Storyline – It shows how an actress has to pay a huge price to get fame. The story of this web series based on adult and bold activity. You will definitely like to watch this web series.

2. 26 January

Genres – Romance,Suspense,Thriller
Cast – Madhurima Tuli,Mrunal jain
Director – Deepak Pandey
Episodes 04

Storyline – This series based on ATS Officer. It shows how the problems come in the life of an ATS officer. He has to manage both his love life and his duty. The web series is awesome, you must watch it once.

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3. Halala

Genres – Drama,Fiction,Romance
Cast – Shafaq Naaz, Ravi Bhatia, Eijaz Khan,
Neelima Azeem and Deepika Singh Goyal
Director – Deepak Pandey
Episodes 11

Storyline – Basically story of this series based on triple talakh in India. It shows that a girl named Halala.Her husband give triple talakh to her in anger. This web series is full of romance. In this, you will get to see both adult scenes and drama.

4. Gandu

Genres – Bold,Suspense,Thriller
Cast – Vikram Bham, Paras Madaan, Ruma Sharma,
Mohit Nain, Khushi Mukherjee
Director – Shhagiir Kkhan
Episodes 02

Storyline – It shows how a famous fashion designer rapes a Strugler. They exploit him. how he fights his battle for justice.This web series has many adult scenes, so you will see this web series alone.

5. Panchali

Genres: Drama, Erotic, Suspense
Cast: Anupriya Goenka, Aman Verma, Upen Chauhan, 
Samridh Bawa, Rohan Pratap Singh, Avinash 
Mukherjee, Manvik Tanna, Kamal Malik.
Director: Deepak Pandey
Releasing on: 24 May 2019
Platform: Ullu Original
Language: Hindi
Episodes: 05

Storyline- A tradition of Mahabharata, a wife of five husbands, still exists in some societies. You can see this tradition on the web series called Panchali on Ullu. This web series has been made by taking a similar concept. This web series showed how five men marry a woman from the tradition of their society.

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6.  Mona Home Delivery

Genres – Bold,Suspense,Thriller
Cast – Kangna Sharma, Pratima Kazmi, Vijay Raaz,
Raju Kher, Ganesh Acharya, Rajpal Yadav,
Mukesh Tiwari, Zakir Hussain,
Director – Sanjiv R. Chadha
Episodes 08

Storyline- Mona Home Delivery. Friends this web series is  directed By Sanjeev Chadha. This web series is a Full Of comedy, drama and erotic web series. This web series showed how a girl is struggler in her life. How she survive in modern life. This series has many adult scenes, so you will see this web series alone.

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7. 3g gaali Galoch girls

Genres:- Adult Comedy,18+.
Released On:- ULLU Original.
Language:- Hindi
Quality:- 720p HD.
Episodes:- All In One.

Storyline –  This web series is about story 3 girls life.These three girls are very naughty. You will get to see their naughty and sex experience in this web series.These three girls can go to any extent for their physical Needs. In this web series you will get to see bold scenes and comedy all over. This series has many adult scenes, so you will see this web series alone.

8. Generation Gap

generation gap web series
generation gap web series download
Genres: Adult,Drama,Erotic.
Cast: Paras Arora, Neetu Wadhwa, Tasmin Changi and other.
Director: Deepak Pandey
Language: Hindi
Episodes: 04
Platform: Ullu App

Storyline- The story of this web series is based on an aunt and her nephew. Those who want unexpected things from each other. Friends, you must also watch this web series and know that there must be morality in the relationship or else the difference between humans and animals will be over. You should definitely watch this amazing web series.

9. Bribe

Genres: Drama,Fantasy
Cast: Hemant Chaudhary, Megha Gupta, Dev Vyas, Harshita Gaur
Director: Deepak Pandey
Language: Hindi
Episodes: 03
Platform: Ullu App

This web series directed by Deepak Pandey and web series based on Adult, drama activities. . This is very short web series and trust me this web series is very interesting and amazing.

Storyline- If we talk about storyline of this series is very good and amazing. This is the story of a female character whose husband has died. And that is why her support has gone and she is now in Destitute. Now she has no option left and what will she do now and she lives in a village. And how the people of the village take advantage of his obligation. How people react and behaviors with a divorced women this is shown in this web series.

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10. Charmsukh


Charmsukh is an Indian series is which is released on Ullu App. This series was released on 22 November 2019 on Ullu TV. This series is based on Thriller, Drama, and Action activities. There are total 13 episodes of this series and each episode is about to 25 minutes. Each episode has a different cast.

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Here we brief you about all the 13 episodes of this series. You can watch all episodes for free from MX Player App.

  • Episode 1: Mom & Daughter
  • Episode 2: Ek Khwaab Suhaagrat
  • Episode 3: Behrupiya
  • Episode 4: Karna Zaruri Hai
  • Episode 5: Highway
  • Episode 6: Pajama Party
  • Episode 7: Kaamwali Bai
  • Episode 8: Degreewala Teacher
  • Episode 9: Sauda
  • Episode 10: Sautela Pyaar
  • Episode 11: Telephone Booth
  • Episode 12: Trapped Part-1
  • Episode 13: Trapped Part-2
  • Episode 14: Pyaas
  • Episode 15: Jaane Anjaane Mein Part – 1
  • Episode 16: Jaane Anjaane Mein Part – 2
  • Episode 17: Kaamwali Bai 2

How to Download ULLU Web Series?

  • Step 1 -You just have to downloading a Telegram app On your android Smartphone.
  • Step 2 -After downloading just open that app and give some details like number registration or etc.after that little process Search on the Telegram’s apps search bar of your content.
  • Step 3  -There is lots of Groups of web series just join that groups with lots of subscribers. and we can easily download for free. Just need to search on search bar our content.and download and enjoy.

This is some of the simple steps for ullu web series download.

Where to download ullu web series?

You can download ullu web series from pirated sites. But we give you a good adivice to our viewers don’t use prirated site watch original content from original sites.

Where can you watch these Ullu web series?

Friends We can watch Some Of Ullu web series for free.But most of cases we cannot watch ullu’s popular web series we need to pay for this. You need to purchase the subscription which is very cheap compare to other sites. Here is link for the website ULLU. You can also download the mobile application to enjoy the same

How to Download ULLU Web Series Free?

Simple and easy trick to download all web series and TV Shows or any content is “Telegram”. Telegram is like god gifted app here you can get all stuff all over the internet without wasting money.

Ullu Web Series Download – What do you think about this top 10 list ? Did I missed something? Tell us by commenting.

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