7 Shows like Money Heist (MUST WATCH)

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Shows like Money Heist That Can Be Watched!!!

Hey everyone, welcome back to another article Money Heist originally named “La Casa De Papel” is a Spanish crime shows which is also one of the most-watched shows on Netflix right now; it revolves around a heist and is full of action and twists.

People were hooked to the show as soon as the first episode got aired and soon had millions of views, as told before; it’s about a heist which is led by a criminally minded guy who goes by ‘The Professor’.

Throughout the whole plan he is assisted by a group of people who have nothing to lose and are special in their way. It’s safe to say that there are a few other shows that have a similar plot and are relatively a like if we talk about the genre, let us have a look at such shows.

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Alright, let’s bring the Shows like Money Heist on the road.

7 TV Shows like Money Heist –

7. Narcos [Netflix Original Series]


???? 8.8/10 IMDb Rating

Platform:     Netflix
Genre:     Biography, Crime, Drama, Thriller
Creator:     Carlo Bernard, Chris Brancato, Doug Miro
Cast:     Pedro Pascal, Wagner Moura, Boyd Holbrook

Narcos is an American crime drama TV series that is based on a true story which is pretty close to one of Money Heist, the show got aired back in 2015 and is still loved by the people who have interest in the genre.

Narcos is based on the story of the drug dealer Pablo Escobar who earned millions through the distribution of drugs, specifically cocaine.

The show gets more interesting when the episodes proceed and fights erupt between the drug lords and kingpins with the law enforcement to stop the drug trade, the show was aired in 3 seasons and had people hitched to the series.

The production has crafted the story very well just like that of money heist although there are a few differences between both of the shows.

But the audience who are fans of Money Heist will love Narcos because of a similar genre. Though Narcos doesn’t picture a heist the clever lineup of events was as amazing as that of Money Heist.

The viewers crave suspense and twists and turns, no doubt both of the series aims for this. If you haven’t watched Narcos and liked Shows like Money Heist.

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6. Breaking Bad


???? 9.5/10 IMDb Rating

Platform:     Netflix
Genre:     Thriller, Drama, Crime
Creator:     Vince Gilligan
Cast:     Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Anna Gunn

Breaking Bad is another show which almost shares the same genre with Money Heist and is considered one of the best shows. People even say that it is their greatest watch and they can watch it again for like a thousand times, the series consists of an ex-high school teacher who’s diagnosed with stage three lung cancers and for financing his medical treatment he takes help from his ex-student who’s into drug dealing and gets involved in producing and selling crystallized methamphetamine.

The show has a few things that make it homogenous with money heist, as the wide range of characters and a few other heists that take place in the show later on.

Along with this another similarity that has been pointed out is that like the professor keeps his identity hidden in Money Heist, the same way Walter White in Breaking Bad keeps his identity a secret too.

Breaking Bad has 5 seasons and yet had the audience’s interest no matter how many episodes that makeup, the show is directed flawlessly and the production team left no loop that could become a bone of contention later.

The violence and mastermind criminal activities made it even more engrossing which is the same as Shows like Money Heist since the professor’s genius moves had the audience curious and clipped to every episode of the TV show.

5. El Ministerio Del Tiempo


???? 8.2/10 IMDb Rating

Platform:     Netflix, HBO
Genre:     Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy
Creator:     Javier Olivares, Pablo Olivares
Cast:     Cayetana Guillén Cuervo, Juan Gea, Francesca Piñón

If you notice you’ll find out that there are many shows on Netflix which are Spanish original series, one of those shows is ‘El Ministerio Del Tiempo’, this instantly makes it similar to Money Heist which has Spanish origin too.

So the same language does help with picking out similarities, a part of that although this show leans more towards sci-fi and has nothing to do with heist it still is kind of close to Money Heist.

El Ministerio sketches out a plot which tells a story about three people who work for a secret agency which has something to do with time traveling, the agents time travel and stop crimes from happening all around the world.

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Along with this if we talk about the performance done by the actors we’ll observe that the performers have done exceptionally well in both of the shows and that too is a commonality between the series.

Apart from this, the genre has been in the discussion since the start so if we bring that up we’ll see that although this show isn’t about a heist, it still has action and crime which is similar Shows like Money Heist, so if someone is into any of the show then they may like the other one too.

4. Prison Break


???? 8.3/10 IMDb Rating

Platform:     Fox Series
Genre:     Action, Crime, Drama
Creator:     Paul Scheuring
Cast:     Dominic Purcell, Wentworth Miller, Amaury Nolasco

If we start talking about the Prison Break, it’s an American drama serial, unlike Money Heist which revolves around the idea of a heist.

Although they do differ there the show has a hint of crime thriller and action thriller which yet again makes it easy for a person to recommend it to an individual who’s a Money Heist person.

If we move further another thing that makes these two series alike is the personal relationship and bond that is illustrated in the two shows, the connection between the professor and the inspector Raquel which builds up after a good turn of events is same as that of which is shown in Prison Break between Lincoln Burrows and Micheal Scofield but in a different context.

The story of this series is about two brothers one of which is thrown into jail for murder charges while the other brother who’s an engineer and has helped out in the designing of the prison, goes in and guides his falsely accused brother out of jail.

Serious action throughout the show got people on the edge of their seats which yet again is the same case as Shows like Money Heist.

3. Bodyguard


???? 8.1/10 IMDb Rating

Platform:     Netflix
Genre:     Crime, Drama, Thriller
Creator:     Jed Mercurio
Cast:     Richard Madden, Sophie Rundle, Vincent Franklin

Bodyguard is a British political police thriller television series and people do recommend it to individuals who are into action and thriller movies and shows that is one of the reasons it is said to be like Money Heist.

Although the show was a pretty big hit, there were no more seasons after the first one which was disappointment for the viewers, the story is about a PTSD suffering police sergeant

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David Budd who was first in the British army, as he’s a part of the British Royalty Security branch, he’s assigned to protect the home secretary, but the twist is that he dislikes her politics which leads to a series of events which has people bite their nails in curiosity which people are found doing while watching Money Heist too.

Both of these series have another thing in common when they bring in the idea of issues regarding the government, if you have a look at the show Bodyguard you’ll notice the tension between the government and the certain individual just like the professor had in the other show.

2. El SEÑOR de lo CIELOS


???? 6.8/10 IMDb Rating

Platform:     Netflix
Genre:     Action, Crime, Drama
Creator:     Mariano Calasso, Luis Zelkowicz
Cast:     Rafael Amaya, Carmen Aub, Fernanda Castillo

This show is an American telenovela, in English, the name of the show translates into “The Lord Of The Skies”. It tells a story about Aurelio Casillas, just like the other shows it revolves around the idea of him transporting and delivering drugs to Mexico, the United States, and Colombia.

Since the show’s plot is about drug trafficking, a person can easily predict that there is going to be action too, this show is a little bit more dramatic than Money Heist but when it comes to action and thrill they both share the same genre and hence both of them are recommended to the viewers who are into crime and drama.

The story line up of the series is phenomenal and has been stretched for 7 seasons but yet had the audience’s interest, although Money Heist and this show aren’t that similar but at a few places they are which leads them to fall under the same list of recommendations Shows like Money Heist.

1. Evil Genius


???? 7.6/10 IMDb Rating

Platform:     Netflix
Genre:     Documentary, Crime
Cast:     Kevin G. Calkins, Ann Smith

Evil Genius is a true story American bank heist; it is a crime documentary which tells us the story of the murder of Brian Wells in an incident which is called the “Pizza Bomber“.

The main point of commonality is that both of these shows are based on a heist, although Money Heist’s story isn’t true.

Since both of the series share almost the same genres so that makes them alike and is loved by people who watch either of the shows.

As talked before, Evil genius is a true story, and producing a legit story sometimes gets difficult since it’s based on facts and figures but the directors and producers have done an amazing job in building up the storyline and telling about the whole incident in only 1 season and 4 episodes.

The actors have done an exceptional job just like those of Money Heist because of which the show has become even more interesting to watch, an individual who has watched Money Heist will surely relish this one too.

All of these shows somehow are similar to Money Heist and can be a good alternative to it, until the next season of the show starts running on Netflix audiences can try out these.



Conclusion –

This brings us to the end of our article, hope you guys enjoyed it. What do you think about Shows like Money Heist?

Stick around for more amazing content as we will be soon seeing you in another Article, until then take care and goodbye!

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