Top crypto games to make a buck

Have you ever dreamt of quitting your day job to play games full-time? Sure, you could go for Esports competitions. But crypto gaming is another way to have fun while making a bundle. Well, maybe we’re getting a little carried away as we’re not talking life-changing money. Or are we? Regardless, there are plenty of opportunities to make some serious money with play-to-earn games. That’s where your choice of crypto game comes into play. So, we’ve handpicked four top games to get you started and rack up profits.

Axie Infinity

Alright, call us unoriginal. But with a million active users, Axie Infinity is a staple of crypto gaming. In this Pokémon-inspired game, your goal is to raise adorable creatures called Axies. Once your Axie is ready for a fight, you can battle fellow players in the Arena mode or explore the Adventure mode.

The funniest thing is that the game’s developers never really marketed what started as a small NFT game. Word of mouth did the rest. And years after its launch, the Axie Infinity community is still thriving. 

Developed by Vietnamese studio Sky Mavis, Axie Infinity even hit the US$1 billion mark in 2021, a first for an Ethereum-based NFT game. The AXIE token is also one of the most profitable game tokens. Plus, NFT collectors can have a field day as rare Axies sell for a fortune.  

Gods Unchained

Take a pinch of Hearthstone, throw some bits of Magic: The Gathering in the mix, and you’ll get Gods Unchained. Built on Ethereum blockchain, this trading card game is a strong contender for best play-to-earn game out there. 

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Gods Unchained is a turn-based card game, where players battle each other out to get the best cards in their deck. With a blend of fantasy and mythology, the game’s graphics are stunning. And we have Chris Clay to thank, aka the former game director for the legendary Magic Arena.

Another perk is that Gods Unchained is a free-to-play game. An Ethereum wallet is all you need to transfer your ETH into Immutable X. Expect some transaction fees along the way. But once your funds reach the marketplace, all transactions are free. You can then play matches to earn some $GODS tokens.


You’ve heard of the metaverse, right? Well, Decentraland was a metaverse pioneer long before Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta was on everyone’s lips. Powered by Ethereum blockchain, this 3D virtual world originally started as a place where players could buy plots of land. 

From digital art galleries to skyscrapers, the micro-world of Decentraland is now everything its users make it out to be. But apart from trading, Decentraland also offers its fair share of crypto games. Players can go on quests to earn NFTs or play mini-games like Ethermon, a decentralized world of cutesy monsters. 

Since October 2021, Decentraland also boasts the ICE poker casino. Gaming studio Atari had previously opened a casino of its own. No surprise there, as more and more top Bitcoin gambling sites have surged online. Indeed, using Bitcoin as a payment method allows gamblers to remain anonymous and portals like Vegas Slots Online really help with their list of websites where you can play. As cryptocurrencies hold the same value everywhere on the planet, this method also helps avoid costly conversion rates. Obviously, no fees on Bitcoin transactions are another plus. So, why don’t you aim for the jackpot and get yourself a nice patch on Decentraland? 

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If you’re looking for simple gameplay and an opportunity to levy some serious profits, welcome to the momoverse. Need more convincing? You don’t even need to own any NFTs or tokens to have fun in this free-to-play brawler-type game. 

Mobox has created a thriving Game-Fi ecosystem, combining yield farming DeFi with gaming NFTs. And on this community-driven platform, players get rewarded for their engagement. So, you can enjoy multiple games to earn some valuable MBOX tokens, from action mini-games to proper NFT games. 

Many believe that crypto gaming is the way of the future, and we tend to agree. Of course, we’ve barely scratched the surface. We could have mentioned Plants VS Undead or one of our personal favourites, Solchicks. But the good news is, gamers won’t run out of options any time soon with so many cool play-to-earn games. The platform also gives users the possibility to create their own Momo NFT.

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