The exceptional Phil Mead

England is a country that has produced some excellent bowlers during its cricket history. However, there have also been some excellent batters who were very difficult to dismiss. Visit the 1xNews – reading sports news online can be a really great thing to do in order to be up-to-date on everything that happens in the sport.

Phil Mead is one of the most illustrious batsmen to ever come from England. He played professionally between 1905 and 1939, and during his 31-year-long career, he was an extremely tough batsman to dismiss.

Mead was a very talented player who broke quite a few records throughout his career. That’s an important reason why many modern batsmen consider him an example. Currently, it is possible to read sports news online at the 1xNews website, which covers cricket in India, England, and the rest of the world.

A surprisingly amazing technique

Mead was a physically large player. It tends to happen that people who tend to be of a large build might be a bit slower when trying to move. However, this wasn’t a problem for the batsman, as not only he was excellent in batting, but also when it was time to move. Fans can go to – best cricket betting predictions available on English cricket.

Due to Mead’s technique, it was possible for him to face any bowler comfortably, regardless of the technique they used.

Thanks to his talent, he broke many records, such as:

  1. being the top scorer in terms of runs for the English County Championship;
  2. being among the top five top scorers in first-class cricket;
  3. and also, having the largest number of runs for a single team anywhere in the world, specifically, he got almost 49 thousand.
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He also broke lots of records. However, they would be too long for listing here. The best cricket betting predictions are available on the 1xNews website, and they are also available for the County Championship.

A brief football career

There is another curious aspect about Phil Mead. He not only was an exceptional cricketer. The best cricket players around the world can be followed by visiting the website.

For a brief moment, he was also a footballer. Specifically, he signed a short contract for Southampton. During his time with the football squad, he played as a forward. However, on one particular occasion, he was also asked to play as a goalkeeper. It is said that he delivered a fantastic performance on that occasion.

As it can be seen, Phil Mead was a complete sportsman. Whenever other highly talented people are playing, it is possible to follow them from the 1xNews platform.


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