Top 3 Games About Magic

Who did not dream of becoming a wizard with magical powers in childhood? Today everyone can get better at magic in video games.

Here are the top 3 games about magic:

  • Arx Fatalis
  • Lichdom: Battlemage
  • Divinity: Original Sin

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Arx Fatalis

Arx Fatalis’ approach to magic is unforgettable. In your travels around the world, you can discover runestones that correspond to certain phrases in the magical language, from which spells can be assembled. The trick is that each time you cast a spell, you need to draw signs manually, and the quick access menu is limited to three spells at a time, which disappear after reading.

As a bonus, the spells are translated (in the diary) in a really meaningful way. For example, the classic fireball uses the phrase Aarn Yok Tar, which means “Create a Fireball”. Replace Yok with Fridd and you will get an ice arrow.

Even after playing a little Arx Fatalis, you will understand why mages need so much time to cast spells and why you shouldn’t give them that much time if you had a fight with them.

Lichdom: Battlemage

Lichdom: Battlemage is the mix of a first-person shooter, an Excel spreadsheet, and powerful magic. At first glance, after the trailers and gameplay videos, the game looks like a magic-oriented first-person shooter with truly great effects, thanks to CryEngine 3. Depending on what kind of spells you create, you will have regular projectiles, homing and not, powerful beams, wide area explosions, traps, deadly puddles, etc. This game has it all, and everything looks just great. At any given moment, you have access to three (out of a total of eight) signs that allow you to control various elements such as fire, ice, necromancy, or telekinesis, and each of them allows you to create three spells (mentioned projectiles, variants with a zone of effect, and shield).

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However, at the heart of everything is a complex spell-casting system, which requires a good memory and hard work with numbers to fully use. The math is complex, the synergies are complex, and the battles are often so desperate that it is easy for an inattentive player to get confused, especially when spell tricks become a must. But the effort is worth it.

Divinity: Original Sin

In the first part of the series, magic was incredibly fun, with spectacular spell combinations. Nothing compares to a fire arrow exploding a poisonous cloud. The sequel managed to surpass the original in every way thanks to the downright deadly combos opened by creative players. Some time ago it was reported that someone created an infinite damage combo from just a couple of spells due to their cumulative effects.

What is special about the game is that it is specifically designed to allow you to experiment with its systems, providing alternate paths to success even if you get too carried away and destroy a part of the quest that seemed vital. In addition, skills can be crafted here, providing another level of complexity and flexibility.

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