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The White Reindeer 1952 Genres, Cast, Plot, Director, Production –

Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Horror

Release Date: 1952

Languages: English

Director: Erik Blomberg

Producer: Aarne Tarkas

Writer: Mirjami Kuosmanane

The White Reindeer 1952 Cast –

  • Mirjami Kuosmanen as a Pirita / Maarita

  • Kalervo Nissilä as a Aslak

  • Åke Lindman as a Metsänhoitaja

  • Jouni Tapiola as a Niila

  • Arvo Lehesmaa as a Tsalkku-Nilla

  • Matti Haapamäki as a Poropaimen (unaccredited)

  • Tyyne Haarla as a Vanhempi nainen (unaccredited)

  • Pentti Irjala as a Puhemies (unaccredited)

  • Edvin Kajanne as a Poromies (unaccredited)

  • Kauko Laurikainen as a Mies kodassa (unaccredited)

  • Heimo Lepistö as a Rikas äijä (unaccredited)

The White Reindeer 1952 Review –

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61% Rotten Tomatoes

7/10 IMDb

On BFI player, where you can stream it, 1952’s The White Reindeer 1952r is described as ‘one of world cinema’s criminally under seen masterpieces’, and I would agree with that unhesitatingly.

Its story is a familiar one to horror fans but its setting and the way in which it is told elevate it to something very special indeed.

The stunning depictions of the Finnish Lapland landscape and the lives of the people who choose to live there have a documentary quality, reflecting the background of director Erik Bloomberg.

But as the film follows the fantastical fate of its protagonist Pirita, the images become more deliberate in their composition even surreal.

The dialogue is sparse, pared back to let the image do the storytelling, here showing the se*ual frustration of Pirita, and her noticing men other than her disinterested, and frequently absent, husband.

Also key is the music of Einar Englund, providing an almost constant accompaniment to the action, giving voice to Pirita’s suppressed emotions.

Desperate for male attention, Pirita turns to the local wizard for help. But his love potion will have side-effects that neither she nor the men of the village have bargained for. 

Combining vampire lore with local mythology and se*ual psychology the film bears immediate comparison to Jacques Tourneur’s Cat People, sometimes even resembling its aesthetic.

But The White Reindeer 1952r has its own unique perspective. It’s notable that Pirita is one of very few women we see in the film– she is trapped in a se*less marriage yet surrounded by men and the film conveys that frustration without a word spoken.

The vastness of the landscape around her can seem like freedom but also like isolation and that is part of Pirita’s story.

Beyond the usual fear of aggressive female se*uality, we glimpse a woman whose marriage, through no malice on her husband’s part, has made her a prisoner, reaching for something beyond.

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Does Netflix have The White Reindeer 1952?


Where can I watch The White Reindeer 1952?

The White Reindeer 1952 currently streaming on Amazon prime video you can watch it from there.

How long is the movie The White Reindeer 1952?

1h 14m The White Reindeer 1952/Running time.

Conclusion of The White Reindeer 1952 –

The White Reindeer 1952 is not the easiest film to track down, but it is worth the effort.

Film’s like The White Reindeer 1952r or John Carpenter’s The Thing make great use of their snowy landscapes, what other horror films use their setting as a key part of the story? Let us know in the comments below.