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In this article we are gonna share all about The Transfiguration. Cast, Reviews, Episodes and Much more. This is horror based film you should must watch.

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The Transfiguration Genres, Cast, Plot, Director, Production –

The Transfiguration Trailer –

The Transfiguration Genre:

Drama, Horror

The Transfiguration Release Date:

06 Mar 2017

The Transfiguration Languages:


The Transfiguration Director:

Michael O’Shea

The Transfiguration Producer:

Javier Gonzalez

The Transfiguration Writer:

Michael O’Shea

The Transfiguration Cast –

  • Eric Ruffin as a Milo

  • Karin Cherches as a School Psychologist

  • Luis Scott as a Corey

  • Dangelo Bonneli as a Kevin (as D’Angelo Bonneli)

  • Aaron Moten as a Lewis (as Aaron Clifton Moten)

  • Carter Redwood as a Andre

  • JaQwan J. Kelly as a Troy (as JaQwan Kelly)

  • Tarikk Mudu as a Malik

  • Chloë Levine as a Sophie

  • Samuel H. Levine as a Teen Five (as Sam Levine)

  • Lloyd Kaufman as a Hobo

  • Danny Flaherty as a Mike

  • Charlotte Schweiger as a Mike’s Girlfriend

  • Frank L. Messina as a Cop One (as Frank Messina)

  • Tyler Rossell as a Asher

  • Larry Fessenden as a Drunk Man

This is complete The Transfiguration characters.

The Transfiguration Review –

The Transfiguration, The Transfiguration review, The Transfiguration cast, The Transfiguration Watch Online, The Transfiguration full movie, The Transfiguration characters, The Transfiguration imdb,

85% Rotten Tomatoes

6.1/10 IMDb

Streaming on Amazon Prime, The Transfiguration is a low budget vampire drama and the debut feature of Michael O’Shea.

It draws heavily on Let the Right One In and George A. Romero’s Martin, both of which it references, but  has very much its own perspective.

Troubled teen Milo, struggles to fit in and in his isolation has become fascinated by vampires too fascinated.

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His life changes when he meets Sophie, a self-harming abuse victim and another social pariah.

The pair forms an unlikely friendship despite Milo picking the most inappropriate date night movie since Taxi Driver.

This, incidentally, feels like another influence. But will this relationship actually change Milo?

And should we care given what he’s doing? For horror movie fans there is certainly a lot to enjoy here,

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What’s your favorite vampire movie?’ as it plays with vampire mythology and the couple debate the merits of Twilight and Nosferatu. 

But it’s also a very engaging story, largely thanks to the excellent performances of Eric Ruffin and Chloe Levine.

And the film successfully walks a very fine line between that sweetness and some genuinely disturbing moments.

It maybe the sum of its influences, but I still felt it had stuff to say of its own.

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 Whatever it is you doing, there’s someone doing a whole lot worse’ as well as having a really great sense of place this is not a conventional setting for a vampire movie but it works really well.

Above all it is about the characters, and for me they absolutely convinced.

‘It’s like she gave us names she knew would get our asses kicked’

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But even I was taken aback by how much I took to this film. It got under my skin and I like that.


Does Netflix have The Transfiguration?


Is The Transfiguration good?

The Transfiguration based on a book you should must watch.

Where can I watch The Transfiguration?

The Transfiguration currently streaming on Amazon Prime Videos you can watch it from there.

How long is the movie The Transfiguration?

1h 34m The Transfiguration/Running time.

Conclusion –

Thanks for reading.

What did you think of the Transfiguration? Also, Milo takes Sophie to see Nosferatu, what’s your date night horror of choice?

Let us know in the comments below.

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