SolChicks guide: How to make money in the play-to-earn crypto game


In the world of fantasy, anything is possible, right? Even earning money. And by earning, we mean making serious profits. 

But what if you just stop fantasizing for a brief moment and simply jump on board with modern technologies? That’s where real magic starts to happen. Or should we say, digital magic.

You’ve probably heard about cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, specifically. It’s 2022 after all. If not, there are plenty of resources to get the much needed info from, whether you’re interested in Blockchain technology, mining process, history of Bitcoin or practical tips on how, when and where to invest in BTC or any of the 2,000 different crypto that are currently on the market. Yet, no one tells you that you don’t have to get a headache along the way, and approach investing as if you were an accountant. You can have fun instead!

How’s that possible?

Luckily for you, NFTs entered the crypto stage. Not only entered, but have become the hottest topic, on a global level, and a phenomenon that’s not even defined nor explained the right way (yet). YouTube is full of videos on How to Get Rich by Trading (or creating) NFTs, but you’ll only find a few videos that tell you the real truth about the creators’ perspective, and minting NFTs (putting them into the system). The real truth is that gas fees are so high, that only the people who have a good amount of money to invest, can afford to pay them. These fees fluctuate too much during the minting process, and are highly unpredictable, which means that if you’re an NFT creator, you never know if you’re gonna pay a $30 or a $300 fee. Pretty annoying, isn’t it?

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Now let’s go back to having fun. As opposed to the before mentioned, there are games. Games that take place in other galaxies, with fantastic creatures and even more fantastic features, visuals, effects and characters. Gamers aren’t usually interested in worrying about fees, crypto platforms, Ethereum, and volatile markets. But does it mean they can’t be interested in investing? Most certainly not! 

Then the amazing fusion happened. NFTs, PvP plus MMORPG gaming and a fresh crypto platform that opens unparalleled investing opportunities – all rolled into one. What are we talking about? We are talking about SolChicks. 

First of all, this is a game that is based on Solana, which is the name for both the cryptocurrency and the blockchain platform. It is incredibly fast when it comes to transactions, and incredibly convenient when it comes to fees. NFT investors are aware of the fact that non-fungible tokens are based on ETH, so if you want to trade them, that requires having ETH crypto in your digital wallet.

However, if there was a better alternative to the Ethereum platform, wouldn’t you take advantage of it? You most certainly would. This is the exact train of thoughts of people who slowly started to accept Solana and who see great potential in this concept. Right now, it seems like Solana’s amazing features such as speed and scalability, slowly edge out other crypto platforms from the market.

In the meantime, aside from investing in Solana, people have started creating multiple projects that are SOL-based. Audius as a streaming platform,, Solanium – are only some of them. But besides that, there are numerous games that are based on the Solana blockchain. And this is the future of both gaming and investing.

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Now that you understand the background of SolChicks, let’s get to the most important information you need to know about this game. First of all, you need to know that you can earn big money if you decide to indulge in Solchicks. Secondly, you need to know that you’ll have lots of fun along the way!

According to, in this virtual gaming ecosystem you are being provided with multiple ways to earn money.

You can be rewarded in crypto depending on the time and effort you put in the game. How does this work? As you start leveling up in the game, depending on your rank and achievements, every week you get tokens in return. These $CHICKS tokens are valuable because they allow you to make ingame purchases and you get governance rights by owning them. But the most important aspect of these rewards is the fact that you can use them to create new NFTs, which can then be traded on the market. This is called brewing of SolChicks. 

Since the cryptocurrency of this game is Solana coins, or in other words – SolCoins, you can also earn them as a reward, and then use them for multiple purposes (but mainly for upgrading your avatars and buying certain items). 

Finally, in order to get started with this game, you need to purchase one of the NFTs from the SoulChicks collection, which are actually Chicken tokens with different features. There are 10,000 of them, and they are divided in several categories, based on their rareness and unique features. The more unique they are, the more value they have, they are harder to get.

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When you purchase a SolChick NFT, it becomes your character and your Avatar in the game. You have your own special abilities and you will fight your biggest enemy which is called SolFox.

Now, everything you have bought in the game can be sold afterwards, and you can make profit on it. This is also another fantastic way to earn money by playing this game, whether you’ve purchased some chicken NFTs, you’ve created them on your own (by brewing) or you got rewarded – you’re actually getting valuable assets in your portfolio that can be traded on one of the crypto platforms. 

It’s also interesting to mention that you can treat your Chickens as pets. The amount of care and dedication you put in your virtual pet, can affect your ingame abilities and can bring you amazing benefits and attributes, which can then be used to get better results in the game. This is called bonding. All of the above mentioned are only some of the options that are available. You can buy land, build properties, villages stores, reproduce your pets, and combat with others. There are limitless options and this is what makes SolChicks so fantastic. Give it a try!

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