These 3 Fashion Tips Will Help You Stay Stylish and Comfortable This Summer

Summer is a time of joy and relaxation, where we can spend precious moments with our loved ones, embark on new adventures, or simply take a well-deserved break from the hustle and bustle of our busy lives. 

Whatever summer means to you, looking your best for these special moments is undoubtedly important. However, finding the perfect outfit that can keep you comfortable and cool while still looking amazing can be challenging, especially with the rising temperatures and scorching heat. Here are some fashion tips to make it easier!

Tip #1: Embrace Colors and Avoid Black

During summer, it’s best to avoid wearing black as it absorbs more heat compared to other colors. Because of this, black clothing can make you feel hotter, and this is especially with thinner fabrics as the heat travels much more quickly from the outer layers of the material to your skin. 

While there are exceptions depending on the fit and other factors, a good general rule to follow is to simply wear as little black clothing as possible. Instead, opting for colorful pieces can be a great way to step out of your comfort zone and express your personal style in a way that you might have never done. Summer is an opportunity to explore different aesthetics and experiment with new looks.

Tip #2: Choose Lighter Fabrics

When selecting your summer outfits, consider the fabric and material. Avoid thicker fabrics that trap heat and can make you uncomfortable quickly. Rather, opt for breathable, lightweight materials like cotton, which is known for its comfort and ability to absorb sweat, allowing heat to escape from your body. 

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Other suitable fabrics include linen, silk, chambray, and jersey. On the other hand, polyester, rayon, denim, and fleece are best avoided. Feel free to mix and match different fabrics and materials to create unique and comfortable ensembles you can wear.

Tip #3: Prioritize Sun Protection

Sleeveless tops and short shorts may seem like the go-to summer choices, but it’s still important to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. While most people are only familiar with sunburns as the result of excessive sun exposure, there are actually much worse things to worry about. The sun can also cause severe damage to your skin that can lead to anything from signs of premature skin aging like wrinkles, uneven pigmentation or even skin cancer.

Sunscreen is obviously the most popular form of sun protection, but another option is to explore sun-protective clothing designed to reflect the sun’s rays and keep you cool in hot and sunny conditions. You can also consider investing in light covers made from breathable fabrics such as pashminas or shawls to provide protection while maintaining comfort. 

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