Top Most Demanded Pelle Pelle Jackets

Pelle Pelle has always been a sensation for jacket lovers because you get pretty much every sort of outerwear under one roof. Whether it’s a leather jacket with various patches all over it or just a simple one with a fur collar, it’s the one stop for all of your queries. You don’t have to waste your time searching the marketplace because you can easily find them online. The love of this brand has no limit, and it is expanding daily even after the permanent shut down of the original brand.


The brand started decades ago and no one would have thought it would go this far. Not even Marc Buchanan (owner of Pelle Pelle) and his partners and fellas. But here we are today, still going crazy for the costumes he launched way back then. We aren’t sure but assume it’s even older than the day it came into existence. And by that, we mean the idea of the brand is quite old not the brand itself.


The Most Sought-after Jackets from Marc Buchanan’s Brand!

However, don’t put pressure on your mind to understand what we said. Instead, why don’t you check out the following list of some of the most demanded Pelle Pelle jackets of all time? Let’s just dive straight into it, shall we?


Brown wool abstract jacket for women

So this one managed to secure the top position on the list because of its unusual design. The abstract is something you normally witness on canvas or in art galleries, right? Pelle thought to put it on a jacket exclusively for women. This brown wool abstract jacket must be the ultimate choice for a lady with artistic taste. And unless you understand the art, it’s better to let it stay in the wardrobe because once you put it on, the limelight will be fixed on you.

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The following jacket has been assembled with wool blend material externally, whereas the inner has been secured with a soft viscose lining. Apart from that, this exquisite jacket has a rib-knitted collar with an open front zipper. So what are your thoughts about the jacket?


Ladies Cleveland tribute orange jacket 

Another one for the ladies out there is this fresh out-of-box Cleveland tribute orange jacket. Apart from the fact that the color of the jacket is so intense, it has been crafted with lots of effort, which you can witness. Even if you aren’t a fan of bright colors, we bet, this one surely caught your attention for a moment, right? Anyhow, about the specifications of the Cleveland jacket, it is also made with a wool blend and secured with a viscose inner.


Moreover, the jacket consists of shirt style collar along with rib-knitted cuffs. Since ladies admire spacious pockets, it also includes two spacious side pockets and a zippered closure. Wear it to the party or a casual meeting with friends; this is your ultimate pick for the evening!


Chi-town blue leather jacket 

Oh, the chi-town fever by Pelle Pelle! If you think we are forgotten, you couldn’t be more wrong because there is no chance! We know how much people loved it back in the day, and to date, they aren’t done with it. If you ask the fans, what they would prefer, a normal jacket or the one from the chi-town collection, they will certainly pick the second option. And we don’t find anything wrong with it because everyone is free to make choices, right? So if you are a fan, just know that this isn’t the only jacket from the collection which made it to the list. We have another one but in a different color, and slightly with some modified features. This chi-town jacket is made with faux leather and consists of a soft viscose inner and a shirt-style collar with a front open zipper.

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And about the other one? Well, you must keep the best for the last. Until we reach the end, we suppose, we better talk about the next jacket we have on the list, which would be American Bruiser!


American Bruiser White Bombshell

Talking about a jacket and that too, in white color, it’s designed by Marc, the ultimate creator of hip hop costumes! Do you think it needs any more introduction? Because we don’t —- we just want to know one thing: how can a jacket be so flawless? Well, it can be if the designer wants it to be. Undoubtedly, each person related to the brand put as much effort as possible to make sure that they will launch something people love even after it’s gone. And they couldn’t be more accurate.


The following American bruiser white bombshell jacket is no less than a bomb itself because it can surely blow anyone’s mind with its charm. It has been put together with a leather exterior and a soft viscose inner, as we all know. Aside from that, the jacket has a fur collar, zipper closure, and two spacious side waist pockets. What else do you need from a jacket like this?


Chi-town hooded fur leather jacket

Yes, we remember, another chi-town town by Pelle Pelle men leather jackets! Don’t worry, our memory is pretty good so the reminder is not much needed here. We haven’t discussed the specifications of this particular jacket above because there isn’t much difference between them, except for the color, material, and collar. Now, these are the things a jacket includes, right? But what about its crafting and color pallet? These two things matter the same.

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Anyways, this last pick is a chi-town hooded fur leather jacket. The reason why it got so popular in business is because of its hooded collar that has fur on the edges. Yea, you got that correctly. No matter how heavy it looks due to its leather exterior, the jacket can still provide you all the comfort with its viscose inner and fur hooded collar. Furthermore, it has full sleeves, rib-knitted cuffs, and a front open zipper closure. Last but certainly not least is the red color of this stunning red jacket which is enough to steal the show!



These five jackets from the collection of Pelle Pelle are our ultimate pick. However, it does not mean that you have no say in it; you can pick any of the following. And not just from the following; if you think there are much better options than these, then bring that to the table because we are always open to suggestions!



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