The Advantages Of An EPOS System For Your Business

An EPOS System

Anyone who has purchased an item from the market in the last decade has probably come into contact with an EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) system. EPOSnow systems have become extremely popular with business owners who have decided to replace their traditional till with an EPOS system. EPOS systems allow the business to accept a broader range of transactions with secure options to store the funds. Your business can cater to a much wider group of prospective clients with the means to process different types of payment methods.

The latest EPOS systems are easy to use and have many enterprising features. You can even connect your Android or iPad device to some of the EPOS systems available in the market today. EPOS systems are not extremely expensive as they once used to be. Let’s look at some of the advantages of modern EPOS systems for more details.

Advantages Of EPOS Systems

It is easy to get carried away thinking about all of the resourceful attributes of an EPOS system that your business can use. There is no doubt that it will help you to achieve actual benefits. But it is advisable not to think of an EPOS system as a magic wand that will somehow fully transform your business operations overnight. Take time to do the necessary research on EPOS systems and recognise the characteristics that will be most beneficial to your business.

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Less Chance Of Human Error

All of us are human, and most of us have probably made a big mistake at work at some point in our life. Business owners lose money because of mistakes made by workers. A simple miscommunication between two employees about the price of an item can lead to one customer getting a free deal and the business owner hard out of luck looking for money. Not anymore!

A business can reduce the risk of human error with an EPOS system. All of the products can be categorised with identifiable attributes that can be changed only with the proper privileges on the software. The business owner can apply specific discounts or promotional offers on particular products using the EPOS system software. With an EPOS system, all payment terminals will always have updated prices for all products in inventory.

Achieve Higher Productivity From Your Workforce

EPOS systems can handle multiple user logins without any extra costs. You have probably seen some waiters in restaurants pull a magnet with a retractable cord from their waistband to place your order. The EPOS system recognises who to associate the transaction with when the waiter swipes their card on the system. The EPOS system provides the business owner with a report that includes how many orders each employee placed on a specific business day.

The EPOS system can also provide employee performance statistics every hour if you like. With hourly performance statistics, you can delve deeper into why David only completed three orders when Natasha completed nine orders in that time? Where was Frank between 11:15 and 12 noon? Because he did not place any orders during that whole time.

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The right EPOS system can help you motivate your staff to perform better. The best way to do it is not to highlight underachievement. Instead, reward the employees that are top performers in their department. Some of the largest brands in the market use leaderboards placed in prominent locations to rank top-performing employees in each department. It creates an environment of healthy competition amongst the workers, and the business owner can easily recognise the employees that are not performing up to par.

Greater Customer Satisfaction

In the modern world, customers are gradually becoming disloyal to brand names because the internet provides a variety of options and prices for them to choose to purchase. A customer gets easily irritated if an item is advertised online, only to arrive in-store to find that the product is no longer in stock. Customers also don’t like waiting in long lines to complete their orders. An EPOS system resolves all of these problems to improve customer satisfaction rates for the business.

The best EPOS systems integrate with your e-commerce platform and provide a uniform customer experience whether the buyer is in-store or online. The EPOS system updates the online stock levels as soon as someone purchases an item from your store. How much time does a waiter take to deliver a written order to the kitchen staff? Is it a few seconds, maybe a minute?

Multiply that time with the number of orders placed each week, month, or year. Now that’s a lot of time! An EPOS system allows your customers to place their orders in real-time. As soon as the customer places the order the EPOS system relays it to the kitchen staff.

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Instead of waiting on tables, your workers are free to help customers in the store. Your workers can provide potential customers with the answers they need to convert them into hard sales. The business will achieve higher sales with more workers assisting customers instead of waiting on tables or sitting at the cash counter. An organised in-store and online shopping experience for customers results in higher customer satisfaction rates.

Identify Market Trends Associated With Products

A business can maximise profits with an EPOS system because it provides a diverse range of reports. You can produce reports based on products, prices, and times of sales. All of this information can help the business recognise which products are best-sellers during the summer or winter season. The business can use this information to provide special offers on best-selling products to customers that purchase a product that is not very popular.

Finding The Right EPOS System For Your Business

Take a moment to consider your business requirements from an EPOS system. Take into consideration factors such as the size of your business, hours of operation, number of employees, the total products, and customer demands. Organisations like  deliver customised EPOS solutions based on your business needs from the system. The best part is that they have some of the most economical solutions if you are looking for something less expensive.

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